My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 497: Pretending to Be a Pig To Eat a Tiger

Chapter 497: Pretending to Be a Pig To Eat a Tiger

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Excuse me? I am a dumbass?

Zhiwen looked confused and had no clue why the Young Master suddenly swore at him. What did he do?

Zhiwen thought he was helping the Young Master by putting Qingfeng in his place. Yet, he didn't seem so happy about it.

Tianci was more pissed when he saw the ignorant face of Zhiwen and almost kicked him.

Maybe Zhiwen was big enough to be the core member in the Zhang Family, but nothing would be more important than Big brother Li.

Tianci yelled angrily, "I'm Qingfeng's minion and you are telling me he is lying. Aren't you a dumbass?"

Later, Tianci left the shocked Zhiwen alone and walked to Qingfeng. He smiled and said, "Big brother Li, why didn't you let me know you came to the hotel?"

Qingfeng smiled faintly, "It was nothing much. I'm just hanging out with some relatives. No need to bother you."

"Big brother Li, how could you be bothering me, it's my pleasure to serve you," Tianci said respectfully.

If there was anyone who could be admired by Tianci, it would neither be his father nor mother, but Qingfeng.

Except Xue Lin and Xiaoyun, everyone was shocked when they heard the conversation between Qingfeng and Tianci. They looked at them surprised and couldn't believe what they saw.

Even though they lived in the States, they were still from Huaxia and knew the social rules of this city. This Qingfeng must not be a regular dude that could have Tianci, a billionaire, call him brother. He must be at least be some sort of master.

Yan Zhang started to turn pale from surprise. She felt like she had to compensate something to Qingfeng since she had just accused him of lying.

Qingfeng nodded and sat back in his seat.

Tianci toasted Qingfeng and Xue Lin and said politely, "Big brother Li and sister-in-law, congratulations on your wedding."

Xue Lin flushed her face after listening to Tianci and took the shot.

Tianci left after the one shot since it was just a family reunion party. He didn't even look at Zhiwen.

However, everyone sitting around the table felt awkward even though Tianci had left. Nobody knew what to say to Qingfeng since they just looked down on him one second ago before realizing even the Young Master was his minion.

Qingfeng didn't brag anything anymore since he felt that was unnecessary. He kept enjoying his food and drinks.

Yan Zhang didn't have the face to talk to Qingfeng. She then talked to Yang Zhang next to her.

"Little brother, here is some fish," Yan Zhang put a slice of fish into Yang Zhang's mouth.

Fish was Yang Zhang's favourite dish. He started chewing.

*Cough cough*

All of the sudden, Yang Zhang started to cough intensively since he choked on a fishbone. His face was turning red and even to green.

"Little Yan, what did you do? Yang is still young and his throat is narrow. How could you not pick the fishbone out first before feeding him? What should we do now?" Xiaofei looked panicked and started to blame Yan Zhang.

Zhiwen also glared at Yan Zhang, "Little Yan, what were you thinking? You'll be in trouble if there is something wrong with your brother."

Yan Zhang's face was turning pale. She was about to cry and felt bad from being scolded by her parents.

Since she was pissed about Qingfeng, she didn't see the fishbone and didn't expect it would choke her brother.

Getting choked by a fishbone wasn't a big deal, yet, it shouldn't be underestimated. Nothing would happen if the fishbone was taken out in time. However, it could cause problems if it was big and stayed in the throat for too long. Fishbones have caused death before.

"Uncle-in-law, let me check for you," Qingfeng said.

Even though Qingfeng was mad about Zhiwen, he was still his relative. Besides, Yang Zhang was such a lovely boy, Qingfeng decided to help him.

"Areā€¦are you a doctor?" Zhiwen asked.

"No, I'm not."

"Then what are you doing here, go away."

"Uncle-in-law, it's extremely dangerous to get choked by fishbone, I'm just trying to help," Qingfeng repeated while frowning.

Yet, Zhiwen waved his hand at Qingfeng and didn't allow him to treat his son.

Well, if you don't want my help, then fine. Qingfeng was a bit frustrated since he was trying to help but got rejected.

Yan Zhang thought for a second and suddenly said, "Father, my husband's family member is a doctor. He should know some basics of emergency treatment. Let him take care of this."

Zhiwen nodded and realized the father of his son-in-law was a doctor when her daughter and his son-in-law met for the first time. He might know some first aid since he grew up in a family with a doctor.

"Ping Wang, do you know how to treat this situation?" Zhiwen asked his son-in-law."

"Don't worry, Dad, I used to get choked by fishbone when I was younger and was always helped by my father." Ping Wang said confidently.

Zhiwen nodded, he was confident about him and let him help his son.

Ping Wang walked to the side of Yang Zhang. He let him take some sips of vinegar and started to pat his back forcibly.

Vinegar can soften fishbone and patting the back could help him dislodge the fishbone. It was a great way to treat one who was choked by a fishbone.

Unfortunately, since the fishbone inside Yang Zhang's throat was too big to come out directly, it scratched his throat and made him bleed.

Blood? Is he bleeding?

Xiaofei screamed and felt sorry for his son. Yang Zhang was her precious baby and now seeing him bleeding made Xiaofei heartbroken.

After seeing the blood coming from Yang Zhang's mouth, Ping Wang shivered and dropped his bottle of vinegar.

"Ping Wang, do you really know how to treat my son?" Yan Zhang glared at his husband and yelled angrily.

Ping Wang's face was turning pale. He shuttered and couldn't articulate anything.

He certainly wouldn't know how to treat an emergency since he wasn't a doctor. He just knew some basic first aid since his father was a doctor.

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