My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 48: The Four Young Masters of Eastern Sea City

Chapter 48: The Four Young Masters of Eastern Sea City

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"No, I need to go and look."

Xue Lin’s facial expression changed slightly and she walked downstairs.

Even though she did not know for the time being who stepped on the roses and crushed them, the person had been a great help to her. She naturally could not stand by and watch the person be bullied by Young Master Chen.

"Fatty, it feels great to step and crush roses, doesn’t it?"

Qingfeng looked at the pieces of roses crushed roses on the ground and said with a smile.

"Brother Feng. It feels great. I want to continue."

Hao Luo grinned. It was addicting to step on roses, he wanted to continue to step on the roses.

Even though the roses were beautiful, it felt even better to step and crush them.

"You bastards. You dare to step and crush my roses?"

Suddenly, an angry voice was heard.

Qingfeng looked back and saw that it was a handsome young man who was tall and slender. He had a high nose-bridge.

Even though the fellow was handsome, he’s not as good looking as me. Qingfeng thought in his heart.

"Brother Feng, he is Young Master Chen."

Hao Luo pointed to the handsome young man and quietly said.

"Fatty, didn’t you say Chen was ugly? He doesn’t seem ugly."

Qingfeng glanced at Hao Luo and asked with a smile.

"Brother Feng, I didn’t say that."

Fatty almost cried when he saw the death glare of Young Master Chen. Brother, those were your words okay? You’re pushing me towards the fire pit.

"Oh right. Fatty, I’m sorry, I was mistaken. It was me who said Young Master Chen is ugly."

Qingfeng patted his forehead and said.

This guy must be deliberately calling me ugly. How dare he call me ugly. Young Master Chen‘s face was livid and rage radiated off his body.

In ES City, everyone knew that he, Young Master Chen, was handsome and rich. It was the first time someone had called him ugly.

But Young Master Chen did not care about whether he was ugly right now. He cared more about the roses.

"Bastard. You guys stepped and crushed the roses?"

Young Master Chen’s face was dark as he looked at Qingfeng and Hao Luo and asked.

"I’m sorry. My name is not ‘Bastard’."

"Then what is your name?"

"My name is "Your Daddy."

Qingfeng mysteriously smiled and lightly said.

"Your Daddy, what kind of name is that?"

Young Master Chen’s face was filled with puzzlement. Then suddenly realized that Qingfeng was insulting him.

He had never met anyone with such a smart mouth who cursed others without foul words. His words made one fume with anger. If one’s reaction was slow, they would fall into his trap.

"Fellow, you dare to curse me. Do you know who I am?"

Young Master Chen’s face was ferocious. This entire body trembled with anger.

"I don’t know."

Qingfeng’s words almost caused Young Master Chen to choke to death.

"Oh, I think I know you."

Qingfeng said again. His words caused Young Master Chen’s face to look better. He was one of the four young masters of Eastern Sea City. If this fellow recognized him, he would beg at his feet for mercy.

"Aren’t you Old Yellow from my hometown?"

Qingfeng looked at Young Master Chen with a look of surprise.

Old Yellow?

Who the f*ck is Old Yellow?

Young Master Chen felt that his brain was not enough. The fellow’s words made him very confused.

"You don’t know Old Yellow? Let me tell you, Old Yellow is a dog in my hometown. He was super obedient."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and looked surprise that Young Master Chen did not know who Old Yellow was.

Young Master Chen’s face turned menacing when he heard that the other had called him a dog. His entire body emitted a murderous intent.

At the moment, he finally realized that he had been tricked by the fellow in front of him.

"Fellow, you are the first person who dared to trick me in the 20 years I’ve been alive."

Young Master Chen smiled coldly. He has already placed the fellow in front of him in his death list.

"639 people have told me I am going to die but they have all gone to hell. Congratulations, you are going to become the 640th person to go to hell."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and said inscrutably.

His words were all true. Since his debut, 639 strong men have wanted to kill him. But in the end, they have all gone to hell.

"Fellow, I don’t care who you are. First, you stepped and crushed my roses, then you insulted me. I will make you regret being born into this world."

Young Master Chen smiled darkly and walked towards Qingfeng.

He wanted to break the legs of this fellow. Only that would appease the fury in his heart.

"Young Master Chen, stop right now."

Young Master Chen was about to act when a cold voice was heard.

He turned around and saw Xue Lin walk out with a dark expression.

"Xue Lin, this man crushed my roses. I want to teach him a lesson."

Young Master Chen frowned and said. He did not understand why Xue Lin had stopped him.

"Young Master Chen, he is an employee of Ice Snow Corporation. You can’t teach him a lesson."

Xue Lin expression was cold. Her red lips were slightly raised and she icily said.

Her tone was protective and firm. She would not allow Young Master Chen to touch Qingfeng.

In the entire Eastern Sea City, everyone knew that the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation, Xue Lin, treated her employees the best.

There was a fifty year old cleaning lady at Ice Snow Corporation who accidentally swept some dust on a millionaire customer. The customer slapped the employee across the face.

A normal company would apologize to the millionaire customer and even fire the cleaning lady. But Xue Lin was different. She asked the millionaire customer to apologize to the cleaning lady.

To find justice for the cleaning lady, Xue Lin even gave up the millions of business which the client could bring.

Even though Xue Lin had offended the customer, she had won the hearts of everyone in her company. All the employees of Ice Snow Corporation deeply respected Xue Lin. Thus, the small bankrupt company could become a big company worth billions of dollars in three short years.

All this was credited to Xue Lin.

"Xue Lin, even though he is an employee of Ice Snow Corporation, but he stepped and crushed my roses. He even insulted me. I need justice."

Young Master Chen coldly said with a darkened face.

If Qingfeng was an ordinary person, Young Master Chen would have gone ahead and given him a beating. But he was an employee of Ice Snow Corporation. He needed to consider the feelings of Xue Lin before he acts.

Now that he was courting Xue Lin, he needed to leave a good impression in her heart.

Young Master Chen was clear about how protective Xue Lin was. He did not want to bring conflict between them because of a small employee.

He could buy new roses but there was only one Xue Lin.

"Young Master Chen, how much were your roses. I’ll repay you. You can’t touch Qingfeng


Xue Lin frowned and coldly said.

Qingfeng was her husband. She naturally would not allow Young Master Chen to teach her husband a lesson.

Furthermore, Xue Lin knew that Qingfeng stepped and crushed the roses because Young Master Chen wanted to pursue her. He was protecting her – his wife.

Since Qingfeng was not at fault, Xue Lin naturally had to protect him.

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