My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 64: Peony Vase

Chapter 64: Peony Vase

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"Peony vase, the auction price starts at 100,000 Yuan and each increase must be at least 50,000 yuan."

Just as Meiren Liu’s voice fell, the crowd already couldn’t wait to start shouting.

Especially Young Master Chen, who was the first one that stood up and shouted, "I offer 150,000 Yuan."

"Young Master Chen, that is unexpected of you."

When he saw that Young Master Chen wanted to buy the peony vase, Qingfeng Li frowned slightly with a cold light flashing through his eyes.

He felt very disgusted with the guy who wanted to chase his wife.

"Since you want the peony vase, I'll make some trouble for you." Qingfeng made his mind to let Young Master Chen spend some money to vent his anger.

"I offer 200,000 Yuan." Qingfeng suddenly stood up and said loudly.

Young Master Chen was smiling when he heard Qingfeng’s voice. He was astonished and then a hint of anger showed up in his eyes.

He obviously did not expect that Qingfeng dared to compete with him in the auction. He was one of the four Young Masters in Eastern Sea City. It was obvious that he could not lose to a small staff member of the Ice Snow Corporation. This was an issue of honor. Since he opened his mouth for the vase, he had to get the peony vase.

"I offer 300,000." Young Master Chen said loudly with a cold light flashing in his eyes.

"400,000." Qingfeng’s voice followed.

"500,000." Young Master Chen continued to shout without any hesitation in his voice.

"600,000." Qingfeng looked at him and continued to raise the price of the peony vase.

"700,000." Young Master Chen gave Qingfeng a fierce look. The anger in his voice seemed to threaten Qingfeng.

"800,000." Facing Young Master Chen’s threat, Qingfeng continued to increase the price in order to aggravate him even further.

"1 million!" Young Master Chen’s blood rushed into his head as he called out the price. His anger at Qingfeng almost drove him crazy.

Young Master Chen only had one thought in his mind, that was he must beat Qingfeng and get that peony vase. As to how much money he had to spend, he had already forgotten. He had been taken over by impulse.

"You win, this peony vase is yours." When Young Master Chen called 1 million, Qingfeng smiled with a sneer flashing in his eyes. After that, Qingfeng gave Young Master Chen a mocking look and sat down randomly.

At the moment of him sitting down, Qingfeng vaguely saw the ghastly pale face and trembling body of Young Master Chen. It seemed that this unlucky fellow must be very angry.

After all, 1 million was not a small number.

The whole dinner-auction hall was deathly silent. All the people were looking at Young Master Chen in a strange way, like they wanted to laugh at him. This guy was really a money man. But even if you had too much money to spend, you still shouldn’t waste it like this.

Young Master Chen’s face took on a ghastly expression when he found out everybody was looking at him like a fool. By now he had realized that he was screwed by Qingfeng and was taken in by his trick.

Tong Tong-Tong!!!

After three sounds of a heavy hammer knocking on the wooden table, the Peony Vase was finally bought by Young Master Chen at the price of 1 million.

The price was 10 times higher than the starting price of 100,000 for the peony Vase.

Although the peony vase was porcelain from Qing Dynasty, the value was only 500,000 maximum.

But Young Master Chen spent 1 million, which made him almost explode with rage.

And the most important point of all, Young Master Chen lost face when he was played like a hell of a joke by Qingfeng in front of everyone.

Therefore, the way he looked at Qingfeng became very cold. However, Qingfeng just gave a faint smile in front of his cold eyes and ignored him. He turned back to chat with Xue Lin who was sitting beside him.

Their intimate appearances caused Young Master Chen to feel a burst of jealousy. The first auction item was a good start and Meiren Liu’s heart was very excited. After a little pause, the auction of the next item started. The second piece of the auction was a legendary luminous pearl.

This luminous pearl was egg sized and emitted a silver-white light. Eventually, it was obtained by the richest man in Eastern Sea City. The auction continued and more than 10 pieces of antiques were sold one after another...

When the auction came to the last item, Qingfeng’s heart was suddenly touched. Because he found this last piece of Jade was very special, with a feeling of déjà vu. This jade pendant was neither white nor green, it was variegated. The color was green with gray, and seemed kind of ugly.

The best variety of jade was the imperial jade which was purebred emperor green. It was followed by white; variegated jades was the worst type and had the lowest price.

"This is the last antique pendant. The auction price is 100,000 yuan with a minimum increase of 50,000 yuan each time." Meiren Liu held this variegated jade and announced in a sweet voice.

Her brows were slightly wrinkled. She was not optimistic about this piece of jade at all. The appearance of this piece of jade was very bad. She had sold a lot of antiques through auction and felt that this variegated jade was not worth a lot of money.

When rich people bought Jade, the first thing they cared about was the appearance of color, and the second thing they focused on was the shaping and modeling. The appearance color of this variegated jade was too ugly. It was the ugliest pendant among all the antiques that Meiren Liu had seen in the auction.

Sure enough, nobody responded after Meiren quoted the price. Everyone was not optimistic about this jade.

"This jade pendant is 100,000 Yuan. Does anyone want to bid for it?" Meiren asked again, but no one wanted to buy it. She was a bit disappointed.

"Oh, I remember. This is the Phoenix pendant in the pair of the Dragon and Phoenix Pendants." A lightbulb suddenly lit up in his head. Qingfeng finally remembered that this was a piece of treasure. The piece’s true feature was hidden.

The Dragon and Phoenix Pendants, as the name implied, were two pieces of jade. A piece was the Dragon pendant and another piece was the Phoenix pendant.

He once saw the Dragon pendant in the British Museum. This piece was similar to the Dragon pendant, but a phoenix was carved in the middle. It was obviously the Phoenix pendant.

Qingfeng no longer hesitated, he stood up and got ready to bid.

However, Qingfeng’s expression suddenly became stiff. A hint of embarrassment appeared on his face. The reason was very simple, Qingfeng didn’t have much money with him. If he bidded for this jade piece, he simply couldn’t afford the money at all.

Qingfeng had the 50,000 reward from his company because he had got King Kong to repay the 1 million debt. Xiaoyu Zhang and he got 25,000 each. He already spent most of it and only had a few thousands of Yuan left now.

A few thousands of Yuan was obviously not enough to buy this pendant. This was not the same as bidding before. Before it was Qingfeng luring Young Master Chen to spend more money and he did not want to buy.

Now this piece of jade, he was determined to have and must buy it over. The antiques of a charity dinner must be paid off in cash or transferred from the bank, no credit was allowed for any purchases.

"What can I do, what can I do? This jade is such rare treasure; I do not know when I could encounter a next time. But I have no money." Qingfeng’s eyebrows frowned and his face was full of anxiety.

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