My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 75: The Innocent Beauty Xiaoman Lu

Chapter 75: The Innocent Beauty Xiaoman Lu

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"What’s your name?" Qingfeng smiled faintly and asked the girl in front of him.

The girl was very beautiful with snow-white skin, charming eyes, and a cute nose. Her facial features were exquisite and her face was perfect. She was like an exquisitely carved jade sculpture, pure and innocent with a flicker of coldness. It made people want to kiss her.

She wore a pink miniskirt which hugged the curves of her body and was pleasing to the eye. Under the miniskirt were her snow-white calves which attracted the gazes of many people.

This was a beauty of the highest quality. Her face and body were all top-level and she was a university student. Just the thought of it made one excited.

"My name is Xiaoman Lu." The girl in the pink miniskirt sweetly said.

Her voice was very sweet and soft and pleasing to the ears.

But when she saw Qingfeng’s heated gaze, her face and ears turned red. A flash of panic appeared in her charming eyes.

"Xiaoman Lu, what a good name. You must still be a university student." Qingfeng smiled lightly and asked with a smile.

"Yes, I am." Xiaoman Lu’s innocent face became more panicked when she saw Qingfeng’s handsome face.

Her previous coldness and iciness were all pretended. It was her first time coming to a place like this so she could only pretend to be cold. It was a resistance towards an unfamiliar environment. In reality, she was already extremely flustered in her heart.

Xiaoman, you are an outstanding university student and a class representative. How could you sink so low and come to a place like this? Xiaoman Lu criticized herself in her heart.

But when she thought of her mother who was in the hospital and how she desperately needed money, she summoned up her courage.

She was introduced here by someone. It was said that the men here were all very generous and tipped hundred and thousands. To get money, she had no choice but to come here.

"Xiaoman Lu, it’s fate that we meet. My name is Qingfeng Li, let’s get to know each other." Qingfeng reached out his hand and shook Xiaoman Lu’s soft hand.

But, he did not immediately let go. He held onto the pretty girl’s hand and stroked her palm with his finger.

This caused Xiaoman Lu to be more flustered. Her entire face, ears, and neck turned red.

"Li, I charge 1000 Yuan for a massage." Xiaoman Lu said uneasily. She was scared the handsome young man would refuse the massage if her price was too high.

She tried to remove her hand but was unsuccessful. Her innocent face became more flustered.

This handsome guy seems indecent. He’s taking advantage of me. Her gaze became shy.

But, she was lucky to have met such a handsome guy on her first time here. It was better to give a handsome guy a massage than an old man. She secretly thought in her mind.

"Xiaoman, do you know how to do an oil massage or hand job?"

"Li, I don’t know how to do that."

"What about Old Man Pushing Cart or Ant Climbing Tree?"(TL: again, kinky sex act names that I don’t know about)

"Brother Feng, I don’t know those either." Xiaoman Lu had tears in her eyes. Her innocent face was filled with anxiety and she was close to tears.

She didn’t know any of the services that Qingfeng listed. It was her first day at Jade Finger Emperor and she had only learnt how to give a massage.

Because she needed money urgently, when she heard that Young Master Zhang had brought a VIP, she had volunteered to be brought in by Sister Qin.

Xiaoman Lu was lucky that she was picked by Young Master Zhang’s VIP. But she was also unlucky because she did not know how to perform any of the services the other listed.

"What? You’re still a virgin, and it’s your first day here?" Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was slightly speechless.

He came here to find a beauty to relax. It would be best they could roll around the bedsheet 300 times. But the pretty girl in front of him did not know anything. This made him slightly speechless.

Every man knows about the Asian Massage. A man who says he doesn’t know is a liar.

Qingfeng had come to realize that this beauty came here to make money. It must be here the first day here and she did not know how to do anything other than massage.

"Brother Feng, let me do a massage for you. If you think 1000 Yuan is too expensive, I can give you a discount. I really need money." Xiaoman Lu’s innocent face was filled with yearning. She was afraid that Qingfeng would refuse her suggestion.

Her mother was about to undergo operation tomorrow. If she could not make money today, her mother would not be able to undergo the operation and her life would be at risk.

For her mother, she was willing to degrade and come to this red-light district.

"It doesn’t have to be cheap. Give me a massage, if you do a good job, I will give you more money." Qingfeng smiled lightly and said.

If the pretty girl only knew how to massage, then he will get a massage.

"Thank you Brother Feng." Xiaoman Lu said with gratitude.

She knew that she was lucky to have met someone who was so easygoing.

She had heard from the other girls that a lot of women had to perform special services with the customers. They would be forced if they were unwilling. This handsome young man was so much better.

Xiaoman Lu started to massage Qingfeng’s back with her pale hands. She was inexperienced; it was clear that this was the first time she had given a customer a massage.

‘You can do it Xiaoman! For your mother, you have to service the first customer well.’ She cheered for herself in her heart.

"It feels so good."

Qingfeng was very comfortable and relaxed after Xiaoman Lu’s massage. The pores of his body seemed to have opened.

It was definitely enjoyable for a man to get a full body massage from a pretty girl. A man who has not experienced it would not understand how good it feels.

It was the first time that Xiaoman Lu had performed a massage so she was inexperienced and nervous. She accidentally touched Qingfeng’s willy which caused him to groan in comfort. Xiaoman Lu flushed and became more flustered. She wanted to hide in a hole.

The massage ended in an hour.

Qingfeng looked at Xiaoman Lu who was covered in sweat and his eyes became heated.

The beauty was not only innocent looking, her breasts were also big and at least size 36d. Her breasts bounced and attracted one’s gaze.

"Brother Feng, the massage is done." Xiaoman Lu said with a red face. Qingfeng’s heated gaze caused her to be even more embarrassed.

"Yeah, your service is great. Do you have a bank account, I’ll transfer you the money."

"Brother Feng, you can directly give it to the receptionist at the front. I don’t take money; she will pass the money to me."

"I will give pay for the massage. But since your massage is great, I will also give you a tip."

"Tip? Really? Thank you, Brother Feng." Xiaoman Lu’s charming eyes glimmered and she said excitedly.

She had heard that if the massage was good, the customer would tip. Some generous customers would even tip a few hundred Yuan.

She desperately needed money, so she became happy when she heard that she was getting a tip.

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