My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 80: You are Really Narcissistic

Chapter 80: You are Really Narcissistic

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"Narcissistic maniac, who wants to seduce you!" Ruyan Liu’s face turned red and shouted with a slightly angry tone. Obviously, Qingfeng Li’s words made her very shy.

She was the president of the Liu Corporation, the first beauty of Eastern Sea City and a charming goddess. But now, a young man is flirting with her unexpectedly.

To be sure, no one dared to flirt with her at all in Eastern Sea City. Qingfeng Li was the first one. This made her feel different, shy and surprised.

"Don't be angry, gan sister. Woman become ugly when they get angry. Let’s go. I’ll invite you to dinner." Qingfeng Li resorted to his gimmick to coax woman, making her laugh.

"Sh*t up. I want pasta and steak." Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and wanted to make him spend some money. After all, he flirted with her.

"Alright. Gan sister."Qingfeng Li smiled and walked out with her.

It was 12 at noon, just in time for lunch.

"Gan sister, your car is beautiful." In the parking lot, Qingfeng Li saw a white streamlined sedan car and praised from his heart.

"Of course, this is a limited edition model from Maserati. The one and only one." Speaking about her beloved car, Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, her face full of pride.

She had a special passion for cars, especially a Maserati’s look and color, so she bought the only one in the world.

"Gan sister, you drive or me?"

"Of course it’s you."

"Alright, please sit, beauty." Qingfeng Li opened the door, and revealed a gentleman’s smile. He led Ruyan Liu to the passenger seat and went in the car.

"Sister, where shall we eat?"

"Go to the Valentine Restaurant." Ruyan Liu said charmingly.

What, the Valentine restaurant?

That was a lovers’ restaurant where couples frequently dined.

"You’re such a perverted girl, wanting to seduce me." Qingfeng Li gently snorted and said to Ruyan Liu.

"You are the perverted girl. Pooh, you’re the pervert. Don’t be so narcissistic. We’re going there because the pasta and steak is delicious. What does it have to do with seducing you."

Ruyan Liu was feeling awkward. She was completely defeated by Qingfeng Li’s narcissism.

She suddenly regretted it. She wouldn’t have wanted to be this guy’s gan sister if she knew that he was that narcissistic. Treat him a bit better than others and he will think that she wanted to seduce him.

Of course, Ruyan Liu didn’t know that she wronged Qingfeng Li. Because she was beautiful and charming, and if it was ancient times, her existence would definitely bring disaster to the kingdom she was in because the king would be busy being on top of her instead of being on top of his duties and work.

Merely revealing a faint charm and a gentle smile be fatally attractive to men.

If it were other men seeing Ruyan Liu’s charming posture, they would drool, and would be barely able to walk. At least Qingfeng Li was not drooling, much better than most men.

10 minutes later.

Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu came to the Valentine restaurant. The restaurant had five floors, with luxurious decoration, and a rose printed on the door.

Couples in love interlinking arms walked into the restaurant intimately.

Sometimes several couples would kiss and do something not appropriate for kids.

"Handsome and beautiful, what would you like to eat?"

When Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu just entered the restaurant and sat down, a comely waitress hurried up to them, holding the menu.

"Let me see."

Qingfeng Li took the menu and read. It was his treat today so he decided what to eat.

"Two servings of pasta, two medium well steaks and two bottles of French wine, thanks."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, and ordered two classic food here.

"Alright sir, how would you like to pay?"

The comely waiter smiled and said.

"I'll pay."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, picked up the bank card and paid.

"Please give me a moment."

The comely waitress smiled gently and turned around, whispering,

"The couple came dining and the man pays. Is this woman a vixen and wants to seduce this handsome guy for his money?"

The comely waitress’s voice was low but Qingfeng Li still heard it. He said, smiling, "Gan sister, do you know what did the waitress say just now?"

"What did she say?"

"She said you were a vixen wanting to seduce me."

"Narcissist. Do you believe that I’ll you punch you into the Pacific ocean?"

Ruyan Liu was really mad about Qingfeng Li’s narcissistic attitude. She was waving her pink little fist, ready to teach him a lesson.

The couples at the other tables were intimate. But the one with Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu had a bit of a quarrel. The woman even moved her fist, which caught a man’s attention.

A moment later, the waitress put pasta, steak, and red wine on the table, "Sir, Madam, please enjoy."

"Thank you."

Qingfeng Li said thank you and began to eat with Ruyan Liu.

"Gorgeous, can I sit here?"

When the two just started to eat, a pale looking middle-aged man, wearing a suit and cologne came to Ruyan Liu's side and asked, smiling.

He saw Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li were having a fight and that she even raised her fist, thinking that they were close to breaking up. The woman was so beautiful that naturally, he wanted to pursue.

"I don't know you, and there's no place here."

Ruyan Liu’s beautiful brows slightly knitted, not caring about the middle-aged man in front of her and rejecting him directly.

"Let me introduce myself. I’m Mao Zhang. As for the seat, there will be one after he leaves."

The middle-aged man called Mao Zhang smiled slightly and was ready to ask Qingfeng Li to leave.

"My friend, you were arguing with this gorgeous lady and she even waved her fist. Did you two break up? It’s normal for girlfriends and boyfriends to part ways. Since she doesn’t like you anymore, please leave."

Mao Zhang came to Qingfeng Li, smiled faintly and asked him to leave.

"You’re called Mao Zhang. I think retard is a better name for you. You thought we broke up seeing we quarreled. Was your head kicked by donkey? Your imagination is too good."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, speechless. This guy’s imagination was really kicked by a donkey.

It seemed like Ruyan Liu’s attraction was too strong. A man decided to pursue her when she came to the restaurant.

"My friend. This woman looks enchanting and matchless. But you wear a camouflage coat that at most costs 20 RMB. You can’t match up with this beautiful woman in front of you. If you are clever, you would leave."

Mao Zhang smiled lightly, stretched out his wrist and exposed the Rolex watch, his face was full of confidence.

A Rolex watch was worth a dozen thousand. Mao Zhang wanted to use money to brag and get the young man quit.

"I don’t know where your superiority come from. A Rolex watch makes you so proud. Though you wear Versace perfume, you can’t cover the stench of money. Garbage."

Qingfeng Li slightly knitted his eyebrow, and insulted Mao Zhang. When someone criticizes him, he would scold back directly.

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