My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 52: I'm Looking for Ruyan

Chapter 52: I'm Looking for Ruyan

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"Sir, who are you looking for?"

The receptionist asked Qingfeng while looking at him.

She was a twenty-year-old girl dressed in light blue business apparel. She had a delicate look and looked quite adorable with the freckles on her face.

"This guy is so handsome."

The receptionist girl stared at Qingfeng and thought that even though there were many good-looking guys in the company, no one by far could exceed the one in front of her.

However, although this guy had a gorgeous face, the girl felt somewhat disappointed since he was wearing a camouflage outfit and looked as messy as a laborer working on a farm.

Yet, although he looked like a laborer coming from a farm, his beautiful face and smooth hands differentiated him from them.

People who came from the farm tended to have darker skin and rougher hands, which were traits of doing farming labor for a long period of time. But this guy in front of her had fair skin and a stunning appearance, making him totally a handsome creature.

"Hello, beautiful, I’m looking for Ruyan Liu." Qingfeng smiled while replying to her.

The receptionist girl started to laugh happily once he called her a beauty, but at the same time, she felt surprised that the person he was looking for was Ruyan.

Ruyan Liu, the president of the Liu Corporation and her boss. Who is this guy that is actually looking for her?

"You are looking for our president? Do you have an appointment?"

"Sorry, no, I don’t."

"Then do you know her, how?"

"We are sort of friends."

Qingfeng thought a for a second before saying they were friends.

He had met with Ruyan twice before. He went to borrow that black chicken for the first time and went to drink wine at her house for the second time. This was somewhat friends, right?

"So you said you are her friend, could you show me her number on your phone and call her?"

The girl frowned her brows while asking him to show Ruyan’s number.

"Sorry, I don’t have the number. Could you just please let me in?"

Qingfeng was about to go in while he finished his words.

"No, I can't let you in." The receptionist changed her face quickly and blocked Qingfeng.

"Beautiful, couldn’t you just be nice and let me in? I have an emergency."

"No, I really can’t. My pay would get deducted if I let you in like this."

"Only this one time."

"Still can’t." The girl was so determined and was keeping him outside.

She knew that her boss was the top beauty in the whole Eastern Sea City that every man was dreamed of meeting. The company would definitely get congested if she let everyone in.

Besides, the company had its own rules. No one could enter unless they had an appointment or they were good friends with her.

"Lingling Xiao, what happened?"

Suddenly, a big fellow in a security uniform came up.

This big dude was at least 6 foot 4 with his tough muscles and strong figure, which looked like he was full of strength.

His name was Li Wang, the chief of the security department in the Liu Corporation

"This guy said he’s our president’s friend but he doesn’t have her number and was trying to get in. I was trying to stop him."

The receptionist told what had happened to Li Wang in frustration.

"Dude, this is the Liu Corporation. We’ll let you in if you have booked an appointment or have our boss's number. Otherwise, please leave this place."

Li Wang waved his hand and tried to ask Qingfeng to leave.

"Your boss and I are really friends! Please do me a favor and just let me in."

Qingfeng said while smiling.

"Dude, we have more than ten people per day saying they are friends with our boss and asking to meet her. Some of them are even psychos, are you one of those?"

Li Wang frowned his brows impatiently.

"What do you mean?"

Qingfeng suddenly changed his face and stared at Li Wang coldly after hearing what he said.

"I’m her friend. I need to see her."

While Qingfeng was just about to get mad. They suddenly heard a loud voice. There was a man in a white coat.

The man in the white coat was carried by several security guys while he was trying to rush into the company.

"See that? The psycho always comes here and asks for a meeting with our boss." Li Wang said annoyingly.

"Yeah! He has already come here for more than ten times and kept being sent back to the psychiatric hospital, but he could always sneak out and come back the next day. What a fuss!"

Lingling Xiao was so annoyed by the psycho.

"There really are psychos coming to see her?"

Qingfeng didn’t know how to react and wiped away the sweat on his forehead. Was Ruyan really that attractive? How could psychos even come here to stalk her?

"I don’t think you are one of them. So leave now, or I’ll treat you like one."

Li Wang started to yell at Qingfeng with anger while seeing him still standing there.

"Sorry, I have to meet with Ruyan today. Also, I’m not a psycho. You seem more like one, though."

Qingfeng said calmly with his hands held behind his back.

"Kid, did you just say I’m a psycho? Are you looking for a fight?"

"I’m not looking for a fight, I’m looking for Ruyan."

"Alright, kid, if you ain’t leaving, then don’t blame me for this."

Li Wang started to sneer and approached Qingfeng while stretching his muscles.

"Sir, please leave now. Li is the boxing champion in Eastern Sea City. You can’t beat him."

The receptionist was kind enough to remind Qingfeng quietly since she didn’t want to see his beautiful face get ruined.

"Oh, boxing champion? Don’t worry, he’s not yet my opponent."

Qingfeng smiled while saying proudly.

Although what he said was real, it sounded pretty provocative to Li Wang.

As the boxing champion in Eastern Sea City, Li Wang had fought against all the strong competitors throughout all the boxing competition in the city.

But now, he was looked down by a twentyish-year-old young man. He had to kick this arrogant dude’s ass and let him know ignorant he was.


Li Wang groaned and shoved his right fist at Qingfeng with a swooshing sound.

It had to say that the title of Boxing Champion, Li Wang, was indeed authentic. Once he reached out his fist, it caused the air around to become turbulent, and even blew up the receptionist’s hair.

"Oh my god, this guy is going to be dead."

The receptionist girl frowned her brows while showing worries on her little, freckled face.

Well, I told you to leave but you didn’t listen. See, now you know you strong Li is, even if it’s too late. She whispered in her mind.

"Powerful, but too slow."

Qingfeng smiled while raising up his right hand with his left hand behind his back still. He grabbed Li Wang’s fist rapidly before the receptionist and Li Wang could realize what was going on.

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