My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 65: Borrowing Money From the Wife

Chapter 65: Borrowing Money From the Wife

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"Oh yeah! Honey can I borrow some money from you."

Qingfeng’s face became happy. He turned around asked Xue Lin, "Boss, can you lend me 150 thousand? I want to buy this jade pendant."

"You want to buy this jade pendant?" A look of astonishment appeared on Xue Lin’s pretty face.

It was apparent that the quality and appearance of the jade was not good. No one was willing to buy it. Naturally, she was curious why Qingfeng wanted to purchase it.

"Qingfeng Li, if you want this jade pendant, I can lend you 150 thousand." Ruyan Liu ‘s beautiful eyes sparkled. A charming smile appeared on her seductive face and made her especially charming.

"Miss Liu, there is no need. I will give him 150 thousand Yuan."

Xue Lin smiled coldly and refused Ruyan Liu’s offer.

She was Qingfeng’s wife. If Qingfeng needed money, she should be the one to lend it to him. How could he get it from Ruyan Liu?

Her wariness towards Ruyan Liu became deeper.

"Here, there’s 500 000 yuan in this card. It should be enough to purchase the jade pendant." Xue Lin took out a bank card and handed it to Qingfeng.

"Thank you." Qingfeng thanked and took over the bank card.

He originally only wanted to borrow 150 thousand and did not expect Xue Lin to give him 500 thousand. Ah, his wife was so great. Qingfeng praised in his heart.

"150 thousand Yuan, I want this jade pendant." Qingfeng stood up and loudly said.

The starting price of the jade pendant was 100k Yuan and each bid needed to be 50 thousand higher than the previous price. The surrounding people all gazed at Qingfeng with surprise when they saw that Qingfeng wanted to buy the pendant.

"I’ll pay 200 thousand Yuan." Suddenly, Young Master Chen’s voice could be heard.

Qingfeng had already tricked him once. When Young Master Chen saw that Qingfeng wanted to buy the pendant, he naturally had to cause some trouble for Qingfeng.

Seeing Young Master Chen wanting to pull the same trick, Qingfeng frowned and secretly began to think of a solution. This retard clearly doesn’t know the true value of this jade, and he was just bidding to piss Qingfeng off.

"I’ll pay 300 thousand Yuan." Qingfeng smiled faintly and directly increased the price by 100k Yuan.

"I’ll pay 400 thousand Yuan." Young Master Chen smiled coldly and said loudly.

"I will pay 500 thousand Yuan. But, since Young Master Chen likes this jade pendant this much, if you bid 1 million Yuan, the pendant is yours." Qingfeng rolled his eyes and said to Yong Master Chen with a smile.

Initially, Young Master Chen wanted to continue to bid. But, when he heard Qingfeng’s words, he was hesitant to bid because he didn’t actually want to buy the jade. He only wanted to disgust Qingfeng.

Young Master Chen was worried that if he continued to bid 1 million, Qingfeng would give up then he would suffer a loss again.

He had fallen into Qingfeng’s trap and lost 1 million Yuan. He would not fall for his tricks again.

"Qingfeng, I will not fall for your trick. I don’t want this jade pendant anymore." Young Master Chen laughed loudly with pride. He felt that he had made a correct decision this time, and had not fallen for the other’s tricks.

"Ay, Young Master Chen, you have become smarter."

Young Master Chen faintly smiled and hearing Qingfeng praise him made him even happier. However, in his heart, Qingfeng scornfully thought Young Master Chen was a fool who didn’t even recognize a priceless treasure.

"Who is this fellow? Is his head broken? That jade pendant is obviously flawed and at most should cost 10 thousand Yuan."

"Nothing we can do. There are too many fools in this society."

"It’s not that there are too many fools. He has too much money with nowhere to spend."

The surrounding people clamored with discussions and scornfully mocked Qingfeng.

Qingfeng lightly smiled when he heard the mocking of the mass. He thought, ‘What a bunch of fools. They can’t even recognize true treasure but still came to the Charity Banquet.’

He walked next to Meiren Liu, used the bank card to pay 500 thousand Yuan and obtained the jade pendant.

"Haha, sure enough, it’s the Phoenix pendant. I scored a treasure." Qingfeng looked at the jade pendant in his hand and could not stop his laughter.

But, in the eyes of everyone else, he looked like he has lost his mind.

"Qingfeng, you fool. The jade pendant is maximally valued at 10 thousand Yuan. You spend 500 thousand to obtain it. Why are you so happy?"

Young Master Chen ridiculed with disdain in his eyes.

From what he could see, the impure jade pendant was only worth 10 thousand Yuan but Qingfeng Li was so happy to buy an impure jade pendant. He naturally had to mock him.

"You are the fool. You can’t even recognize a treasure, what a disgrace."

When he heard of Yong Master Chen’s words, Qingfeng’s not the type that would just take it, so he naturally scolded back.

"Come and look everyone. This big fool, Qingfeng Li, bought this jade pendant for 500 thousand Yuan and treats it as a treasure. What a joke."

Yong Master Chen yelled towards the surrounding crowd to embarrass Qingfeng.

It was human instinct to be an onlooker. The surrounding people closed onto them and pointed their fingers at Qingfeng. Their eyes were filled with mockery.

Xue Lin’s brows furrowed when she heard the mocking of the people towards Qingfeng. She gracefully walked towards them.

Qingfeng was not only her husband, but an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation. He represented the image of the corporation. She naturally could not let him be mocked by everyone.

"Qingfeng, since we have already bought the jade pendant and the Charity Banquet has ended, let’s go."

Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng’s side and said.

"Ok, let’s go."

Qingfeng nodded and prepared to leave with Xue Lin. He was too lazy to deal with these fools. He had bought a treasure but there was no need to tell these people.

Xue Lin and Qingfeng wanted to leave but there were still people who mocked them.

"He He, Xue Lin, everyone calls you Queen of Business, and says you are extremely intelligent. From what I can see, you are a fool."

Ting Chen giggled and mockingly said while pointing at Xue Lin.

"Ting Chen, what do you mean?"

A trace of anger appeared on Xue Lin’s face when she heard of Ting Chen’s abusive words which made her angry.

"Xue Lin, you lent 500 thousand Yuan to Qingfeng Li. This fellow bought an impure jade pendant which should only cost 10 thousand Yuan. If you are not a fool, then who is? The two of you are a pair of fools."

Ting Chen pointed her finger at Xue Lin and Qingfeng and insulted. Her heart was filled with delight.

Just now, Qingfeng had not only insulted her, but also her brother and boyfriend. Ting Chen was pent up with anger.

Furthermore, women were easily jealous. Ting Chen and Xue Lin were both women; naturally, Ting Chen was jealous of Xue Lin’s beauty and intelligence. Now that she saw that Xue Lin had made a mistake, she seized the opportunity to insult Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng slapped Ting Chen across the face. Her face swelled up and a drip of blood appeared on her lips.

"Bastard, you dare to hit me?"

Ting Chen held her cheek in disbelief. This was a Charity Banquet where it was forbidden to fight. How dare Qingfeng hit her? Was he unafraid of angering the Liu Corporation?

"You got a foul mouth."

Qingfeng stared at her coldly.

This Ting Chen was so hateful. She not only insulted him, but also insulted his wife. Naturally, she should receive a beating.

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