My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 76: Cooking Egg Noodles for Xue Lin

Chapter 76: Cooking Egg Noodles for Xue Lin

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"Brother Li, this is my bank card. The number is 622…" Xiaoman Lu took out her bank card and told Qingfeng her card information.

"Okay, I’ll transfer it to you right away."

Qingfeng smiled lightly and took out his phone. He logged into the online banking system and transferred 10 thousand Yuan to Xiaoman Lu.

He could tell that Xiaoman Lu desperately needed money, so he gave her 10 thousand Yuan.

He had 10 million Yuan in his account. 10 thousand Yuan for him was only spare change, but could help this pretty girl. Why not?

I’m such a good man. I am the manifestation of chivalry and justice. Qingfeng praised himself in his heart.

"Xiaoman Lu, did you receive it?"

"Not yet, Li. It takes 1 hour for the wire transfer to go through."

"Ok, then you should check one hour later. I’m going to leave; I’ll see you again if we are fated to."

Qingfeng smiled lightly, waved goodbye and left the booth.

He did not tell Xiaoman Lu how much money he had given her. He felt that it was unnecessary to boast about doing a good deed.

"Brother Li is such a good man, he must have given me a few hundred Yuan in tips."

Xiaoman Lu eyes flickered and she secretly thought while watching Qingfeng leave.

She did not see how much money Qingfeng had transferred to her so she did not know how much money he had given her. In her mind, a few hundred Yuan was enough.

If she knew that Li had given her 10k Yuan, she probably would’ve fainted on the spot.

"Brother Li, how was the service of the number 3 beauty?"

Young Master Zhang asked wickedly when he saw Qingfeng walking out from the right bedroom.

"Her services were great. Tell the others, and make sure they don’t give her a hard time."

Qingfeng said to Young Master Zhang. He was scared that Xiaoman Lu would be taken advantage of.

"Rest assured, Brother Li. In the future, she will only serve you. No one else can touch her."

Young Master Zhang was extremely clever and said assured while patting his chest.

"How about you? How was it? There was quite a loud commotion."

"Brother Li, thank you. Your healing skills are magical. My willy not only became erect, I made love with the beauty for an entire hour."

He became excited when he recalled how comfortable the beauty looked.

All this was brought to him by Brother Li. Young Master Zhang knew that Brother Li had given him a man’s dignity. Without Brother Li, he would be a eunuch for life.

"Yeah, try to regulate your personal life in the future. Your body just recovered. Remember to take your medication when you get home and eat foods that nourish your kidneys."

Qingfeng patted him on the shoulder and reminded him.

"Thank you Brother Li, I will be careful."

"That’s good. It’s already 9 pm, I have to go home."

"Brother Li, why don’t you stay here for the night?"

"It’s okay. Bye."

Qingfeng waved his hand and walked away composedly.

He silently left just like how he silently came. After finishing the massage, he left with no strings attached.

"Ah, tonight feels so comfortable."

Qingfeng walked on the streets and inhaled the fresh air.

Of course, Xiaoman Lu’s massage was even more comfortable. His tiredness was all removed and his body was filled with energy. His energy has been fully replenished.

It’s no wonder that others said that only women could bring the greatest excitement to men. This statement was indeed correct.

The night was dark and the rain had stopped.

He stopped a taxi and rode towards the Noble Palace.

Young Master Zhang wanted to drive him but he rejected his offer. He did not want Young Master Zhang to know his relationship with Xue Lin.

Qingfeng became slightly guilty at the thought of Xue Lin. He had gone for a ‘massage’ today and felt slightly guilty.

But, Qingfeng could not be blamed, Xue Lin was the one at fault.

Xue Lin was his wife but since their marriage, she had refused to let him touch her. She only allowed him to hug her.

He was a man with a strong sexual desire and needed women. It was understandable that he went for a ‘massage’.

After half an hour, Qingfeng arrived at the number 3 mansion.

He pushed the door and the lights were still on, this caused him to be nervous.

He thought that Xue Lin would already be asleep since it was already past 9 pm. He did not expect Xue Lin to be awake and waiting for him in the living room.

Xue Lin was wearing black professional clothes. Her face was icily beautiful and the suit embraced her great body well. Xue Lin did not like to wear pajamas even at home and was dressed professionally every day.

Of course, when she was asleep in the bedroom, she might be wearing pajamas.

But, Xue Lin’s bedroom was on the second floor while Qingfeng’s bedroom was on the first floor. Qingfeng could not see her even if she wore pajamas.

"You’re back."

Xue Lin looked at him lightly when she saw Qingfeng.

"Yeah." Qingfeng nodded. He felt guilty and scared that he would be found out by Xue Lin.

He felt that his heart was beating faster, which was a rare occurrence.

"Have you eaten?"

Xue Lin clearly was unaware of Qingfeng’s abnormality and lightly asked.

"Not yet."

"I haven’t either, go cook."

"Okay honey. I’ll go cook immediately."

Qingfeng was afraid to meet Xue Lin’s eyes. He hurriedly went into the kitchen and started cooking.

But to be honest, Xue Lin was a workaholic. It was already 9 pm but she was still looking at the company documents and had not eaten.

Xue Lin wanted to eat too but she didn’t know how to cook. She burnt everything she cooked and the housekeeper was not at home so she could only wait for Qingfeng to come home.

Furthermore, she felt that Qingfeng’s cooking was delicious. She should naturally utilize this man who could cook.

Qingfeng suddenly exclaimed. Most people could only see the powerful Queen of Business, Xue Lin, but few could see the hard work she puts in.

He admired this strong woman from the bottom of his heart.

Qingfeng walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He found some vegetables, eggs and a box of noodles.

"I’ll make egg noodles."

Qingfeng liked to eat egg noodles so the egg noodles he made were delicious. He washed the vegetables then beat the eggs and added a pinch of salt and sesame oil. He then mixed the egg mixture.

He turned on the stove, boiled the water, placed in the noodle and eggs, and finally added some bok choi. Before taking the noodle out, Qingfeng added a little salt and placed a few drops of sesame oil, and a delicious pot of egg noodle was done.

"It smells so good."

Xue Lin’s face was filled with delight when she saw the delicious bowl of egg noodles in front of her.

She had not eaten for dinner and her stomach was rumbling. She started to devour the delicious bowl of egg noodles.

"The noodles are so delicious."

Xue Lin patted her round belly and praised.

She rarely praised anyone. It was the first time she had praised him.

But, Qingfeng’s noodles were truly delicious. Even though it was plain broth noodles, but the noodles were chewy, the eggs were fresh and the vegetables were leafy green. It was very delicious.

"Honey, are my noodles good?"

Qingfeng ate the last noodle and asked with a smile.

"Your noodles are tasty."

"If you like it, I’ll let you eat my noodles again next time."

Qingfeng wickedly said with a smile.

"Noodles" was a pun. It could refer to the food or the willy.

Even though Xue Lin was very intelligent, she knew nothing about the things between men and women. She had unknowingly fallen into Qingfeng’s verbal trap again.

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