My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 51: The Crying Xue Lin

Chapter 51: The Crying Xue Lin

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"No, I have to return to the company and check it out."

Qingfeng frowned his brows and decided to go back to the company to make sure things were right.

Although he was currently in a fight with Xue Lin, it was just a personal issue.

Since he was still working in the Ice Snow Corporation, he had to be responsible. This was every employee’s responsibility and obligation.

Separating public and individual issues was the fundamental principle in his life.

"Sobbing sounds? Why?"

Qingfeng suddenly heard someone was crying when he just got to the third floor from the window.

He was familiar with crying sounds, it must be from a woman.

"Boss’s office?" Qingfeng found out the sobs came from the boss’s office which still had lights on.

He walked to the office and slightly opened the door. He saw Xue Lin was crying in front of a photo in her hand while her back was facing him.

If the men in the Eastern Sea City knew that this ice goddess was actually crying, they would definitely drop their chin. What big news! Xue Lin didn’t notice Qingfeng was behind her since she was very emotional at the moment.

"Grandpa, I miss you so so much. Is everything fine in the heaven?"

"Grandpa, I have good news to tell you. I’m married, and his name is Qingfeng Li. Although he is the son of the Li family, which is the grandson of the family which has billions of property, he treats me really nice and even made soup for me."

"Grandpa, I know you left me the Ice Snow Corporation. I finally turned it into a large company that’s worth millions of dollars after three years of efforts. The company is like my child, but now we have some financial issues and the company might close down anytime. It’s like my child has got a disease that could be fatal any second."

"However, you don’t need to worry too much, grandpa. My husband, Qingfeng is a nice person. He has got the Liu Corporation’s invitation letter to the charity dinner in order to save the company. With that invitation letter, we then can get in touch with lots of rich people that can bring financial support to our company."

"So don’t worry, grandpa. I’ll do everything to save our company."

Xue Lin was sobbing while holding his grandpa’s picture.

To Xue Lin, her grandpa and mother were two people that loved her the most. When she was still a little girl, she often lied in her grandpa’s arms and listened to him read her many fairy tales. Her grandpa also bought her so many cotton candies and new clothes. Unfortunately, her grandpa passed away three years ago.

The Ice Snow Corporation was a gift from her grandpa, and it was the manifestation of Xue Lin’s memory for her grandpa.

Xue Lin had been through so much hard work within these three years. She didn’t get enough sleep, didn’t eat well and still kept working from night to dawn, running around here and there, just for making the company more and more successful

Everyone called her a business superwoman and an ice-cold boss. But nobody actually knew how much effort and time she had spent on the company.

That’s what made her become more successful. She spends way more effort than anyone else.

In these three years, she finally kept her word and turned the company into a large company that was worth millions of dollars.

But now, the company was experiencing financial breakdown and needed the charity dinner’s invitation letter from Boss Chen to get out of the crisis. Unfortunately, it was torn apart by Qingfeng.

Xue Lin lied to her grandpa since she didn’t want him to worry. She even told a white lie that Qingfeng was treating her really nice and had brought her the invitation letter.


"So the invitation letter is the hope to save the company?" Qingfeng’s face changed after hearing what Xue Lin said.

At that moment, he finally understood why Xue Lin was so mad at him. The Ice Snow Corporation was the gift and hope left to her from her grandpa. She treated it just like her child and the invitation letter was the only one that could save it.

Tearing apart that invitation letter pretty much meant crushing all of Xue Lin's hopes, or in other words, killing her child.

"This time it is my fault." Qingfeng felt so guilty for what he did.

He just realized he did something wrong. He would definitely slap himself if he was Xue Lin since tearing apart the letter was like destroying all her hopes and her only child.

However, Xue Lin didn’t do that but just told him to leave instead. She was also saying all the good things about him such as how nice a person he was, how considerate he was for cooking for her, and how responsible he was to get the invitation letter and help the company out in front of her grandpa’s photo.

Qingfeng was so guilty and heartbroken at the moment. He felt like a loser for not even be able to detect his wife’s company was going through a financial crisis.

"I tore the letter apart, so I will get you another one," Qingfeng whispered to himself and left away.

He knew he made a mistake this time, and this was why he has to find a resolution.

Qingfeng already got some info from King-Kong. The boss of the Liu Corporation was that seductive woman called Ruyan Liu, which happens to be someone Qingfeng was close to. He should be able to get an invitation letter from her.

Afterwards Qingfeng left the company and took a taxi to Noble Palace.

Half an hour later.

He arrived at the villa unit 14 in Noble Palace. However, it was dark and inside and the door was also locked.

"Ruyan Liu isn’t home?"

Qingfeng knew she wasn’t home after knocking at the door several time with no response.

"Then I will just wait here."

Qingfeng had to get Xue Lin the invitation letter in order to make up for his mistake. She started to wait at the front door of Ruyan’s house.

Times flew and the night passed in a flash.

The horizon started to get red and the sun is slowly rising.

A new day has come.

"What happened? Why hasn’t Ruyan come back home for the whole night?"

Qingfeng stared at the villa in frustration.

Tonight would be the charity feast. He had to get the invitation letter before that. Otherwise, everything would be screwed. "Oh, yeah, how could I forget this!"

Qingfeng suddenly realized as he smacked his forehead. Since the feast would be held by the Ru Corporation, as the boss of the corporation, Ruyan must be busying preparing this event and stayed with the company. Therefore, it made sense why she didn’t even come back home.

After realizing she was at her company, Qingfeng smiled and walked out. He decided to find Ruyan in her company.

"Huh? My wife didn’t come back home last night either?"

Qingfeng also noticed the door of unit 3 was locked when he walked by. He knew that Xue Lin must have stayed in the office for the whole night and didn’t sleep at home.

Qingfeng felt heartbroken again once he realized everything Xue Lin had done for the company.

"Darling, wait for me. I’ll get you the invitation letter!"

Qingfeng walked out the residential area determinedly and took a taxi to the Ru Corporation. Although he was not sure about the exact location where the company was, the taxi driver did.

The taxi driver drove Qingfeng all the way down to the corporation after he paid 100 Yuan.

"What a fancy building!"

Qingfeng couldn’t help but exclaim as he looked at the hundred-storied building from the bottom of the Liu Corporation.

This building had 108 floors in total, which was the highest building in Eastern Sea City. The exterior of the building was made of white marble, which makes it even more extravagant.

Owning such a luxury high rise building, Ruyan was definitely not a simple character.

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