My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 55: Poaching My Woman? I'm Going to Burn you with Coffee!

Chapter 55: Poaching My Woman? I'm Going to Burn you with Coffee!

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The president's office door was forcibly pushed open. Qingfeng Li walked in, his face gloomy. Seeing Young Master Chen inside, he frowned in dissatisfaction

Motherf*cker, poaching in front of me. You want to pursue my wife? This is absolutely intolerable. I’m going to teach him a lesson.

"Huh, Qingfeng Li. Why are you here?"

Seeing Qingfeng Li break in, Xue Lin knitted her brows, showing a touch of surprise on her cold face.

She asked Qingfeng Li to leave yesterday. Why was this guy here again today?

"President, you must be exhausted after a day. I brought you a cup of coffee."

Qingfeng Li walked towards Xue Lin with a cup of boiling hot coffee.

When walking by Young Master Chen’s side, Qingfeng Li slanted and fell to the side, spilling the coffee in his hand onto Young Master Chen.

"Ah, my clothes ..."

Young Master Chen let out a scream. His Armani suit was stained brown with coffee, looking awful.

Because the coffee was just made, it was boiling hot. Spilling it on Young Master Chen’s hand left his hand red and very painful.

"Ouch, sorry, sorry. It slipped."

Though saying sorry, Qingfeng Li’s eyes were smiling.

Burning this guy with hot coffee vented his anger after all.

"Boy, did you do it intentionally?"

Touching his red palm, Young Master Chen asked with pain written on his face.

"Young Master Chen, don’t wrong me. I just brought coffee to our CEO. You were in my way."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and turned the issue to the opposite direction, saying Young Master Chen was in his way, which made the latter very angry.

Young Master Chen’s face turned livid and had reached the edge of madness. He realized that every time he met this guy, he was out of luck, whether it be the smashed roses, or the burning coffee.

He felt very hurt. The guy in front of him was literally his bane.

"Daring to burn me with coffee. I’ll trip you over."

Young Master Chen smiled coldly, stretched out his right foot suddenly, ready to trip Qingfeng Li.

However, Qingfeng Li’s body slightly flashed to the right and avoided Young Master Chen’s right foot.

Certainly, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t lose out. His left foot gently hooked the ankle of Young Master Chen’s foot. His face scrunched in surprise, Young Master Chen fell to the ground with a "bang".

At this moment, Young Master Chen had coffee all over his body, and dust all over the face, looking extremely awkward.

He was going to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson, but it was the other way around. He shot himself in the foot.

"Qingfeng Li, it’s off work now. What are you doing here?"

Seeing Young Master Chen stand up and was about to flip out, Xue Lin’s beautiful brows frowned and quickly changed the topic.

"I heard that the president is going to a charity banquet tonight. I’ll drive the president there."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and made up an excuse. After all, he promised Xue Lin not to disclose their relationship within the company.

"Hehe, you tore apart Xue Lin’s invitation card yesterday. She can only go with me if she wants to attend. I’ll drive her, not you."

Young Master Chen smiled coldly, his eyes full of arrogance.

To be honest, he was a bit thankful to Qingfeng Li. It was he who tore the invitation card and created a chance for him to pursue Xue Lin.

Of course, Young Master Chen was still angry about Qingfeng Li burning him with coffee and tripping him over.

"Humph, our President can still attend a charity banquet without your invitation."

Qingfeng Li humped coldly, his face full of disdain.

"This is the best joke I have heard this year. The Liu Corporation is the largest group in the Eastern Sea City. You will not be able to attend a charity banquet at all without an invitation."

"What if I and the President were able to attend the banquet?"

"Hahaha, if you do, I will apologize."

Young Master Chen laughed, disdain written all over his face.

He knew that the Liu Corporation was a gigantic corporate existence. It was extremely hard to get an invitation card. The guy in front of him could not possibly get it at all.

"Young Master Chen, keep your words. I’ll wait for your apologies."

Qingfeng Li slightly smiled, pride written on his face.

"Hum, I won’t lose."

"Young Master Chen, I don’t think it’s time to discuss win or loss. You should better change. Otherwise, this colorful outfit is not suitable for attending the charity dinner banquet."

Qingfeng Li looked at coffee on Young Master Chen’s clothes and said, smiling.

Hearing the opposing party’s words, Young Master Chen changed his face. He just realized that his suit was tainted with coffee and looked ugly.

The charity dinner was a very grand gathering of celebrities. All attendees would dress neatly. His appearance now was evidently unsuitable for the party.

"Damn. It’s all the fault of this guy in front of me."

Young Master Chen’s face turned livid and was very angry. It was Qingfeng Li who spilled coffee on his clothes.

However, he knew that it wasn’t the time to get revenge because the charity banquet was only one hour away. He must change his clothes.

"Boy, I’ll keep this in mind and get revenge in the future."

Young Master Chen stared at Qingfeng Li ferociously and turned away. He was going to change into new clothes.

"Are you satisfied?"

Seeing Young Master Chen was gone, Xue Lin looked indifferent and said to Qingfeng Li coldly.

She knew the spilled coffee on Young Master Chen’s suit was intentional. It was to make fool of him.

"Dare to poach my wife. He deserves it."

Qingfeng Li curled up her lips and scolded.

"It’s off work hour now. Why didn’t you go home? What are you doing here?"

"I’m going to attend the charity banquet with you of course."

"The invitation was torn by you. How am I attending the banquet."

Xue Lin’s pretty face was cold, and had a touch of complaint was in her tone.

Thinking that the guy in front of her tore the invitation and destroyed the hope of the company, she was agitated and angry in her heart.

If someone else tore the invitation, Xue Lin would have dismissed him from the company. But it was her husband who tore off the invitation. Although she was angry, she did not expel him.

"Come on, I'll take you to the charity dinner."

Holding Xue Lin’s little hand, Qingfeng Li walked out.

"Let go of me. How can we attend the banquet without an invitation?"

Her little hand was suddenly held. Naturally, Xue Lin’s face revealed a touch of reluctance and resistance. Especially hearing that they were 'attending' the charity banquet, she was even angrier.

However, Qingfeng Li was too strong and she couldn’t break away. The opposing party pulled her all the way to the BMW in the parking lot.

"Honey, you drive. Head to the Liu Corporation."

Qingfeng Li stood beside the BMW and said to Xue Lin.

"I’m not going. I can’t afford to embarrass myself going with no invitation."

Xue Lin’s cold face was full of disappointment. Was that her husband, rude and unsophisticated? No one lets you in without invitations. It would only bring shame going there.

"If you don’t drive. I’ll do it."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, grabbed the car key from Xue Lin’s hand and opened the door. With Xue Lin’s reluctant look on him, he pushed her to the passenger seat.

Qingfeng Li sat in the car, turned the key, hit the pedal and steered the wheel.


The BMW issued a roar, like an arrow that left the bow, rushing towards the Liu Corporation.

Of course, Qingfeng Li knew the reason why Xue Lin didn’t want to go. She was worried that she couldn’t go in without invitation, and would be laughed at by others.

However, Qingfeng Li was to give her a surprise. A surprise to enter the charity dinner banquet.

Though he didn’t have an invitation, he had a platinum card.

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