My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 7: Hot Police Woman

Chapter 7: Hot Police Woman

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"Captain, this time we dispatched 5 police cars and caught 24 people. One of them is an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation. He is called Qingfeng Li." A short haired police officer walked to a female police officer and said in a low voice.

"The Ice Snow Corporation is a big company. How could their employee come to a place like this? I will go teach him a lesson." The female cop frowned slightly and walked towards the police car which held Qingfeng.

"You are an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation but you came to a place like this. Are you worthy of your company’s teachings?" The female cop sat in front of Qingfeng and educated him coldly.

"Beautiful, I’ve told you many times. I was here to rescue someone. Why don’t you believe me?" Qingfeng rolled his eyes. His heart was filled with gloom.

"Who would believe you." The female cop glanced coldly at Qingfeng. A look of disdain flashed across her beautiful face.

In her mind, no good man would enter a foot spa.

"It’s a boring trip. I’ll tell everyone a joke. A woman’s boobs are too small so she can’t get married. When she’s on a blind date, she asked the man. My boobs are small, do you look down on me? The man said, are they bigger than buns? The woman said yes. But the day after their marriage, the man cried for divorce. Do you know why?" Inside the police car, Qingfeng smiled slightly and asked the police officers next to him.

"Why?" The short haired police officer asked curiously. He was intrigued by Qingfeng’s story. Even the pretty police officer looked at him curiously and silently guessed the answer.

But the female police officer was a pure beauty, she could not guess the answer after multiple tries. Qingfeng chuckled, glanced at the female cop and said the answer.

The day after the marriage, the man kneeled and yelled to the sky, "Ahh…Prosperous Son Brand Miniature Steam Bun!" (TL: a snack in China. Those buns are around 1 cubic centimeter each)


The short hair police officer could not help but laugh. What a letdown! The woman’s chest was as small as the Prosperous Son Brand Miniature Steam Bun?!

This fellow’s joke was so mean, but he liked it.

"Perv! I will teach you a lesson when we get to the police station."

The pretty police officer fiercely glared at Qingfeng. She swayed her hips and walked out of the police car into the car behind them. She really did not want to sit with this fellow.

She looked at her flat chest and was very angry. She felt that the detestable guy was insulting her.

"Bro, you are so funny. Tell us another joke."

The people in the car looked at him with desire and asked him to continue telling his jokes.

"Alright, I’ll tell you guys another one."

Qingfeng Li lightly smiled with pride. He was a lady’s man in the Wolf Continent and flirted with numerous beauties with his jokes.

Half an hour later.

The police car arrived at the police station, Qingfeng was led to the questioning room.

"Name, age, occupation."

The female police officer sat at the desk and asked Qingfeng coldly. She had no good feelings towards the fellow across of her.

"Qingfeng, 24 years old, sales member of the Ice Snow corporation."

"Why did you go to that place?"

"What’s wrong with you. I’ve said multiple times, I was there to rescue someone."

"What’s with your attitude. Be frank and we will be lenient. If you resist we will have to use force."

"I didn’t do anything. What do you want me to say?"

Qingfeng was angered by the words of the female police officers. His voice grew cold.

"Ha! Looks like I have to teach you a lesson."

When she saw Qingfeng's stubborn attitude, the female police officer decided to teach him a lesson.

"Captain. Someone reported to the assistant chief because you broke the third leg of that rapist. You can’t beat up anybody anymore."

The short-haired police officer stood up and tried to prevent the female police officer from teaching Qingfeng a lesson.

He knew that his captain had an abhorrence of sin. The previous fellow’s penis was broken by her.

"As your captain, I order you to leave the room."

The female police officer lifted her brow. Her face was icy cold and was domineering.

"Bro, good luck."

The short haired police officer casted a look of pity at Qingfeng. He could only leave the room under the orders of the female police officer.


The female police officer locked the doors and walked with her long legs towards Qingfeng. Her eyes were filled with disgust.

"Beauty, you got issues."

Qingfeng looked at the breasts of the female police officer and lightly said.

From his observations, he realized that the female police officer’s chest was as flat as an airport. This was a sign of arrested development.

How could such a pretty police officer be so flat? That was unbearable.

A doctor not only needed to care for the elderly, but needed to care for the beautiful ladies.


Even though the female police officer was unfriendly towards him, but following his principle of serving the people, he had to mention the illness of the female police officer. He was prepared to

"cultivate" her chest area… no, sorry, he meant to treat it.


I’ve got issues?

The female police officer was stunned.

She had met many people. But it was the first time she had met a jerk like Qingfeng Li who dared to say she had issues.

She could not tolerate it anymore.

"You have issues! Your entire family has issues!"

The female police officer furrowed her brows and yelled fiercely at Qingfeng Li.

"Apologize to me. You can insult me, but you can’t insult my parents."

Qingfeng frowned slightly and his eyes turned cold.

His parents were off-limits. The female police officer could insult him, but she could not insult his parents.

"You want me to apologize? No way."

"A violent woman like you will never find someone to marry."

"Jerk! How dare you curse me. Watch how I am going to deal with you."

The pretty female police officer angrily walked towards Qingfeng Li.


The female police officer suddenly kicked her right foot towards Qingfeng Li’s lower body. She wanted to abolish his "little brother". To fix a jerk like him, the female police officer believed in fixing the origin.

Qingfeng Li instinctively brought his legs together and clamped the leg of the female police officer. The underwear of the female police officer entered the vision, it was pure black.

"Black Lace."

Qingfeng Li lightly smiled and unexpectedly said.

He immediately regretted his words. He saw the female police officer glaring at him fiercely with a murderous look.

"Go and die you pervert!"

The female police officer waved a punch towards Qingfeng Li. Unfortunately, she was standing on one leg so she lost her balance and fell towards Qingfeng Li. Her lips happened to land on the lips of Qingfeng Li.

Sweet and fragrant, more delicious than a melon.

I’ll give you five stars.

Qingfeng Li puckered his lips and rated the small lips of the female police officer.

What? Five stars?

You think I’m a product you’re reviewing?

My first kiss is gone.

The female police officer wanted to cry. She felt that she had forgotten to check her horoscope before leaving the house today. Ever since she saw this fellow, bad luck had been following her nonstop.

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