My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 73: The Secret Recipe for Invigorating the kidney and Empowering the Penis

Chapter 73: The Secret Recipe for Invigorating the kidney and Empowering the Penis

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"Brother Zhang, please tell me how did you get injured inside your mother’s womb?" Qingfeng Li smiled and asked. He needed to get to know the reason behind why he got sick so he could treat it properly.

"20 something years ago, my mother got pregnant before marriage. In order to not distract my father’s start-up business at that time, she went back home to the village to give birth. The conditions there were terrible. It snowed the day I was born and was below 0 outside. It was cold and freezing. I didn’t have blankets when I was born so I got frostbite." Speaking of the past events, Zhang got really sad.

"Mhm, I understand now, the cold air got into your body so you were born with a yin deficiency in your kidney." After hearing Zhang’s explanation, Qingfeng Li understood. Cold air invaded his body when he was born, so his kidney chi was destroyed, and his penis got frostbite.

"What is a yin deficiency in the kidney?" Zhang had a look of confusion, like a curious baby. He didn’t know anything about medicine and health.

"Kidney deficiencies can be in yin or yang, yin deficiency in the kidney is when your back and knees are weak. There will be no strength in your two legs, not enough kidney chi, a small penis, and erectile dysfunction. You are a classic case of having a yin deficiency in the kidney." Qingfeng Li smiled and said, and basically gave him a health class.

There were yin and yang inside a human’s body. You could be lacking in yin or yang and you need to treat the right symptoms in order to recover. After hearing what Qingfeng Li had to say, Zhang’s eyes opened. This was his first time hearing that there could be a deficiency in yin or yang. He had only heard of the general kidney deficiency before. Now he knew that he was just uneducated back then.

But Qingfeng Li’s explanation for a yin deficiency in the kidney made Zhang happier. Since he could talk about his symptoms, then there must be a treatment. He had full confidence in Qingfeng Li.

"Zhang, take off your shirt, I need to give you acupuncture." Qingfeng Li took out 9 needles and said lightly.

"This.. isn’t good, I am a man." Zhang’s face turned red and he said with embarrassment.

"Hurry the f*ck up, I am not interested in men." Qingfeng Li laughed, he didn’t know how to react.

Zhang finally took off his clothes unwillingly. You wouldn’t know without looking but his penis was really f*cking small.

Qingfeng Li knew that Zhang’s kidney chi was not flowing because of certain blockages, and that was why he was born with erectile dysfunction. As long as he dredged the kidney, he would be okay.

Tso tso tso tso tso tso …...

Qingfeng Li took the needles and used "Nine Penis-Empowering Needles". He did it lightning fast and stabbed it into his Shenshu point, life gate point, lumbar point, as well as 6 other points.

All 9 points were connected to the kidney and they were all where the kidney chi passes through.

15 minutes later, Qingfeng Li helped Zhang evict all the cold chi from his kidney. Chi from his kidney could now flow through his whole body.

"Done, how do you feel?" Qingfeng Li pulled out the needles and asked lightly.

"I feel great." Zhang felt fantastic, a hot wave of air passed through his whole body. And his whole body was warm.

When the kidney chi rushed into his penis, suddenly, his penis raised up, not only did it raise up, it also grew 3 cm.

"Ah, it grew longer, and it is erect!" Looking at the changes on his penis, Zhang said excitedly.

"Hurry and put on your clothes, what are you yelling about." Seeing how excited Zhang was, Qingfeng Li frowned and scolded.

"Thanks Brother Li, I will be your little brother from now on." Zhang put on his clothes and said seriously.

Qingfeng Li treated him and helped him become a man again. Of course he was willing to be Qingfeng Li’s little brother.

Not even being the little brother, he would even call Qingfeng Li father if he needed to. Having erectile dysfunction was very painful and nobody wanted to be a eunuch. It would be the worst punishment to a man.

"Zhang, letting you, a young master of the Big Four families be my little brother is a little grievant right?

"No, not at all, Brother Li. You gave me back the dignity of a man, you gave me a second life. It would be reasonable if even my parents called you brother." Zhang said sincerely.

As to Qingfeng Li’s medical abilities, he was very convinced of it.

"Your kidneys have been dredged, now your chi will flow well. I am now going to give you a secret prescription for invigorating your kidney to help you stabilize your condition."

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly while deciding to give him a prescription to fix his kidney. He was born with this defect, after all, so he needed a lot of supplements.

"Thanks, Brother Li." Zhang’s character changed quickly, ever since agreeing to become Qingfeng Li’s little brother, his tone became more respectful.

"This is the secret prescription to help you strengthen your kidney. There’s Velvet, fleece-flower root, Cordyceps Sinensis, Gorgon, Eucommia, Chinese wolfberry…."

Qingfeng Li used a pen and wrote the prescription on a piece of paper, there was the name of the Chinese medicine and the amount, then he passed it to Zhang.

Zhang took over the prescription excitedly. It was like he had obtained a priceless treasure. He was happier than if he won 5 million Yuan.

"Other than this prescription, you can undergo food therapy too. If you want to strengthen your yang and supplement your kidneys, then you have to eat more of Walnut, black sesame, black beans, eggs, leeks, yam, chestnuts, quail, dog meat, beef, dog testes and penis, bull testes and penis ... ... "

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and told Zhang some food that he should eat.

Medicine was medicine, food was food therapy. You would be able to achieve double the result if you use both at the same time.

"Brother Li, you are too much! You know so many secret formulas for strengthening the kidney, you are my idol." Zhang looked like he idolized Qingfeng Li. He was completely convinced of his abilities, Brother Li definitely knew a lot.

The more he got to know Brother Li, the more ignorant he felt.

He believed that as long as he the did things told by Brother Li, then he could definitely strengthen his kidney and become a strong man, and make women scream in bed every night.

"It is already 8’o clock, I should go." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and got ready to leave. He already treated Zhang’s sickness, and he didn’t have anything to do here anyway, so naturally, he had to go home.

"Brother Li, wait one moment."

"You need something?"

"Brother Li, this is one million Yuan, take it." Zhang took out a one million Yuan cheque and passed it to Qingfeng Li.

Zhang originally wanted to go Qingfeng Li more money, even if he gave him 100 million Yuan he would still think it is worth it.

Because he healed him, he fixed a problem that all the specialists and famous doctors couldn’t treat. But even though Zhang was the eldest son of the Zhang Corporation, all the family’s money and funds were under the control of his little brother. So he didn’t actually have a lot of money in his own hands, he only had this one million Yuan.

So it could be said that Zhang gave all his money to Qingfeng Li. This was a good demonstration of how thankful he was to Qingfeng Li.

"Take back your money, or I will get angry." Qingfeng Li declined Zhang’s one million Yuan and said in dissatisfaction.

"Brother Li, this is a little appreciation of mine. If you don’t take it then I can’t make peace with myself."

"If you call me Brother Li, then it means you see me as a friend, and I treated your sickness because you are my friend. If you offer me money, what would that even mean?"

"Brother Li, I just didn’t want you to help me for nothing." Zhang said sincerely, you could hear that he was thankful from his tone.

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