My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 74: Treating Brother Feng on a Night Out

Chapter 74: Treating Brother Feng on a Night Out

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"Young Master Zhang, if it was for money, I would not come in the rain to heal you. Did you forget how much I sold my jade pendant for?" Qingfeng frowned slightly and refused his 1 million Yuan.

His jade pendant had been sold for 10 million Yuan. Did he need money? No. He was willing to heal Young Master Zhang’s illness because he treated him as a friend. "Brother Li, I will listen to you and put away the money."

Young Master Zhang almost cried again when he heard Qingfeng refer to him as a friend.

Qingfeng was the first person in 20 years to treat him as a friend.

"I’m going. Call me if you need anything." Qingfeng waved his hand and prepared to leave.

"Brother Li, wait a minute."

"What’s the matter?"

"Brother Li, it’s okay if you don’t want the money. But I need to treat you to a night out. You have to come with me tonight for me to show my appreciation."

Young Master Zhang sincerely said.

"Alright, where are we going?" Qingfeng agreed and nodded. He had to agree or Young Master Zhang would not be at peace.

"Brother Li, let’s go to Jade Finger Emperor Palace. That’s a business owned by my family." Young Master Zhang smiled and listed a place.

"Okay." Qingfeng nodded and walked out with Young Master Zhang.


Young Master Zhang drove his Benz sportscar and brought Qingfeng towards the Jade Finger Emperor Palace.

Jade Finger Emperor Palace was located on Workers Road. It was a casual entertainment complex with a spa, sauna, massage, oil massage, and special XOXO services.

After 20 minutes, Young Master Zhang and Qingfeng arrived at Jade Finger Emperor.

Qingfeng looked up and saw a large building with 13 stories. It was luxuriously decorated with gold décor and four beautiful hostesses stood at the entrance.

The hostesses all wore Cheongsam with a high slit which revealed their thin and pale legs. It attracted the eyes of the passerby's.

"Welcome Young Master."

The four beautiful hostesses hurriedly bowed and said when they saw Young Master Zhang.

"Yeah. Brother Li, let’s go."

Young Master Zhang raised his hand and led Qingfeng at the front.

"Who is this fellow? Young Master is leading the way for him?"

The hostesses were all stunned. They all secretly memorized Qingfeng’s face in their hearts so that they could serve him well in the future.

"The décor is nice."

Qingfeng praised as he walked into Jade Finger Emperor.

The corridors of Jade Finger Emperor were all lined with golden tiles. The walls were all gold and the chandelier was also golden. It felt like one was walking through a palace.

"Brother Li, let’s go take a shower and go to the sauna."

Young Master Zhang smiled slightly and said with familiarity.

"Okay." Qingfeng nodded in agreement. He was wet from the rain and his body was sticky and uncomfortable.

After a while, Young Master Zhang brought Qingfeng to a huge tub.

The tub was more than 300 square meters. After the two soaked in the bath and went into the sauna, they felt refreshed and relaxed.

"Brother Li, come, let’s go get a ‘massage’."

Young Master Zhang said with a face of excitement and led Qingfeng into a luxurious VIP room.

The room was called ‘Emperor Hall’. It was spacious and 100 square meters. There were two bedrooms inside the hall which the guests could use for xxoo services.

Different types of liquours and fruits were placed on the golden table. There was red wine, beer, vodka, brandy and also watermelon, grape, banana and dragon fruit.

"Young Master, what kind of services do you need?"

A beautiful young woman walked in and asked respectfully.

The woman was very beautiful and around 30 years old. She had a charming face and small cherry lips. She wore a black professional suit which added to her charm.

Her name was Yuqin Tang and she was the manager at Jade Finger Emperor.

"Sister Qin, this is my Brother Li. Are there any beauties recently?"

Young Master Zhang was familiar with Yuqin Tang and called her Sister Qin.

Yuqin Tang was dazed for a moment when she heard Young Master Zhang’s words. A strange look appeared on her face.

She knew of how proud Young Master Zhang was. He had very high standards and did not even care for Young Master Chen. But now, he referred to the young man ahead as Brother Li with respect. This caused Yuqin Tang to be slightly surprised.

But, Yuqin Tang worked in the entertainment industry for a long time and was very clever. She guessed that the young man must be very important for Young Master Zhang. He must not be ordinary.

"Nice to meet you, Brother Li. We have many beauties here. There are innocent ones, sexy ones, seductive ones, ice cold ones, oh and we have an university student here too, and she’s still a virgin. They all give incredible massages."

Yuqin Tang smiled charmingly and introduced the different girls to Qingfeng and Young Master Zhang.

"Sister Qin, ask them to gather in the room and let Brother Li choose."

Young Master Zhang waved his hand and asked Yuqin Tang to quickly handle the affair.

He did not want to waste any time. Other than treating Brother Li to a ‘massage’, he also wanted to test the powers of his ‘little brother’.

"Okay, I’ll be right back." Sister Qin smiled slightly and left the room. Soon, she brought in dozens of girls.

The girls all wore miniskirts which revealed their pale white legs. They were all stunning. Some were innocent, others were sexy, seductive or icy cold.

A few even wore nurse, flight attendant and maid outfits. They had dressed up for uniform temptation.

"Greetings Young Master."

The dozens of beautiful girls bowed with faces of excitement.

Working here and being able to finally see the legendary Young Master, they were obviously very excited.

"This is my Brother Li. He will pick first. If he chooses you, you must serve him well. Okay?" Young Master Zhang said to the dozens of pretty girls.

"Understood." Everyone looked at Qingfeng with heated eyes when they heard Young Master Zhang’s words. This young man must come from a prestigious background if he could be referred to as Brother Li by Young Master Zhang.

"I am number one. I come from Song Jiang city. I am 20 years old and a nurse. I specialize in oral and massage." The first innocent beauty in a nurse uniform said.

"I am Number 2. I come from Xi’An. I am 22 years old and a flight attendant. I specialize in oil massage and Eight Sage Crossing Ocean (TL: some kinky sex act, don’t expect me to know)."The second beauty in a flight attendant uniform said.


After a while, the dozens of beauties have introduced themselves.

"Brother Li, which one do you like? You can pick first."

Young Master Zhang laughed and said.

"Number 3."

Qingfeng nodded and chose number 3.

When the beauties were introducing themselves, Qingfeng learned that number 3 was a university student. More importantly, the student had an innocent appearance but also looked slightly cold which caused him to be slightly interested.

After Qingfeng made his pick, Young Master Zhang chose a sexy beauty. The other beauties could only leave the booth in disappointment.

"Brother Li, I’ll go to the bedroom on the left, I’ll leave the right one for you."

Young Master Zhang held onto the sexy beauty and walked towards the left bedroom.

After a while, moans came from the left bedroom.

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