My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 496: Because You Are a Dumbass

Chapter 496: Because You Are a Dumbass

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Yan Zhang and Zhiwen both thought Qingfeng was lying, only Xue Lin knew what Qingfeng said was true.

Xue Lin wanted to speak up for Qingfeng but she was stopped by him. Qingfeng shook his head and thought it wasn't necessary since these people wouldn't even believe him.

"Uncle-in-law, I've heard you were from the Zhang Family, is that true?" Qingfeng asked while smiling.

Zhiwen nodded arrogantly, "Yes, I used to be the core member in the Zhang Family. Later on, I studied abroad, then met Xiaofei and had kids there."

"Oh, if so, then you must know Tianci Zhang?" Qingfeng sniggled with a sense of sarcasm.

Zhiwen obviously didn't get the hint from Qingfeng, he continued, "Of course I do. Tianci is the young master in the Zhang Family as well as the future family heir. Just to let you know, I am close to him."

Qingfeng looked at Zhiwen's proud face and found it funny. Maybe this dude would drop his jaw once he knew Tianci was Qingfeng's little brother.

It's sad to be ignorant like this. Qingfeng shook his head and felt sorry for the rest of others.

Yan Zhang felt annoyed after seeing Qingfeng looking at them in a petty way. "Brother-in-law, what do you mean by that look. I'm telling you my father was really close to Tianci. Tianci is the CEO of this Zhang's Hotel."

"I know, he is my little bro. I have seen him many times here," Qingfeng took a sip of water from his glass and said.

Yan Zhang was so certain that Qingfeng must be lying and making things up even if all that he said was true. How could Tianci, as the young master who was going to inherit billions of money in property, be your little bro?

"Brother-in-law, please don't say Tianci is your little bro anymore. Otherwise, others might think you are retarded," Yan Zhang laughed at him.

Zhiwen nodded and said, "Qingfeng, I know you want to brag in front of us, but you can't make things up. People would send you to a psychiatric hospital if you said Tianci was your little bro."

Oh my lord, nobody believes what I said. Qingfeng ignored them.

Phone Ringing...

At this moment, somebody called Zhiwen. He looked at the number and freaked out, "Hush, everybody. It's from Tianci."

"Uncle Zhiwen, which room are you in now, let me go join you," Tianci said from the phone.

"Young master, we are in room 66."

"Alright, see you later."

"See you later!" Zhiwen looked so thrilled since the young master was coming.

Tianci hung up and walked towards room 66. He wanted to see Zhiwen since he used to be a core member decades ago.

Zhiwen kept waving his phone and said aloofly, "Hear that? The young master is coming to see me."

Certainly, Hg mainly looked at Qingfeng and Xue Lin as he tried to imply he had a high status that even Tianci came for him.

Qingfeng found Zhiwen funny and didn't know what to say. This uncle-in-law was just an idiot that thought he won the world by knowing a rich CEO. Step out of your shallow mind and check what is outside, dude.

Later, Tianci came in with two bodyguards. He was dressed in a suit.

"Hello, young master. I'm so glad that you can come to see me," Zhiwen smiled and stood up when he saw Tianci coming in.

He used to be the core member in the Zhang Family. However, he was still far to reach Tianci, who would be the future family inheritor.

"Uncle Zhiwen, I remember you. My father wanted you to work in the Zhang Corporation when you just got your PhD, but you eventually chose to stay in the States," Tianci smiled and said.

Tianci definitely knew Zhiwen well. He always supported his father and used to visit his family a lot when they were younger.

"Young master, my apology, I chose to stay because Xiaofei was staying in the States, " Zhiwen explained.

Honestly, Zhiwen was planning to come back and work in the Zhang Corporation since he was promised a manager position by Tianci's father in his company. Yet, he chose to stay in the States with Xiaofei since she worked in a company there as a manager.

Zhiwen pointed at Yan Zhang and the short-hair guy, said, "Young Master, this is my daughter, Yan Zhang and my son-in-law, Ping Wang."

"Young Master, do you still remember me? I used to hang out with you when we were younger," Yan Zhang seemed so excited.

"Yes, I do. You used to chase butterflies, right?" Tianci said while laughing.

Yan Zhang looked so happy when she heard the Young Master still remembered her. After all, being remembered by a CEO from a billion dollar company was enough to be proud.

"Yan Zhang glanced at Qingfeng and rolled her eyes. Young Master, somebody just said you were his little bro. He was lying, right?"

Who the heck dares to say I am his little bro? Is he tired of living?

Tianci frowned and looked at where Yan Zhang was looking at. When he saw Qingfeng and Xue Lin at the corner of the table, his face suddenly froze.

Unfortunately, Yan Zhang didn't notice Tianci's face and kept saying, "Young Master, that guy said he had seen you and you were his little bro. What a liar, I have punished him for you already."

"Shut up! What position do you think you have to scold him?" Tianci suddenly turned back and glared at Yan Zhang aggressively.

Yan Zhang changed her face and didn't know what happened. She was just having a great time talking to him, why he suddenly started to yell at her? She felt so frustrated.

Zhiwen felt bad when he saw her daughter being yelled, he tried to explain, "Young Master, don't be mad, that dude is lying. I have also scolded him."

Are you fucking kidding me? You two have such great guts to punish Brother Feng? Tianci glared at Zhiwen as he was almost going to explode. Even though you are a member of the Zhang Family, Brother Feng is worth tens of you in Tianci's opinion.

Zhiwen felt a bit weird when he saw Tianci was staring at him. he asked quietly, "Young Master, why are you looking at me like this?"

"Because you are a dumbass." Tianci looked at Zhiwen viciously as he said in a cold, harsh tone.

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