My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 6: The Wolf King Got Someone to Save

Chapter 6: The Wolf King Got Someone to Save

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Time flew by, it was time to end the shift of the day. Qingfeng organized his files and was ready to leave.

He had to walk back home since he didn’t have a single penny left to pay for the bus fare.

All the sudden, a slip with a short sentence written on it floated past him in the air and fell onto the ground in front of him.

Please help me! My name is Xiao Hong and I was abducted and trafficked to Rich’s Spa.

Qingfeng frowned his brows while holding the slip and felt something bad must be going on.

Woman trafficking?

This was what popped up first in his mind. According to the news in the past, a lot of girls in the countryside would be trafficked to the cities and be forced into dirty business with customers.

He didn’t expect that he would actually see this thing now.

Qingfeng followed where the slip fell and found a well-decorated five story spa called Rich’s Foot Spa.

A warm-toned red light was mingling in the spa. Inside, some women seemed to be massaging customer’s feet with their overly exposed body.

Every single man would know what was happening inside.

Qingfeng was a good man with a conscience. He would definitely reach out to Xiao Hong if she was abducted.

He went into the Rich’s Spa while putting the slip into his pocket.

"Hey handsome. Are you here for massage or..."

Qingfeng was held by a girl with heavy make-up and yellow hair when he entered the spa.

This girl had a delicate face and her chest was displayed under her V-cut dress which was quite dazzling.

"I...I’m here for massage."

Qingfeng had to pretend he was just coming for massage for Xiao Hong. Otherwise his intention would be discovered.

He was experienced in dealing with these types of girls.

"Hey, handsome, we have a bunch of cute girls, which one is your type?" The yellow-hair girl winked at him and said seductively.

"Could you send Xiao Hong for me?" Qingfeng pretended to be frequent guest and called out Xiao Hong’s name.

Xiao Hong?

Isn’t that the new girl?

The yellow-hair girl looked at him suspiciously. Xiao Hong had just come for a few days but she hadn’t provided any service yet. How did this guy know her?

Is this guy a cop? The yellow hair girl started to shiver with her thoughts and stared at Qingfeng suspiciously.

"Oh, I was served by Xiao Hong in another spa. You can send me another one if you don’t have her here." Qingfeng quickly explained after he spotted the girl was getting skeptical.

He had to cover himself since he knew the girl was being skeptical about him.

This chick was still not experienced enough to play mental games with him.

"Whoever comes in are guests. Please go to the room first, I’ll arrange this for you."

The yellow-haired girl led Qingfeng into a sealed room while smiling, and went to call Xiao Hong.

There was no window, only a bed and a desk in the sealed room. It couldn’t be any simpler.

The only light source was a light bulb on top diffusing warm-toned red light. That seemed somewhat shady.

Ten minutes later.

The yellow-hair girl came in the room with anger. She was mad about Xiao Hong and even slapped her since she refused to provide services.

The yellow-hair girl decided to go herself in case Qingfeng was waiting.

"Excuse me handsome, but Xiao Hong got her period and she had to take a break today. Do you mind me giving you the service?" The yellow-hair girl was holding Qingfeng’s arm with a seductive look.

Xiao Hong got her period?

Qingfeng was discouraged. He came for Xiao Hong today, but how could he save her if he couldn’t even meet her?

The yellow-hair girl continued after noticed Qingfeng didn’t react, "Handsome, big for $800, small of $300. Which one do you prefer?"

"Sorry, but I want nobody except her."

Qingfeng frowned his brows and rejected the yellow-hair girl.

"Handsome, don’t be shy. I am actually really good! I can do 32 oral techniques and 72 positions..."

The yellow-hair was stripping her clothes while speaking to Qingfeng. Meanwhile, she kept rubbing her chest on him. What the heck!

I’m coming to help Xiao Hong, why are you so devoted?

Qingfeng started to become dazzled while seeing the yellow-hair girl’s chest. This girl was even more open than those ones he met in the Wolf Continent.


The door was kicked open from the outside with a huge sound.

"Police! Freeze!"

A police woman stepped forward in her uniform while yelling loudly. She had a delicate face, bright skin, long hair and a tall figure. There were a couple of masculine and muscle bound policemen following behind her.

What a beautiful police woman!

Qingfeng couldn’t believe his eyes. Although the police woman was wearing her uniform, the charm of her face and figure still couldn’t be covered.

Uniform seduction was what men like the most.

She could even score 95 under Qingfeng's strictest test.

The yellow-hair screamed and covered her face with clothes once the police came in. She was clearly very used to such things.

One of the advantage of face covering was avoiding being exposed by the camera. She could still restart her life after detainment since nobody would see her face or know what she has done before.

"Aren’t you scared of getting STDs playing around at such a young age?!"

The police woman was lecturing Qingfeng since she guessed he was still young by his look.

She was annoyed at this type of people innately.

Not a long while ago, a guy that bought this kind of service was caught by her and actually teased her while in custody. His penis was then snapped by this police woman and he is currently still in the hospital.

Although she had a beautiful face, she was a well-known violent woman in the police station that even deterred the other policemen.

"How am I playing around? Give me an explanation!"

Qingfeng frowned his brow with complaints for the words said by the police woman. I’m coming to save someone, how could you even slander me?

"You dare deny it? Who is that girl if you weren’t playing around?! "

The police woman pointed at the yellow-hair girl and looked at him disdainfully.

Every man would try to find excuses whenever they were caught by her, but they couldn’t do much with all the evidence.

"Beauty, I’m coming here to save someone. You can’t just accuse me like that."

Qingfeng frowned his brows and tried to fight for himself.

"Who the heck would believe you. Take them all to the police station."

Seven to eight policemen suddenly rushed up and carried Qingfeng and the yellow-hair girl out once the police woman waved her hand.

"Huh, isn’t this Qingfeng Li? Why are you here?" Right when the police were carrying Qingfeng out of the spa, Bo Wang appeared in front of him.

"It’s you!"

Qingfeng was shocked when he saw Bo Wang. Such bad luck. He didn’t expect that he would encounter his enemy.

"Qingfeng Li, what do you think Xiao Yue would think about you if I told her you went to this dirty spa, huh?"

Bo Wang sneered with sarcasms.

"I came to rescue a person."

Qingfeng was still trying to explain for himself, although he knew that wouldn’t help much at all.

"Yeah, keep lying! You liar!" Bo Wang didn’t trust what he said at all, looking at him with contempt.

"What are you waiting for, get them in the car." The police woman yelled at her co-workers to get Qingfeng and the others into the car.

Holy f*ck, so dangerous.

I was almost there when the police came.

Bo Wang was wiping his sweat off his forehead while watching the policemen nervously.

Today, Bo Wang just closed a deal on $100,000 of jewelry. He was just about to find some chicks and relax himself in the spa.

He didn’t expect that he would actually see policemen arresting people at the door.

If he arrived ten minutes earlier, the one that was caught then would be him.

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