My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 54: A Favor From the Wolf King

Chapter 54: A Favor From the Wolf King

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"What are you here for?" Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Her beautiful eyes looked at Qingfeng Li in curiosity.

She certainly knew the young man in front of her. They lived in the same neighborhood residence and had drank wine together. They were sort of friends.

"Miss Liu, I heard that the Liu Corporation is holding a charity banquet?"


"Miss Liu, I’d like to ask for an invitation card of the charity banquet. Do you think that’s ok?" Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

"Sorry, the invitation cards of our company's charity banquet have been sent out."

The beautiful assistant said coldly before Ruyan Liu spoke. The beautiful assistant had a natural hostile feeling and dissatisfaction towards the young man who suddenly broke into the meeting room.

"The invitations ran out?"

Qingfeng Li slightly frowned. A touch of disappointment showed up on his face.

He tore up Xue Lin’s invitation card. In order to make up for his mistake, he had to find the card for Xue Lin. Otherwise, the Ice Snow Corporation would be in a crisis.

"This gentleman, our company's invitation cards were sent out yesterday. We are in a meeting, please leave."

The beautiful assistant smiled faintly and asked him to leave.

"Qingfeng Li, is the invitation to the charity banquet very important to you?" Seeing his disappointment, Ryan Liu couldn’t help asking.

"Miss Liu, I really need the invitation. If possible, please give me one." With sincere eyes, and an eager look, Qingfeng Li looked at Ruyan Liu.

"The invitations are gone. But I'll give you a Liu Corporation’s five-star Platinum card, and you can enter the charity banquet freely."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, took out a five-star Platinum card from her clothes and handed it to Qingfeng Li.

"Who the hell is this guy, and why did the president give him a five-star Platinum card?" The beautiful assistant slightly opened her mouth in shock.

All the others in the meeting room were also shocked. The Liu Corporation was the largest listed company in China, with subsidiaries around the country, involved in industries like hotels, real estate, auction houses, and jewelry. It was a top tier corporation worth tens of billions.

To facilitate the shopping experience of top customers, the Liu Corporation issued many membership cards. Ranking from low to high were silver, gold, and platinum cards. Every card had a rank from one to five stars.

Among them, the five-star Platinum card was the most honorable, with only three in the entire Liu Corporation.

But now, unexpectedly, Ruyan Liu gave the honorable five-star platinum to an ordinary-looking young man. Certainly, people in the meeting room had mixed feelings in their heart.

"Thank you Miss Liu. I owe you a favor." Qingfeng Li took over the five-star Platinum card and said thank you, giving her a promise.

As the Wolf Continent’s King, he certainly knew the rarity of the five-star platinum card, which was owned by CEOs of major corporations. Ruyan Liu had given him such a huge favor.

Of course, the Wolf King's commitment to a favor was also huge. He was the number one king of the underworld. Getting a promise from him was equivalent to having one additional life.

"Goodbye, Miss Liu." Qingfeng Li waved, holding the platinum card, and turned away quickly, leaving the crowd in shock.

"What an interesting man." Looking at the back of Qingfeng Li fade away, Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly.

Was Ruyan Liu stupid? Of course not. Then why did she give the treasure platinum card to Qingfeng Li? The reason was very simple. Ruyan Liu got a phone call yesterday from an elder from her family in Jing Capital, the capital of Huaxia. The elder told her to maintain a good relationship with Qingfeng Li in Eastern Sea City.

If it were someone else, Ruyan Liu could refuse to listen. But this elder was a military commander, so she knew it must be something important.

Although Ruyan didn’t know the identity of Qingfeng Li, someone who could receive special treatment from a military commander certainly had a huge background.

Holding the platinum card, Qingfeng Li walked out of Liu’s Corporation. He stopped a taxi and drove to Ice Snow Corporation.

Half an hour later, he was in Ice Snow Corporation.

"Brother Li, why didn't you come to work yesterday?" Just when Qingfeng Li entered the sales department, Xiaoyue Zhang got hold of him, pursed up her red lips and seemed to be very unhappy.

"Sorry, Sister Xiaoyue. I was sick yesterday and was sleeping at home." Qingfeng Li smiled and said a white lie.

"Brother Li, you were sick. Are you feeling better now?"

"Much better, thank you for asking Xiaoyue."

"Hurry up. You need to sort out the reports today."

"Alright. Off I go."

Qingfeng Li smiled, turned around and walked toward the 9th desk.

He decided to work during the day and go to Xue Lin after work, bringing her a surprise.

The work in the sales department today was to organize the report. As the name suggested, it was to calculate sales performances in the past one month, and analyze customers’ personalities, incomes, and purchasing power.

So far, Qingfeng Li hadn’t got one customer. To him, he didn’t need to do the report. He was bored sitting there.

Seeing Qingfeng Li was free, Xiayue Zhang arranged something for him, asking him to calculate the reports from other people in the sales department and print it out for her.

Indeed, once one dived into work, times passes very fast.

When Qingfeng Li finished the report form of the 9 people in the sales department, it was time to leave the office.

Handing in report to Xiao-Yue Zhang, he left the sales department and walked towards CEO office.

Just before he walked into the president's office, he heard people talking inside. One was his wife Xue Lin, the other was a man's voice.

"A man's voice?"

Qingfeng Li was surprised in his heart. Hearing man’s voice in Xue Lin’s office made him angry.

He came to the office door and listened carefully.

"Xue Lin, your charity banquet invitation was torn. I have one. Come with me." In the office, Young Master Chen took out a red invitation and said.

Hearing Young Master Chen’s words, Xue Lin was in silence. If the opposing party was to give the invitation to her, she would accept. But if he was asking to go to the banquet with him, she didn’t want to do so.

Because for men and women who attend the banquet, most of them were couples. Xue Lin didn’t want to attend the banquet with Young Master Chen because she didn’t want others to misunderstand their relationship.

"Xue Lin, as long as you agree to be my girlfriend, you can come to the charity banquet with me, then your company will be saved."

Seeing Xue Lin in silence, Young Master Chen spoke out the difficult situation in her company.

His purpose was simple: to let Xue Lin know that only he could save her company.

"Motherfucker. This Young Master Chen is poaching again."

Outside the office door and hearing conversation inside, Qingfeng Li’s face turned livid, anger on his face.

It was absolutely intolerable. When the tiger doesn't make an effort, you take it for a hello kitty?

Qingfeng Li was very angry and was about to flip out.

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