My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 62: Ruyan's Partnership

Chapter 62: Ruyan's Partnership

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"Hehe, what are you guys talking about here, it is so lively."

Suddenly a charming laugh came from afar. An extremely beautiful lady dressed in red came over.

The lady had a delicate and charming face, her eyes were sparkling, her skin was creamy, and her whole aura was radiating brilliant light.

At the same time, she also had a devil’s figure, gracefully curved at all the right places. Her bright red dress wrapped eloquently around her thin waist and full breasts. It grabbed the attention of all the eyes in the room.

This was a lady that was charming to the max, it was like the ripples in a lake, she was pouring out the tenderness that a woman should have, displaying an irresistible air.

It seemed like she had a mysterious charm. She attracted the eyeballs of everyone right when she appeared and became the center of everyone’s attention.


Within moments, everyone around her swallowed a spittle, their eyes glowed red and their breathing became heavier.

"This lady is so pretty, if I could marry her then it would be worth it for me to even live two years shorter."

"In your dreams, such a creature like this isn’t something that is in your league."

"Shhh, talk less, she is Ruyan Liu, the most beautiful lady of Eastern Sea City. Do you guys not want to live anymore."

"Ah, that was so close, so close. Thanks for reminding me or that would’ve been the end of me."

Everyone surrounding her were discussing, some of them had never seen Ruyan Liu before. The only reason that they were shocked was because this was their first time seeing her.

Of course, as the most charming lady of Eastern Sea, Ruyan Liu rarely made an appearance publicly.


Qingfeng Li was listening to the discussions of the crowd. He glanced at the charming shadow and surprise flashed across his eyes. He also felt like Ruyan Liu was exceptionally pretty in a red dress.

As Ruyan Liu walked over, Chen, Wang, and Li all looked happy. They all thought that Ruyan Liu was definitely here to talk on their side, because they were the four elites of the Eastern Sea, the most powerful members of the younger generation of Eastern Sea city.

But at the next moment, they were stunned because Ruyan Liu didn’t walk towards them but rather was walking towards someone else.

"Qingfeng Li, I just heard that your Ice Snow Corporation was in trouble."

Ruyan Liu moved her thin waist and walked to before Qingfeng Li, her tender voice that was like water carried an irresistible charm.

"Yes, Miss Liu, our company is lacking funds."

Qingfeng Li frowned and said lightly.

He didn’t understand why Ruyan Liu was asking about his company.

"Oh, the Liu Corporation has a project recently that wanted to partner with your Ice Snow Corporation, what do you think?"

Ruyan Liu opened her red cherry lips and said charmingly.

"Miss Liu, you really want to partner with us Ice Snow Corporation?"

Xue Lin who was on the side was very shocked, her cold face looked surprised.

She knew that the Liu Corporation was a billion dollar company. They would even be ranked among the first few in Huaxia. If the Liu Corporation was willing to partner with the Ice Snow Corporation, then her company was definitely saved.

"Yes, I am willing to partner with your Ice Snow Corporation, but my partner must be Qingfeng Li."

Ruyan Liu brushed her hair and said charmingly.

The only reason she wanted to partner with Ice Snow Corporation was to pull Qingfeng Li closer to her. Because she knew that Qingfeng Li was not just a regular person, he was someone that even the military commander regarded highly of.

"Great, I agree to let Qingfeng Li become the representative from Ice Snow Corporation to collaborate with your Liu Corporation."

Xue Lin raised her eyebrows and said immediately.

Even though she didn’t know why Ruyan Liu valued Qingfeng Li this much, but for her company to not go into bankruptcy, she could only agree to the other party’s request.

Furthermore, not only was Qingfeng Li her husband, he was also an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation. It was natural for him to become the representative.

"Great, then let’s wait till the charity dinner is done and discuss the details of our collaboration."


"Oh yeah, the auction of the charity dinner is about to begin, Qingfeng Li, come sit with me."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, her beautiful face emitting a strange charm.

As suggested by the name charity dinner, the first was for charity, the second was the dinner.

Why was it charitable? It was because everyone would take out some jewellery or antique, and some rich people would buy it. And then the payments would become donations for hope schools and orphanages.

There were platinum seats, VIP seats, and regular seats at the charity dinner.

Ruyan Liu sat in the platinum seats, but Xue Lin could only sit in the regular seats. If Qingfeng Li sat with Ruyan Liu, then he wouldn’t be able to sit with Xue Lin.

"Miss Liu, Qingfeng Li is an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation, so he should sit with me, the CEO."

Even though Ruyan Liu agreed to collaborate with Ice Snow Corporation, but since this was about her husband, of course, Xue Lin wouldn’t let it happen.

It was her husband. Her husband could only sit with her! How could he sit with another woman?

"Qingfeng Li, I am collaborating with your Ice Snow Corporation, this would be a huge help to you. How do you feel about sitting with me?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, her beautiful eyes were sparkling like stars in the sky. They were extremely attractive.

Both her and Xue Lin were ones of the most beautiful women of Eastern Sea. One of them was charming, the other was glamorous. Even though they seemed friendly on the outside, deep down, they were competing with each other.

Qingfeng Li glanced at the charming Ruyan Liu, and then looked at the glamorous Xue Lin, he was torn.

These two women, one of them was helping him and gave him a platinum card, until now, he still owed her a lot.

The other was his wife. To protect him, she was fighting against three of the most successful young adults of Eastern Sea city. That really moved him.

"Who should I sit with? This is giving me a headache."

Qingfeng Li slapped his forehead and felt pain in his brain.

These two women were both good to him. He really didn’t know who he should sit with, because if he sat with one of them, the other one would definitely be unhappy.

"Oh, I can let them sit together and I will sit with the both of them."

Qingfeng Li patted himself on the head, and liked his genius solution.

"Miss Liu, I am an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation after all, so I have to sit with the CEO. But I can’t turn down your warm invitation either, how about this, I will sit with both you and the CEO."

Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li had to say, Ruyan Liu’s eyebrows wrinkled and she was thinking quietly.

To be honest, she wanted to sit with Qingfeng Li alone, but taking into account that he was an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation and still had to go to work, it would be wrong for the employee to sit in a better seat than the CEO.

"Okay, you and CEO Xue Lin can come sit with me, let’s go."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, she took Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin and walked towards the platinum VIP seats.

The people behind them were extremely jealous and envious. They all wished they were in Qingfeng's place.

But Chen, Wang, and Li, them three all had a gloomy look. They were all very unhappy. The three of them originally wanted to threaten Xue Lin to fire Qingfeng Li. They didn’t think that Ruyan Liu would come out to help Qingfeng Li as well.

It was like a loud slap to their face, they felt very wronged.

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