My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 60: You Have a Bed-Wetting Disorder

Chapter 60: You Have a Bed-Wetting Disorder

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"Brat, who are you calling a dog?"

Young Master Chen’s face was gloomy and he asked in an unfriendly way.

Being insulting by Qingfeng over and over made Young Master Chen very dissatisfied. If it were not for Xue Lin, he would have punished this guy.

"Whoever insulted Young Master Zhang, I’ll call him a dog."

"Boy, you are just a small staff of the Ice Snow Group. Believe it or not, I won’t let you stay in Eastern Sea City."

"Really? I don’t believe you." Qingfeng Li shook his head, his face full of disbelief with a mocking touch.

Young Master Chen’s head was really kicked by a donkey. He said he wouldn’t let him stay here. I’d say it’s you that wouldn’t be able to stay here.

Even the mayor of Eastern Sea City didn’t dare to speak to Qingfeng Li like that, let alone Young Master Chen.

He was the King of the Wolf Continent, the number one king of the underworld, sharing a similar status as the Wolf Continent’s presidents. Young Master Chen didn’t even deserve to be his attendant.

"Xue Lin, I suggest you dismiss Qingfeng Li from the company. Otherwise, the Chen Corporation will stop our cooperation with the Ice Snow Corporation." Young Master Chen smiled coldly, turned around and said to Xue Lin.

He knew that he couldn’t beat Qingfeng Li’s silver tongue. He could only threaten Xue Lin to fire Qingfeng Li, and make him jobless and have nothing.

"That’s right. I agree with Young Master Chen’s words. If you don’t fire Qingfeng Li, the Wang Corporation will also stop the cooperation with Ice Snow Corporation." Young Master Wang smiled coldly and said loudly.

He had been annoyed by Qingfeng Li. Now Young Master Chen was leading, he certainly wanted to join.

Moreover, he was friends with Young Master Chen. Naturally, he would help to insult Qingfeng Li.

"Haha, I agree too. CEO Xue Lin, if you don’t fire Qingfeng Li, us Li Family will also be stopping the corporation with your company." Young Master Li laughed as well, issuing a threat to Xue Lin.

The marriage between Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin was very secretive. They didn’t hold a wedding banquet, and except for Qingfeng Li’s deceased grandpa and his eldest and second eldest uncles, no one knew it in the Li Family.

So Young Master Li didn’t know that Qingfeng Li was Xue Lin’s husband. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to get her to fire Qingfeng Li.

The three houses among the big four families in Eastern Sea City stood together and threatened Xue Lin, asking her to fire Qingfeng Li.

"F**k, this is the first time I’ve seen three Young Masters dealing with one person."

"Qingfeng Li is so naïve to offend the three Young Masters. He’s doomed."

"Do you bet that Xue Lin will expel Qingfeng Li."

"Of course he will be fired. Only a dumbass will offend the big three families for a small staff member." People around were abuzz, thinking Xue Lin would certainly fire Qingfeng Li.

After all, the three Young Masters represented the three big families in Eastern Sea City and were extremely powerful. They could even merge the Ice Snow Corporation into their own if they wanted.

No one fought against the three families in Eastern Sea City.

"Hey, brother, you stood up for me but I dragged you into trouble." Young Master Zhang walked up, patted on Qingfeng Li’s shoulder and said, his face full of guilt.

He knew that to help him out, Qingfeng Li called Young Master Chen a dog, which seriously offended Young Master Chen. Now came the revenge.

"Brother, rest assured. The Zhang Corporation will cooperate with Ice Snow Corporation." To ease the guilt in his heart, Young Master Zhang said.

"Haha, that’s ridiculous. Young Master Zhang, you have a useless willy and you’re never thought highly of. Your family is in the hands of your father and your younger brother. When was it your turn."

Young Master Chen smiled coldly. A touch of contempt flashed in his eyes.

Hearing this, Young Master Zhang’s face changed drastically. He wanted to flip out, but knowing the opposing party was saying the truth, he couldn’t say anything.

Though Young Master Zhang was the eldest son in Zhang’s Corporation, because of his disability, his father didn’t like him. The real power of the company was in his younger brother’s hand.

Even though they could cooperate with the Ice Snow Corporation, it had to be granted by his younger brother. But will his brother offend the big three families just for Qingfeng Li? Obviously not.

"President Xue Lin, say something. Fire Qingfeng Li or not."

Seeing Xue Lin in silence, Young Master Chen frowned and asked coldly.

Seeing Young Master Chen in front him, and two others, her cold beautiful face showed a sarcastic expression.

Am I so stupid that I would fire my husband? Xue Lin was speechless and rolled her eyes.

She now understood, they were assholes in the wolf’s skin and could not compare with her husband at all.

These people only threatened her and coveted her beauty. Only her husband treated her with his heart, making soup for her and getting her a platinum card to attend the charity banquet. In Xue Lin’s heart, she was with his husband.

"Sorry, Qingfeng Li is the employee of Ice Snow Corporation. I won’t fire him."

Xue Lin shook her hand, full of indifference in her cold beautiful face.

"Xue Lin, did you think it over. If you don’t fire Qingfeng Li, you’re against our three big families. Your Ice Snow Corporation is going to close down by then."

Young Master Chen threatened, face cold.

It never occurred to him that Xue Lin would ignore the warning and threats of the three families for a small staff member.

"I will say it once more, even if the Ice Snow Corporation closes down, I won’t fire Qingfeng Li."

Xue Lin's tone was unusually firm, and there was not even the slightest wavering.

Hearing Xue Lin’s words, the people around looked at her in surprise. Offending the three big families for a small staff member, was CEO Xue Lin’s brain dead?

People called Xue Lin the Business Queen in the past. This time though, they began to doubt her intelligence.

Facing the mocking looks of the crowd, Xue Lin was extremely firm. She decided that no matter how hard it was and how big the threat was, she wouldn’t fire Qingfeng Li even if she had to be against the three big families.

"Bro, President Xue Lin is so nice to you."

Young Master Zhang came to Qingfeng Li’s side and said, face full of envy.

Qingfeng Li was the only one that was treated like that by the number one beauty in the entire Eastern Sea City.

"Well, yeah she is. "

Qingfeng Li nodded and his heart was a little touched.

In order to defend him, Xue Lin went against the three big families, which left him feeling very complicated.

But these three Young Masters who dared to threaten her wife’s company really irritated Qingfeng Li.

"Huh, you three retards. How shameful do you have to be to threaten a woman."

Qingfeng Li smiled and protected Xue Lin behind him, laughing at the three Young Masters.

"You dare to say we are retards. I think you’re the retard."

Young Master Chen smiled coldly and ridiculed him.

"You have a bed-wetting disorder. You wet your bed every night."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said with an inscrutable look on his face.

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