My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 5: Eating with a Beauty

Chapter 5: Eating with a Beauty

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"Thank you, I’m hungry, too." Qingfeng said to Xiaoyue Zhang. He stood up while touching his empty stomach.

This chick seemed a nice person. She not only explained how the company worked but also brought him to the cafeteria.

Qingfeng somehow liked this girl. She was a nice person.

The Ice Snow Corporation had a cafeteria on the first floor east which had more than ten windows that offered various cuisines, including Sichuan food, Shandong food, Cantonese food and Jiangsu food, etc.

"Xiaoyue, are you also coming to eat?"

A messy, sloppy young man excitedly ran toward Xiaoyue Zhang and Qingfeng with a bunch of roses the moment they stepped in the cafeteria.

Undoubtedly, this loser must’ve have been one of Xiaoyue Zhang’s stalkers.

It made sense that beautiful girls were always followed by a bunch of stalkers.

"Bo Wang, I’ve told you many times, call me Xiaoyue Zhang, not Xiaoyue."

Xiaoyue Zhang looked displeased. Obviously, she was annoyed by this sloppy young man.

"Xiaoyue, these roses are for you! Please be my girlfriend."

Bo Wang said excitedly while handing the roses to Xiaoyue Zhang.

He had been falling for her for a long time. Today, he finally confessed to her with roses.

"Sorry, I already have a boyfriend." Xiaoyue Zhang frowned as she directly refused him.

She knew Bo Wang was a bit of a player, and she definitely would not fall for this kind of man.

She was a nice girl who likes men that were responsible and mature.

"You are lying, how could I not know if you had a boyfriend." Bo Wang shook his head.

Bo Wang and Xiaoyue Zhang both worked under the sales department and saw each other everyday, but he had never seen her boyfriend.

"Big brother Li is my boyfriend."

Xiaoyue pointed at Qingfeng and called him by an intimate name in order to make Bo Wang give up.

Was it a kind of sacrifice?

Qingfeng rolled his eyes since he didn’t expect Xiaoyue Zhang would actually use him as a shield.

But since he received lots of help from Xiaoyue Zhang, it was time to return his gratitude. After all, this sloppy man didn’t seem like a good person at all.

How could he let such a beauty be ruined by an ugly frog?

"Who are you? I’ve never seen you before."

Bo Wang stared at Qingfeng suspiciously.

He was pretty sure he’d never seen this man. Where the heck did he come from? He even dared to take Xiaoyue Zhangaway from him?

"My name is Qingfeng Li, it’s my first day in the sales department."

"Qingfeng Li, right? Do you know who I am?

"Who are you? Does it have anything to do with me?"

"Ugh, listen! I’m a manager of the sales department! Also known as your superior, got it?" Bo Wang sneered, threateningly.

He was out of the company for errands today, which was why he didn’t know that Qingfeng went to the sales department.

Sales Manager?

Qingfeng frowned. Since he just checked the structure and organization about the company, he knew the one in charge of most things in the company would the be the manager besides the director, Wanqiu Xia.

He couldn’t believe the sloppy, messy young man in front of him was the sales department manager.

The saying was true, people tended to threaten others with their power, which was exactly what Bo Wang was doing right now.

However, Qingfeng was not going to be deterred by him. He was the Wolf King.

"Mr. Wang, if there is no other work here, you could leave actually."

Xiaoyue Zhang tried to send Bo Wang away because she was afraid that Qingfeng would get in trouble.

"Xiaoyue,I know you are lying, he is not your boyfriend. Just be my girlfriend, okay?"

Xiaoyue Zhang frowned, seeing that Bo Wang still didn’t give up. He decided to sacrifice a bit of herself to stop Bo Wang’s persistence.

She walked at front of Qingfeng, stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him on the cheek.

Although it was just a peck kiss, Xiaoyue Zhang’s face still blushed like red wine. Her heart was beating crazily like butterflies flying in her stomach.

It was her first time kissing a guy.

Qingfeng was kissed.

Qingfeng touched his cheek without knowing what to say. Although he was a complete badass, even he felt embarrassed from the kiss he just got.

"You, you, you..."

Bo Wang pointed at Xiaoyue Zhang. His face went pale and all the anger showed up on his face.

He didn’t even get to hold hands with Xiaoyue Zhang since he’s been chasing her, and now she actually kissed a stranger so easily. Bo Wang was furious.

But Bo Wang didn’t dare to vent his anger onto Xiaoyue Zhang. The only scapegoat would then be Qingfeng.

"You better stay away from Xiaoyue. A frog doesn’t deserve the beauty.

Bo Wang stared at Qingfeng with disdain.

Since Qingfeng was dressed in a camo outfit, Bo Wang guessed he was a poor guy who was drastically different than him, a sales manager paid over 10,000 monthly.

"Bo Wang, the beauty just kissed me. Are you jealous?"

"I believe you are aware that there are people that you just shouldn’t mess with. Do you know I can actually kick you out of the sales department?"

Bo Wang’s face turned pale with jealousy in his eyes.

"You have kidney issue and erectile dysfunction. Be careful of your sex life since you will become an eunuch soon."

Qingfeng spotted that Bo Wang‘s face was getting pale. His eyes were deepening and his legs were getting heavier, which were all signs of impotency.

According to Chinese Medicine, impotence was a sexual deficiency due to kidney issues.

Qingfeng looked down on Bo Wang. This dude must be hanging around with girls too much that has ruined his health, what a f*ck boy.

Sexual problems were private. Qingfeng didn’t plan to say it out. But since Bo Wang was threatening him, he decided to disclose his weakness.

"You have erectile dysfunction!" Bo Wang became even more mad after being exposed by Qingfeng.

Sexual problems were the biggest fear for men. It was such an insult.

"Huh, I can do it 24/7 without stopping. You might only be able to just hold it in for 10 seconds. Go back and get some Viagra."

Qingfeng yelled at Bo Wang with sneers, which made him furious.

"As*hole, you’re dead! I will kick you out of the sales department." Bo Wang said furiously after his secret was revealed.

"Xiaoyue, let’s grab lunch, leave this impotent man alone."

Qingfeng walked to window one in the cafeteria with Xiaoyue Zhang after leaving Bo Wang a glance.

"Big brother Li, I’m so sorry to get you into trouble now." Xiaoyue was blaming herself frustratingly.

She knew that Bo Wang was the head of the sales department while Qingfeng was just a new employee. Now, he even got Bo Wang mad. He would definitely get into trouble.

"Don’t worry, that dude wouldn’t kick me out." Qingfeng smiled and tried to comfort her.

He needed to help this pretty girl just for calling her big brother.

Indeed, Bo Wang had many powers in the company as a sales manager, but Qingfeng had his boss Wife. If Bo Wang tried to kick him out, then Bo Wang definitely did not give the CEO any face, which the boss totally wouldn’t allow.

But, of course, Qingfeng had completely forgot his bad relationship with his wife. He was not even sure whether his wife would really cover him if he got into trouble with Bo Wang.

Xiaoyue Zhang bought sweet and sour pork, Mapo tofu and two bowls of rice.

Although the meal plan was free in the company, since the food wouldn’t taste as good, whoever wanted to have a good meal had to pay.

This meal was treated by Xiaoyue since she felt sorry for Qingfeng.

However, Qingfeng‘s appetite really shocked Xiaoyue. This dude not only finished two portions of food, he even ate three bowls of rice by himself!

Three bowls of rice was how much Xiaoyue Zhang ate for an entire day!

"How could this dude eat so much?"

Xiaoyue Zhang rolled her eyes at this young handsome dude without knowing what to say, but she also got less bothered by the fight Qingfeng had with Bo Wang just now.

What a satisfying meal.

Qingfeng was stuffed happily while touching his stomach.

But he got annoyed once he saw the look from Xiaoyue to him. This little girl must be complaining that I ate a lot.

Well, it made sense. He fought often, he had to consume lots of food for that strength.

In addition, he was starving since he skipped his breakfast that morning. It was totally normally to eat such an amount of food.

"Big Brother Lee, let’s go back to work, you have to watch out for Bo Wang though."

Xiaoyue Zhang was warning Qingfeng while looking at him with her two big eyes. She still seemed a bit worried.

"Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong."

Qingfeng replied with a smile and walked upstairs to the sales department. He didn’t even take Bo Wang’s threat seriously.

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