My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 72: Young Master Zhang Wants to be a Little Bro

Chapter 72: Young Master Zhang Wants to be a Little Bro

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"Qingfeng Li, let’s go."

Seeing Qiang Hu’s miserable look, Wanqiu Xia’s facial expression changed. Holding Qingfeng Li’s hand, she hurriedly left the cafe.

She knew that Qiang Hu's father was the vice president of the company and was extremely protective of his son. Qingfeng Li was only an ordinary sales department staff. He’ll be screwed offending the vice president.

"You f**king bitch, and loser. I won’t forgive you."

Seeing the two departing, Qiang Hu stood up with difficulty. Wiping the blood on the corner of his mouth he said viciously.

"Sister Xia, why are you pulling me to run?" Qingfeng Li frowned and asked, puzzled.

"You called me sister Xia, so I’ll call you Qingfeng. Qingfeng, do you know who Qiang Hu is?"

Wanqiu Xia’s beautiful brows knitted and said, worried.

"Yeah. He's the head of the security department,"

"I’m not worried about a head of security department. After all, I’m the head of the sales department. I can help you stop him. But his dad is the vice president of the company."

"Vice president. Not a big deal."

Qingfeng Li pouted and looked unconcerned.

Your dad is the vice president so you are cocky. My wife is the president. If he really wants to ask for trouble, who will be scared?

"Qingfeng. It’s Sister Xia’s fault this time. I dragged you into the trouble."

Wanqiu’s beautiful face was full of remorse. If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have taken Qingfeng Li as a shield.

If Qingfeng Li was fired by the company, she would regret it for life.

"Sister Xia, you are my girlfriend. How can I let that bastard Qiang Hu abuse you."

Qingfeng Li smiled gently, unconcerned.

Hearing those words, Wanqiu Xia’s face turned red and she became very shy in her heart. She said she was Qingfeng Li’s girlfriend to drive away Qiang Hu. Unexpectedly, this guy actually signed himself up.

However, hearing Qingfeng Li said she was his boyfriend, not only did Wanqiu Xia not get angry, she felt a bit shy, as if she desired to be his girlfriend deep inside her heart.

"Do I have a crush on Qingfeng?"

Wanqiu Xia’s pretty face turned red. She didn’t know whether she had a crush on Qingfeng Li, or she liked him. In short, it was a sweet and shy feeling.

"Qingfeng, listen to Sister Xia. Do not go to work today, take a day off. In case Qiang Hu comes for trouble." Suppressing her shyness in her heart, Wanqiu Xia said gently.

"Sister Xia, don't worry. No one can expel me in Ice Snow Corporation." Qingfeng Li smiled and said confidently.

Although he was full of self-confidence, Wanqiu Xia was still very worried. After all, she did not know the relationship between Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin.

"Well, Sister Xia, I'm going to work."

Qingfeng Li waved, saying goodbye to Wanqiu Xia, and returned to work in sales department.

As for Wanqiu Xia’s reminder, he didn’t care. In his eyes, Qiang Hu was only an ant that he could crush anytime.

Coming to the sales department, Qingfeng Li found that people were acting strange. They all avoiding him after seeing him from afar.

People in the sales department would greet Qingfeng Li in the past, asking if he ate. Now when they saw him, they avoided him like a plague.

"Am I so terrifying?" Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, speechless.

Brother, you are not terrifying, but hitting Qiang Hu is terrifying. People in the sales department knew Qiang Hu’s identity. He was the son of vice president. Qingfeng Li would certainly get fired after beating him.

People in the sales department didn’t want to be fired along with Qingfeng Li. So naturally they avoided him from the distance.

Qingfeng Li sat there the entire afternoon, bored. No one talked to him. He was happy to be free.

He wanted to chat with Xiaoyue Zhang, but she wasn’t there the whole day, negotiating business outside, which made him even more bored.

Of course, Qiang Hu didn’t do nothing. Getting back to the security room, he wrote a report letter, and handed it to CEO Xue Lin’s hand.

Qiang Hu accused Qingfeng Li of beating him and wanted to fire him.

However, to Qiang Hu’s depression, CEO Xue Lin didn’t go for him after work. The report letter accusing Qingfeng Li was like a stone sinking into the ocean. There was no trace of it at all after he handed it in.

"Time to go home."

Qingfeng Li glanced at the watch, 6 PM sharp. After sorting out the report forms, he walked out of the sales department with his hands on his back.

"Didn’t Qingfeng Li beat Qiang Hu. How come he was fine this afternoon and didn’t get fired?"

People in the sales department were abuzz, puzzled and confused.

Walla …

It started pouring with rain when Qingfeng Li just came out of the building.

It was cloudy when he went out in the morning. But unexpectedly it only started to rain now and was raining heavily.

But even if it was raining, he had something to do.

Qingfeng Li took out the phone, dialed Young Master Zhang’s number and said: "Young Master Zhang, are you free tonight?"

"Are you Qingfeng Li?" Zhang's voice was a little surprised.

"Of course it's me, you didn't save my cell phone number?"

"I did. I just didn't expect you would call me today."

"You find a place. I’m now going to cure you."

Qingfeng Li said casually. He had promised Young Master Zhang to cure his short penis syndrome.

"I’m in the Oak Bay Community on Guang Wu Road. Unit 1, third floor east unit."

Young Master Zhang spoke out his address, his voice full of excitement.

He had this sickness for 20 years and had suffered a lot from humiliation. Now there was a chance to cure it, he was very happy in the heart.

"Wait for me. I’ll be there." Qingfeng Li hung up the phone, stopped a taxi and drove to Oak Bay Community.

The Oak Bay District was located in the Guang Wu Road and is a luxurious community. The average person could not afford to live there, only the rich.

20 minutes later, Qingfeng Li came to the Oak Bay Community. He registered with the doorman in the rain and arrived at Unit 1 on the 3rd floor east.

Meanwhile, Young Master Zhang had been waiting at the door. Seeing Qingfeng Li soaked, a touch of surprise appeared on his face.

"Qingfeng Li, you did not bring an umbrella?" Young Master Zhang asked.

"Nope. But it matters more to treat your problem, getting a little wet is no big deal." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, unconcerned.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Young Master Zhang’s eyes flashed with gratefulness.

Ever since Young Master Zhang got diagnosed short penis syndrome, neither his father nor his mother liked him. People around laughed at him, and even his relatives and friends looked down upon on him.

No one treated Young Master Zhang well in the past 20 years. Though living in a rich family, he didn’t feel any warmth at all, his heart was ice-cold.

However, Qingfeng Li now came to give him treatment in the rain. He felt touched in his heart and his nose stung, as if tears would come down the next moment.

"Young Master Zhang, you’re tearing up."

Seeing Young Master Zhang was about to cry, Qingfeng Li had puzzlement all over the face and said.

"Qingfeng Li, I, Young Master Zhang swear that if you can cure my sickness, I’ll be your little brother."

Touching his stung nose, Young Master Zhang said in determination.

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