My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 63: Xue Lin vs Ruyan Liu

Chapter 63: Xue Lin vs Ruyan Liu

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The charity auction was on the east side of the venue. There were 30 something seats in three rows. The first row was the platinum VIP seats.

People who sat in the platinum VIP seats were all big characters. There was Ruyan Liu, the son of the mayor, the richest person of Eastern Sea city, the president of the antique society, etc.

Even though Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin were sitting in the first row and were right beside Ruyan Liu, but in other people’s eyes, they were still the lowest in status.

In the second row was the four young masters of Eastern Sea city as well as the CEO of other big companies. For example, CEO Xiang Xu of the Ten-Thousand Elephant Real Estate, and CEO Song Hu of Everyday Entertainment.

The third row was filled with the VPs of each of the big companies, or at least managing director-level characters.

"Qingfeng Li, our Liu Corporation is lacking a manager. The annual salary is over 10 million dollars. Would you be willing to take on this job?"

Ruyan Liu yawned and stretched, exposing her attractive curves while she said with a smile. She knew that Qingfeng Li came from a great background, so she wanted to pull him closer. Of course, this was also the suggestion of the family elder who was a military commander.

Qingfeng Li was stunned and glanced at Ruyan Liu who was beside him.

At such a close distance, he noticed that this woman was even more charming and attractive.

Her big eyes were constantly emitting a charming lure, her red lips were like a cherry, her skin was pure white and was faint to the eyes. She was really something.

Qingfeng Li’s face was slightly flustered. He immediately moved his eyes, he didn’t dare to look any further because Xue Lin was right beside him.

Hearing that Ruyan Liu was trying to poach Qingfeng Li right in front of her, a sense of unhappiness appeared on Xue Lin’s glamorous face.

Yes, the Liu Corporation was the biggest corporation in Eastern Sea city, but you can’t just try to steal my employee away right in front of my eyes. Xue Lin was kind of angry.

"Qingfeng Li, you’ve been performing well recently, I will give you a bonus tomorrow."

Xue Lin smiled attractively and said.

She was very pretty, her glamorous oval face, her small nose, her vibrant red lips, along with her snow white skin, slim body, long legs snapped Qingfeng out of it.

Especially when she smiled, it was like snow was melting. It gave everyone a warm feeling.

If Ruyan Liu was described as a rose, then Xue Lin would be a snow lotus. They were all beautiful in their own ways and they were both stunning.

"Thank you for Miss Liu’s offer, but I am doing well at Ice Snow Corporation, and don’t have any current plans of switching companies. If there comes a day when I would want to work somewhere else, I will definitely consider the Liu Corporation first."

Qingfeng Li took in a huge gasp of air to calm the ripples in his heart and said.

With a royal being who was extremely charming and enchanting beside him, he wouldn’t dare agree to work for the other company, or else Xue Lin would rip him apart for sure.

So that was why he gave a very ambiguous answer where he didn’t agree nor did he decline the offer.

Leaving some room for himself to navigate was beneficial for him.

Qingfeng Li thought he said it really well, because he didn’t offend either of the two women, but both Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin were dissatisfied.

"If that is so then I can only wait."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. A sign of disappointment flashed in her beautiful eyes.

She knew that Qingfeng Li was only a regular employee of the Ice Snow Corporation, his monthly salary would be about 3000 Yuan. She originally thought that if she gave him a managerial position with an annual income of 10 million dollars, he would come to her company for sure, but who knew she would get rejected.

Little Yan Yan, this was your first time being rejected by a man, Ruyan Liu thought to herself while feeling kind of sad.

"Qingfeng Li, Ice Snow Corporation is a great company. I will let you have a lot of responsibilities, don’t think about other things." Xue Lin’s eyebrows raised and glared at Qingfeng Li.

This guy just said that if there comes a day when he would leave Ice Snow Corporation then he would go to the Liu Corporation. This made Xue Lin a little unhappy.

Because to Xue Lin, the Ice Snow Corporation represented herself while Liu Corporation represented Ruyan Liu. Qingfeng Li said if he left her, then he would go find Ruyan Liu so of course she wasn’t happy.

Little Xue Xue c’mon, you must beat this b*tch! You can’t let Qingfeng Li go to her company. Xue Lin clenched her pink fists and cheered herself on.

Because Xue Lin noticed that the look that Ruyan Liu was giving Qingfeng Li was tender like water, kind of like she was flirting. This made her uncomfortable and on high alert. Ruyan Liu was called the number one beauty in Eastern Sea along with her after all, she couldn’t let her steal her husband away.

Xue Lin’s dad was stolen by a b*tch. Having a mistress resulted in him being cold to her mother. She didn’t want to become like her mother so she must watch her husband very carefully.


Just as they were talking, a heavy sound of a hammer hitting the wooden table sounded in the auction venue.

This sound was signaling the beginning of the charity auction.

In the awaiting eyes of everyone, a busty lady walked quickly to the center and smiled attractively to everyone around her.

"Dear valued guests, I am May-Ren Liu from the Liu Corporation. I welcome everyone to the charity dinner of the Liu Corporation. Everything that we make from the auction today will be donated to hope schools and orphanages."

It must be mentioned that the pretty lady who was standing at the center of the stage was very good at portraying herself, even though she was a bit old.

Every look and every gesture of hers could trigger all the men’s eyes under the stage.

And the atmosphere was getting more and more lively under her efforts.

Everyone was red in the face and were ready to call out prices.

Seeing that all the men in the venue had red faces and looked extremely impatient, May-Ren Liu let out a faint smile.

"This woman is very good at selling herself, she must be a master at sales."

Qingfeng Li couldn’t help but exclaim that the charming lady on stage was very good at playing to everyone’s desires.

"The first item of the auction today is a piece of porcelain from the Qing dynasty, a Peony Vase."

May-Ren Liu opened her red lips and said.

Porcelain from the Qing dynasty was the most famous. It was the crystallization of the working class of the Han ethnicity. Their work was world class, every piece of porcelain was a classic and they were all beautiful. A lot of rich collectors all liked to collect porcelain from the Qing dynasty.

"May-Ren Liu, quickly tell me what the starting price is for this Peony Vase, I must buy it today."

Young Master Chen said urgently while glowing, he loved antiques and to collect ancient treasures.

May-Ren Liu laughed and extended her white palm and clapped twice.

Then, an elegant lady beside her immediately brought over a golden tray.

On the tray, there was a red piece of cloth. The red cloth was airtight, completely covering the thing inside.

May-Ren Liu extended her white arm, and slowly pulled the red cloth away.

It was a white vase, quietly displayed on the golden tray.

The vase was not that big, it was just a bit over one foot in height, but it was extremely elegant. On the white vase, there was a peony, it was noble and elegant, a fine piece of artwork.

This vase was the Peony Vase.

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