My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 498: Qingfeng, Thank You!

Chapter 498: Qingfeng, Thank You!

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"Ping Wang, you dumbass, prepare to sign the divorce sheet if there is anything goes wrong with Yang," Zhiwen said discontentedly.

He blamed it all on his son-in-law since worsened the situation.

What? Divorce?

Ping Wang's face was turning pale. He was just trying to show off to his father-in-law by taking the fishbone out from Yang Zhang's throat, yet, he didn't expect the fishbone was too big that it got stuck and scratched the throat, making Yang bleed.

Bleeding. It had turned things into an emergency and might cause death. Ping Wang was terrified and wished he had let Qingfeng take his place to treat Yang, so that at least he was the one to be blamed if anything went wrong.

"Qingfeng, could you help Yang?" Xue Lin said to Qingfeng after seeing her auntie couldn't stop crying.

Nobody knew Qingfeng's medical skill except Xue Lin. He was a medical genius that exceeded may other medical experts.

Qingfeng nodded and agreed, "Alright, then I will go help Yang."

Zhiwen blocked Qingfeng when he saw he was going forward. "You are not a doctor, are you? How will you treat my son?"

Qingfeng frowned and said coldly, "Uncle-in-law, I will help Yang because of Xue Lin. You are stopping me now. If Yang dies, it'd be all your fault.

Zhiwen changed his face and became furious. He tried to yell at Qingfeng but he couldn't find any good reason to do so since Qingfeng had nothing to do with this. After all, Yang was fed by Yan Zhang and was treated badly by his son-in-law.

Xiaofei asked while crying, "Qingfeng, do you really know how to treat Yang?"

"I do, auntie. Don't worry," Qingfeng replied confidently. Removing a fishbone from one's throat was a piece of cake to him.

Xue Lin also confirmed to her aside, "Auntie, just trust him now. Don't waste time to rescue Yang."

Xiaofei nodded and said, "Qingfeng, I'm begging you, please save Yang."

Qingfeng nodded and walked towards Yang while taking out some acupuncture needles.

"Hey, hey! Yang was choked by a fishbone, why are you taking out some acupuncture needles?" Zhiwen freaked out as he yelled.

Even though he didn't know much about medicine, he did know that treating a fishbone stuck in one's throat wouldn't need acupuncture needles.

Qingfeng frowned and felt annoyed, "Uncle-in-law, can you just stop talking? I'm curing your son and you will take responsibility if Yang dies."

"Zhiwen, just shut up and let Qingfeng do his thing," Xiaofei glared at his husband and said discontentedly.

She knew that her husband was a stubborn and arrogant man and was humiliated by Qingfeng before, but now that it was an emergency, couldn't he just shut up and save his son's life first?

Zhiwen looked frustrated. Even though he still didn't believe Qingfeng's medical skill, he finally shut up after being scolded by Xiaofei.

Shiwen seemed to be dominant outside, but he was actually scared of his wife and always had her make all the decisions at home.

Qingfeng stopped listening to Zhiwen and walked up to Yang. He found the acupoint on his throat and inserted the needle into it.

He did that for dilating the blood vessels and the throat muscles so that the fishbone wouldn't keep sticking in.

Once Yang's throat was wide opened, Qingfeng took a pair of chopsticks and removed the fishbone from his throat rapidly.

It was a long fishbone. Yang stopped bleeding and his face turned back to a normal color once the fishbone was taken out.

"Son, are you feeling any better?" Xiaofei said worriedly.

Yang nodded and said, "Mummy, I'm all good now. Qingfeng is so good! He took the fishbone out right away!"

Children were always innocent. Yang admired Qingfeng while looking at him gratefully. Not only did he save his life but he also had better medical skills than his uncle-in-law.

"Qingfeng, Thank you so much," Xiaofei said gratefully.

Yang was in great danger just now. It might've ended up in a tragedy if Qingfeng wasn't here.

Zhiwen also said with grace, "Qingfeng, it's my bad not to believe in you. Please accept my apology."

Even though Zhiwen was arrogant and didn't trust Qingfeng, he still felt grateful after Qingfeng saved his son.

"Uncle-in-law, we are a family, please don't say that, "Qingfeng smiled and said while waving his hand.

Zhiwen felt frustrated after looking at Ping Wang. Why did his son-in-law know nothing but to show off and being aloof? Look at Xiaofei's son-in-law, what a humble and capable man.

Ping Wang flushed his face and just wanted to hide somewhere immediately. He had lost all his face compared to Qingfeng today.

Yan Zhang walked up to Qingfeng and said, "Thanks for saving my brother, Qingfeng. It was my bad treating you like that, I'm so sorry."

Even though Yan Zhang was extremely arrogant, she still thanked Qingfeng for saving her brother's life.

Qingfeng waved his hand and indicated that Yan Zhang didn't need to apologize.

"Qingfeng, here, cheers," Zhiwen poured a glass of wine for Qingfeng.

Normally, juniors would have to pour alcohol for seniors. Only when they had done something exceptional, seniors would pour alcohol for them to show their gratitude. It was such a great honor for Qingfeng that Zhiwen poured alcohol for him, even greater than giving 10,000 Yuan cash for him.

"Thank you." Qingfeng couldn't refuse since it was the wine from his uncle-in-law. He drank it once he toasted it.

Qingfeng toasted the wine and drank it in one shot calmly like nothing happened.

Zhiwen thumbed up for him and praised, "Qingfeng, good job. I like you more now."

Qingfeng smiled and sat down. In the dinner, everyone started to surround Qingfeng and kept pouring him wine and giving him food in his bowl. He suddenly became a superstar of the feast.

Nobody cared about Qingfeng when he just arrived, now, he was flatter by everyone. this is what they called capability.

You'll be well respected as long as you are capable and be looked down if you aren't. This is the reality of this modern society.

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