My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 53: Beat Them All Up

Chapter 53: Beat Them All Up

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"What powerful strength!"

Li Wang felt like his fist was blocked by a giant rock. That huge rock was so strong and stable that it was hard to draw his hand out.

"Boy, let go."

Li Wang’s face turned red and said angrily.

"Loosen up? Alright."

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, and gently pushed his right hand forward. Li Wang staggered and fell, lying on the ground.

"Who the hell is this guy?"

Li Wang laid on the ground, feeling extreme pain all over his body, and extreme exhaustion.

"Brother Wang… was defeated?"

Lingling Xiao covered her lips with her eyes wide open. Her face was full of shock.

Brother Wang was 1.9 meters tall, and the champion of the Eastern Sea City Boxing league, but was beaten up by one punch. This young man was too powerful.

"Boy, are you a Kung Fu master?"

Li Wang felt a choking pain in his chest. His face was filled with surprise.

"You are defeated, can you let me in now?"

Qingfeng Li showed a faint smile without answering his question regarding practicing Kung Fu.

"No, the Liu Corporation cannot allow outsiders to enter. "

Though Li Wang was defeated, he shook his head, rejecting him to enter.

"I’m going in. What can you do about it?"

Hands behind his back, Qingfeng Li smiled proudly and strode into the company.

"Brothers, someone’s bringing trouble to our company. Beat him up."

Li Wang shouted out. Immediately, a dozen big guys rushed out from the security room.

These big guys were all tall and muscular. They were the trump card of the company’s security system. They surrounded Qingfeng Li, their eyes cold.

"Boy, now you know to fear. Too late. Brothers, go beat him up. "

Li Wang said in high spirits.

He knew that he couldn’t compete with the young man in front of him. But he had a dozen men under his hand. Beating one with a dozen was quite simple.

"Want to beat me up? With this bunch of weak chickens?"

Qingfeng Li smiled arrogantly, his eyes full of disdain.

To him, there was no difference between one person and a group, they were all weak chickens.

"Bastard, you called us weak chickens?"

"Yes, you are weak chickens."

"Brothers, beat him."

A dozen security guards roared, waving their fists and mercilessly smashing down towards Qingfeng Li.

The ideal was rosy, but the reality was cruel.

Qingfeng Li swiftly moved his body, rushed to the front of the first man, and sent him a punch, leaving his nose bleeding and passed out on the ground.

Then, as if the wolf invaded the flock, punching, and kicking, Qingfeng Li sent them into comas one by one.

10 seconds later, the dozen all passed out, including Li Wang, who was sent into a coma by one kick.

"Okay, done!"

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, putting hands behind, and walked into the company, leaving Lingling Xiao with surprise all over her face.


In the president’s meeting room.

Ruyan Liu was holding a meeting and gathered lots of seniors, vice president, general manager, managers, assistants and directors.

Among these senior figures, some were over 60 years old, facing Ruyan Liu across the table, but still remained respectful.

Ruyan Liu was a beauty. If she were only a beautiful vase, of course people wouldn’t respect her. But she was not.

She was 24 this year. Once the number one in the national college entrance examination, she then went abroad and graduated from Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Moreover, she had a strong and enormous background. She attended the global socialite meeting and was received by the Queen of England. She was a genius with an IQ over 240.

She had many titles: the first beauty in Eastern Sea City, the Chinese Pear, the Queen of the mall, and the Rose Angel.

In short, with her beauty and wisdom, Ruyan Liu had won over everyone in Eastern Sea City, including all of her employees in the company.

In the Liu Corporation, she was the queen with supreme authority.

"Many business giants and presidents in Eastern Sea City will attend this charity banquet. Did you get the security measure and hotels venues ready?"

Ruyan Liu’s face was beautiful and charming. She stretched out her slender finger, tapping on the table and asked faintly.

"President, everything is ready, and tonight’s charity banquet is guaranteed to be held smoothly."

"Have all the invitations been delivered?"

"President, all the invitations were sent. Nothing was left out."

The assistant adjusted her black-frame glasses and said respectfully.


At this moment, the door was swung open by someone. A young man in a military uniform strode in.

"Who are you, who let you in?"

The assistant’s face changed and said angrily.

The assistant was a beauty, wearing a black business attire. She had a pretty face and wore a pair of black-frame glasses. Seeing this man in camouflage clothes, she had anger on her face.

This was the president’s meeting room. The president was holding a meeting. Outsiders were strictly forbidden. How did this guy get in?

"I’m here to find Ruyan Liu."

Qingfeng Li glanced at the beautiful assistant and said faintly.

"The president’s name is not something you can call out casually. Get out."

Hearing the opposing party call out president’s full name, the assistant said furiously.

"Security, where is security. Come quickly. Someone broke into the president’s meeting room."

The assistant took out the phone and dialed the security office’s number, but no one answered in the office.

A moment later, a timid girl answered the phone and whispered, "Assistant, how may I help you?"

"Who are you? Ask the security secretary to answer the phone."

"Assistant, I am the receptionist Lingling Xiao. Security minister Li Wang and a dozen guards were all knocked down on the ground. The man broke in."

The receptionist Lingling Xiao held the phone and said anxiously.

"Ah, what did you say? More than 10 people in the security department were knocked out?"

Holding the phone, the assistant asked with a startled look on the face.

"Yes, assistant. They were all knocked down."

The receptionist Lingling Xiao said affirmatively.

"Did you bring down the dozen security guards in the security department?"

The assistant hung up the phone and looked Qingfeng Li with a startled face.

"Well, those guys stopped me from coming in, so I brought them down. I’m looking for Ruyan Liu."

Qingfeng Li glanced at the beautiful assistant faintly and said.

Hearing that he beat up the dozen guards, the people in the meeting room looked at him in shock.

Who is this guy that that was powerful enough to bring down over 10 security guards?

"Gee, it's you. What brought you here? "

Seeing Qingfeng Li coming in, Ruyan Liu knitted her beautiful brows. Her pretty face showed a touch of confusion.

"Of course it's to see you, I've been searching for a whole day and night, and I finally found you. How uneasy it is to find you."

Qingfeng Li hurried to Ruyan Liu and said with a happy face.

"You've been looking for me for a whole day and night?"

"Yes, I was waiting for you at the door of your house last night, you didn't come back. I came to your company today. "

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, smiling.

What? Waiting outside of Ruyan Liu’s house overnight. The information was too much.

People in the meeting room all looked at Qingfeng Li and secretly guessed his relationship with Ruyan Liu.

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