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Chapter 61: The Sourness of Being Face Slapped

Chapter 61: The Sourness of Being Face Slapped

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"Bastard, you're the one that wets the bed every day." Young Master Chen's faced changed colors as he shouted out. With so many people looking at him, he would never admit he had such a disorder.

"Let me ask you, Young Master Chen, did you get into a car accident last month?"

"I did, so what?"

"Then that would make sense. The bed-wetting symptom is due to your brain cells' immature growth, or due to neurological dysfunctions. As a result, your ability to dispel pee is abnormal, causing you to urinate during your sleep. Because of your car accident last month, your brain cells are damaged and now you pee your bed every day." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly as he exposed Young Master Chen's medical condition.

Not only was his fighting skills top notch but his skills as a doctor were also number one in the world. He has been called the "King of Doctors". It's because his title as the Wolf King was too famous that it overshadowed his other title.

His medical skills had reached the acme of perfection. His five senses, perfected. He was able to cure any sickness.

This was why Qingfeng Li was able to use the skill of "Examination" from Chinese medicine to gauge the tone of his face and immediately identify Young Master Chen's sickness.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, the crowd immediately gave Young Master Chen an odd look.

When the crowd saw sweat pour from Young Master Chen's forehead accompanied by a panicked face, they all got a similar impression. From the looks of it, Young Master Chen really did acquire a bed-wetting disorder and pees his bed every day.

"This is too funny, Young Master Chen. You're already 20 something, and yet you still wet your bed. That is so embarrassing." Young Master Zhang laughed out loud as he ruthlessly ridiculed him.

Young Master Chen had just mocked that he was a woman. Of course, he had to fight back. He was not one to just take an insult.

The surrounding people started whispering to each other as they pointed at Young Master Chen. A grown 20-year-old man, to wet a bed, was extremely embarrassing. They started looking down on him.

"Brat, your mouth is sharp. But these people aren't the ones you can afford to anger."

Young Master Wang threatened Qingfeng Li when he saw his best friend Chen being humiliated.

"You also have a sickness" Qingfeng Li's forehead lifted slightly as he calmly spoke.

"Bullshit. My health condition is great, there is no sickness." Young Master Wang displayed a dark look as he coldly spoke out.

"You have syphilis."

Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, his eyes flashed with disdain.

Syphilis was a commonly known STD. This Young Master Wang must have played with a lot of women. That combined with his carelessness with not using condoms resulted in the STD.

"Brat, you're speaking nonsense." Young Master Wang's faced changed colors as he shouted out.

"Ha, your face is pale white. You must get headaches often, and you must have sharp pain down there. Those are all symptoms of STDs. You probably already have seen a doctor but the doctor couldn't cure it."

Qingfeng Li, with a face of confidence, laughed out loud.

His confidence came from his medical abilities, he was the King of Doctors after all.

Qingfeng Li knew very well, he did not diagnose wrongly. The guy in front of him was an animal in human skin.

Master Young Wang's face turned purple, it did not look pleasant. He knew full well that Qingfeng Li was correct.

Half a year ago, he found out in the hospital that he had an STD. He tried to cure it for the longest time but he was not able to. He knew it was all retribution from when he played around too much.

And now, his face was pale white, and his body weak. He never had enough energy for the entire day.

Following Chen, Wang had also been slapped quite hard across the face.

"Qingfeng Li, medical conditions are private matters. It is not quite ethical to publish it out loud. From what I see, you are a scoundrel."

After seeing both Chen and Wang being insulted, Young Master Li jumped out in defense.

"That's funny. When Chen ridiculed Zhang that he couldn't even get hard, why didn't you come out to defend him?"

"Qingfeng Li, I hope you won't lose face for the entire Li family."

"Look at you, all gentleman-like. But really, you are are a bit different then you are trying to appear to be." Qingfeng Li's forehead lifted as he smiled coldly at Young Master Li.

"Humph, nonsense, I just went to the hospital yesterday for a checkup. My body is fine, no sickness at all." Qingfeng Li coldly smiled, with a face of contempt.

He did go to the doctor's yesterday for a checkup, and his body was in healthy condition.

"Young Master Li, your physical body is healthy, but I'm not talking about a sickness."

"What are you talking about!"

"You're gay. You like men, not women." Qingfeng Li faintly smiled as he disdainfully spoke.

"Qingfeng Li, stop joking around. How can my boyfriend be gay?" Chen Ting’s pretty face changed rapidly as she argued out.

Young Master Li was her boyfriend, she would not allow anybody to say her boyfriend had a problem.

"Since you're Young Master Li's girlfriend, let me ask you a question. Have you guys had sex yet?"

"No, but just because we haven't doesn't mean he has a problem with it."

"Let me ask you another question. Has he kissed you yet? Has he even held your hand? There is no way any man would not have held their girlfriend's hand." Qingfeng Li lightly smiled. He words made Chen Ting speechless.

Chen Ting Qiao's face rapidly changed. She suddenly recalled that in the few months that they had dated, they had indeed not kissed nor held hands yet.

She remembered clearly that one night she wanted to kiss him but he refused. His excuse being he wasn't feeling the mood and didn't want to kiss. Now looking back, it's not being he wasn't feeling well, but he didn't even like women.

"Young Master Li, let me ask you. He says you are gay, is that true?" Chen Ting turned her head to ask Li.

"Baby Chen, don't listen to his lies. I'm your boyfriend, I'm the one you should trust, not him." Young Master LI's facial expression changed slightly. He started to get cold sweat as he rapidly explained.

But his micro expressions exposed him.

"Young Master Li, you say you're not gay, kiss me now to prove it."

Chen Ting stared right at Young Master Li as she forcefully asked.

"Baby Chen, I'm not feeling well. Let's kiss another day."

"Not feeling well again. If you're not feeling it, I'll kiss you." Chen Ting's lips inched forward, ready to kiss Young Master Li but he pushed her aside.

"So you are gay!" Chen Ting's stared angrily at Young Master Li.

This douchebag. To have lied to her for so long.

In history, there was Zhu Ge Liang, who was able to defeat his enemies and conquer lands just from his words. He borrowed arrows with thatched boards. He burnt the Red Cliff defeating the Cao army over and over again.

Today, there was Qingfeng Li with his words. Able to dominate the banquet. Exposing medical conditions, ridiculing his enemies. Killing them, in another sense.

With his words, he made the three Young Masters speechless, wanting to only retreat.


The nearby crowd backed away as they looked at Qingfeng Li with a pair of scared eyes.

He was no doubt a genius doctor. Just with one look, he was able to tell a person's sickness. Everybody was astonished but scared too.

That's because everybody had a sickness, their own secret that they didn't want Qingfeng Li to expose.

At this exact moment, he became one of the most dangerous persons on everyone’s list.

"You three Young Masters. How' does it feel being slapped across the face?"

Again, Qingfeng Li smiled faintly as he glanced across the three, his eyes filled with laughter.

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