My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 49: I Don't Want to See You

Chapter 49: I Don't Want to See You

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"Xue, those roses are not worth much, you don’t have to pay me."

When he heard the Xue Lin wanted to pay him money, Young Master Chen waved his hand and said pretentiously.

In order to win the favor of Xue Lin, he naturally would not want the compensation. Even though the fellow in front of him crushed the roses and caused Young Master Chen to be displeased, he was still happy to be able to become closer with Xue Lin.

"Young Master Chen, I’ll say it again. Please call me Xue Lin, if you call me Xue again, I’ll ignore you."

Xue Lin said with a cold tone with dissatisfaction. Her husband was right beside her. She did not want him to misunderstand. Even though Young Master Chen was her classmate, Xue Lin did not like him. She was germophobic and disliked all men.

"Okay, I’ll call you Xue Lin in the future. Oh yeah, here’s an invitation for you." Young Master Chen took out a red invitation from his chest pocket and handed it over to Xue Lin.

"What is this?"

Xue Lin did not take the invitation but rather, asked confusedly.

"This is the invitation to the Liu Corporation Charity Dinner. I only have two tickets. One for myself, and one is for you." Young Master Chen said with pride.

"Liu Corporation?" Xue Lin’s eyes lit up in shock.

The Liu Corporation was the biggest corporation in Eastern Sea City. It was a top corporation in the entire nation and was a gigantic existence.

It was said that the Liu Corporation had strong connections and background. When the company was founded, even the mayor and secretory went to celebrate its grand opening. It is evident that the company had deep connections.

The Charity Dinner of the Liu Corporation will be gathered with rich businessmen, socialites and high ranking officers. It was a celebration of the upper class.

"This is an opportunity." Xue Lin was tempted. She knew that her company was facing a financial crisis. If she could attend the Charity Dinner, and network with some politicians and businessmen, she could possibly raise enough funds to save the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Young Master Chen, thank you." Xue Lin smiled faintly and was about to accept the invitation from Young Master Chen when it

was grabbed by someone else.

"Haha, this invitation is so exquisite. Charity Dinner?"

Qingfeng grabbed the invitation and cheerily said.

Xue Lin thanked Young Master Chen for the invitation and even said thank you. He could not endure it. He was pissed. Young Master Chen was trying to poach his wife in front of him.

"Qingfeng Li, give the invitation to me."

Xue Lin said. Her expression had changed slightly.

They had an agreement to only call each other by their names at the company. They did not want to let anyone know of their relationship.

"No." Qingfeng shook his head and refused.

"Qingfeng Li, give it to me. The invitation is very important to me." Xue Lin’s pretty face was filled with anxiety.

"Fellow, give the invitation to Xue. This is what I’m using to pursue her." Young Master Chen suddenly came to Qingfeng’s side and said in a low voice.

"You said that you are using this invitation to pursue Xue Lin?" Qingfeng’s expression changed and asked with hostility.

"Yes. I used the roses and invitation to pursue Xue Lin. Even though you stepped and crushed the roses, I still have this invitation."

Young Master Chen smiled arrogantly and said.

From his investigations, he knew about the financial crisis that the Ice Snow Corporation had met. The company’s capital chain was about to rupture. Thus, he used all his might and obtained this invitation for Xue Lin. It was a life-saving gift.

Furthermore, Young Master Chen knew that Xue Lin cared deeply about the Ice Snow Corporation. She had single-handedly developed the company and would not allow it to go bankrupt. Therefore, he was certain that Xue Lin would accept the invitation if he gift it to her.

"Fellow, give the invitation to Xue Lin. I will attend the Dinner with her tomorrow. You can go away." Young Master Chen became excited at the thought that he would be able to spend time alone with Xue Lin.

The voices of the two were very small, so Xue Lin did not hear their talk. You want to spend time alone with my wife? No way. Qingfeng laughed coldly in his heart.

Slash, Slash~

Qingfeng took the invitation and tore it apart. In a moment, he had torn the invitation into pieces. He threw it onto the ground and heavily stomped on it.

"Qingfeng, you bastard!" Xue-Lin’s face was filled with anger when she saw that Qingfeng had torn the invitation into pieces and even stomped on it.

"Is the Ice Snow Corporation really going to go bankrupt?"

Xue Lin’s face was filled with sadness. The company’s capital chain had ruptured and was at the brink of bankruptcy.

The invitation to the Liu Corporation dinner was Xue Lin’s hope. She wished to raise funds through the Charity Dinner. But now, it was torn into pieces by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng had not only torn the invitation, but also the hope of Xue Lin.

"Is it necessary to call me a bastard over this invitation?" Qingfeng frowned and said with dissatisfaction.

From his perspective, Young Master Chen wanted to use this invitation to court Xue Lin. He could not ignore such provocations and it was necessary to tear the invitation.

But Qingfeng did not know that the invitation to the Charity Dinner was the hope of Xue Lin. He had torn Xue Lin’s hope. Naturally, Xue Lin would be furious.

"Go away, I don’t want to see you ever again."Xue Lin icily said.

She was very upset. She worked so hard for three years, during which she endured her father’s scolding and her relatives’ sarcasm. After so many days and nights and the all-nighters she pulled, she finally grew the company to this scale. The Ice Snow Corporation was the child of Xue Lin.

Now that the company was faced with a financial crisis, the invitation was the savior for her child. But it was mercilessly torn by Qingfeng. From Xue Lin’s perspective, Qingfeng had not only torn the invitation, he had killed her child.

"You actually told me to leave and said that you never want to see me again over this invitation?" Qingfeng’s expression changed and he loudly asked.

He did not understand, wasn’t it just an invitation? Why was Xue Lin so angry? It was because he did not know that the invitation was very important to Xue Lin. It was the life-saving money Xue Lin’s ‘child’.

"Go away, I don’t want to see you." Xue Lin coldly turned away and walked towards the company.

But her shivering body was a testament that she was not calm.

Qingfeng’s actions had thoroughly hurt her heart. Her husband was always so stubborn and always acted without considering her feelings.

"HA HA HA. If you ask me to go, then I will go."

Qingfeng smiled desolately and a hint of pain flashed past his eyes.

He was a man and had his own dignity. He was embarrassed that Xue Lin had asked him to go in front of so many people.

Qingfeng felt embarrassed but his heart was also painful. His relationship with Xue Lin had just improved but now they were back at the starting point.

Qingfeng turned and strode away to the distance. His figure looked lonely. A misunderstanding between the two was once again created.

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