My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 50: The Heart-Broken Wolf King

Chapter 50: The Heart-Broken Wolf King

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"You make my heartbreak, you make me cry and laugh."

Qingfeng hummed "Heart Break" and walked aimlessly on the street. He was very, very sad.

Even though he was the Wolf King who shook the underworld World, there were also times when he was sad.

He did not understand why Xue Lin was so angry over a Charity Banquet invitation.

He should be the one who was angry. Young Master Chen was using the invitation to court Xue Lin. Xue Lin was his wife, any man would have torn the invitation.

There was always a lack of communication between Xue Lin and him which caused misunderstandings to arise.

Marriage was like a fortress – those inside the city wanted to leave, and those outside of the city wanted to enter. The classic line in the song "Fortress" perfectly described Qingfeng’s emotions at the moment.

"Oh well. I’ll find a place to sleep."

After the conflict between Qingfeng and Xue Lin, he naturally would not go to work at the Ice Snow Corporation. Both would not be happy if they met so now he just wanted to find a place to sleep.

He booked a room at a small hotel and quickly fell asleep. Sleeping was a way to cope with sadness too.

Ring Ring Ring…

After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Qingfeng was awakened by the ringing sound from his phone. He pressed the talk button.

"Big Brother, I’m King Kong. I would like to treat you to dinner tonight, is that okay?"

On the other side of the phone, King Kong nervously asked. He was afraid that Qingfeng would say no.

Qingfeng looked out the window and realized that it was already night. He had slept for an entire day.

He suddenly realized that he agreed to have dinner with King Kong today. He had forgotten the matter because of his misunderstanding with Xue Lin.

"Is there alcohol?"

Qingfeng asked lightly. Even though he had slept, he still felt very sad and wanted to numb himself.

"Of course, Big brother."

"Where are you, I’ll be right there."

"Big Brother, I’m at a booth in River Scene Hotel."(TL: In China, some of the biggest restaurants are operated together with a hotel, so they just call the whole building hotel)

"Ok, I’ll be there in 10 minutes."

Qingfeng hung up and walked towards the River Scene Hotel.

Since the River Scene Hotel was right next to Ice Snow Corporation, he arrived there in a moment.

"Greetings, Big Brother."

Two thugs bowed respectfully said when Qingfeng arrived at the hotel entrance.

The two thugs led Qingfeng to the booth.

The booth was spacious and around 50 square meters. It was luxuriously decorated. There were close to 36 dishes placed on top of the large round table. There were also two bottles of Maotai on the next to the dishes.

King Kong had splurged to treat Qingfeng. The 36 dishes and two bottles of Maotai costed him around 50 thousand Yuan. (TL: about 10k $USD)

"Big Brother, please sit down, I’ll pour you a drink."

King Kong respectfully said and led Qingfeng to his seat. Then he poured Qingfeng a cup of Maotai.

"This wine tastes pretty good."

Qingfeng took a sip. The wine was full-bodied and refined. It had a light spicy finish.

"Big Brother, drink more if it tastes good. In the future, young brother me will follow your commands."

King Kong poured Qingfeng another cup of wine and respectfully said.

If anyone saw that King Kong referred to himself as subordinate, they would be stunned. King Kong was the leader of a hot-blooded gang and was very influential, but he was so respectful towards this young man.

"You don’t need to call me Big Brother, call me Brother Li in the future."

Qingfeng drank another cup of wine and lightly said.

"Yes. Thank you, Brother Li. Please drink more, Brother Li."

King Kong became excited when he heard that Qingfeng asking him to call him Brother Li. He knew that this meant that the other had forgiven him because Brother Li was a more endearing name than Big Brother.

Ever since he had witnessed the horror of Qingfeng, King Kong had decided to follow Brother Li. He had an intuition that Brother Li was not an ordinary man.

"King Kong, I have something to ask you."

"Please ask, brother Feng. I will tell you everything I know."

"Do you know of the Charity Banquet of the Liu Corporation?"

Qingfeng lightly asked. His sorrows became deeper after he tried to drink them away. The more he drank, the more painful his heart felt.

"Brother Li, Liu Corporation is the number one corporation in Eastern Sea City. Many high-ranking officials, billionaires, and socialites will attend their Charity Banquet. It is a great opportunity for the CEO of companies to network and obtain capital."

King Kong said while pouring Qingfeng a cup of wine.

"King Kong, you said that the Charity Banquet is a great opportunity for CEOs?"

"Of course, Brother Li. The CEO’s can meet billionaires and even government officials. Thus, they can obtain capital and funding to expand their companies."

"Oh, do you know who is the president of Liu Corporation?"

"Brother Li, the president is Ruyan Liu, the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City."

"King Kong, isn’t Xue Lin the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City?"

"Oh, Brother Li, I forgot. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu are the two top beauties of Eastern Sea City. One is the ice snow goddess, the other is the seductive goddess."

A fiery gaze appeared in King Kong’s eyes when he spoke of Ruyan Liu. It was his admiration towards the goddess.

"Ruyan Liu? Oh it is Ruyan Liu!"

Qingfeng smacked his forehead in realization.

It’s no wonder that the seductive woman was stunned when he said that he had never heard of her name at the number 14 mansion.

"Brother Li, here, have another drink."

King Kong poured Qingfeng another cup enthusiastically and the two Maotai were quickly emptied by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was a good drinker. Even after drinking two bottles of Maotai, his head was still clear, and he was not tipsy.

"Like I thought, Brother Li is no ordinary person."

King Kong secretly praised in his heart. A bottle of Maotai was 1 liters. But Brother Li had drunk 2 liters of this strong alcohol without any sign of being drunk. His tolerance is so high.

After drinking and eating, Qingfeng stood up and bid farewell to King Kong.

"Take care Brother Li. If you have any needs, feel free to contact me, your younger brother."

King Kong bowed deeply and respectfully said.

"Take care, Brother Li!"

The other dozens of men in the booth also bowed and respectfully said.


Qingfeng waved his hand once and gracefully left the booth.

Outside the hotel, the night was gloomy. The neon lights on the side of the streets flickered.

The crowd was bustling but Qingfeng’s heart was cold.

He did not want to go home. The number 3 mansion as Xue Lin’s home. He always felt very lonely in that home.

"Huh? the company lights are still one?"

Qingfeng focused his gaze and suddenly realized the lights of the Ice Snow Corporation were still on.

The River Scene hotel was only 50 meters away from Ice Snow Corporation. Thus, he could clearly see everything of the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Did a thief break into the company?"

Qingfeng’s expression changed. He knew that all the lights would be turned off when the employees got off work at 6pm.

But it was already 9pm but the lights on the third floor were still on. He suspected that a thief had broken in.

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