My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 467: Having Lunch with Xue Lin

Chapter 467: Having Lunch with Xue Lin

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Xue Lin looked at her watch and discovered that it was noon. After Qingfeng’s reminder, she felt that she was quite hungry.

"Okay, let’s go," Xue Lin said with a charming smile as she walked to the food court with Qingfeng.

Xue Lin was tall and had a seductive body. She elicited a seductive scent as she walked which attracted Qingfeng’s gaze.

The food court was divided into three areas. The first was the CEO area, the second area was designated for higher-ups and the last was the employee dining area.

The CEO naturally could not dine with the other employees. She had to consider the matters of the company even when she ate. The employee dining area was too loud.

Qingfeng and Xue Lin directly walked to the CEO’s dining area. It was a 20 square feet booth decorated with white marble. Even though it was not spacious, the booth was big enough for the two of them.

Since there were only two of them, they did not drink wine. Xue Lin did not like alcohol either so they drank some tea.

Three cups of wine could help cement a business relationship, a pot of tea could expand an enterprise.

Northern people loved to drink and establish relationships while drinking. Southern people preferred to drink tea. There were more female employees in Ice Snow Corporation so the majority of the people preferred to drink tea. There was a specialty tea store within the company’s food court.

Soon, two cups of oolong tea were brought to the table. Qingfeng poured Xue Lin a cup of tea and took a sip of tea himself. The tea tasted delicious; the aromatic scent filled his throat.

The two of the ordered four dishes. They would not be able to finish all the food if they ordered too many dishes. They ordered four bowls of rice. Qingfeng would eat three bowls of rice while Xue Lin would eat one bowl of rice. A man’s appetite was always bigger than a woman’s appetite.

The two of them discussed the company’s matter as they dined.

"Qingfeng, I feel like I can expand the company," Xue Lin said with a smile as she ate a piece of vegetable.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows and said, "You want to expand the company?"

Truthfully, Qingfeng did not want Xue Lin to expand the company. If the company expands, there would be more business deals and projects. Xue Lin would be even more busy. He did not want Xue Lin to be too busy.

But Qingfeng also know that Xue Lin loved to be busy. She was a strong woman who was destined to be an entrepreneur. She wanted her company to be the number 1 company in the world. Compared to her, he was more lazy and laidback.

Of course, if Xue Lin really wanted to expand the company, Qingfeng would support her. After all, the two of them had their individual goals, he could not stop her dreams because of his preferences.

"Look, Ice Snow Corporation is already the number one company in ES City. I am thinking of establishing a branch office in another city," Xue Lin said with a smile.

"That’s doable but how would you split the stocks? Are you still going to split the profit with the 3 founding members on the Director Board? Qingfeng said as he ate a spoonful of rice.

To be honest, Qingfeng did not oppose Xue Lin’s idea. It was a good thing for the company to expand. But Qingfeng was uncomfortable with giving the 3 founding members 60% of the profit.

Xue Lin had poured her heart and soul into the company. She often did overtime and stayed up all night. The other three founding members did nothing but easily took away 60% of the profit.

Moreover, they were still unsatisfied and wanted more profit.

"I’m troubled by that as well. I’m scared that the directors would cause a commotion if I establish a branch office," Xue Lin said woefully.

"Rest assured, if the three of them were to find trouble with you, I will teach them a lesson."

"You can’t use violence. After all, they are my seniors."

"Don’t worry, I won’t use violence. I will use a milder method," Qingfeng said with a smile.

There were many ways to teach someone a lesson other than using violence. Everyone has a weakness, Qingfeng only needed to find their weakness and use it against them.

The two chatted as they ate. Soon, it was time to get back to work.

Qingfeng was slightly bored when he returned to the Sales Department. Xue Lin was responsible for direction of the company. The Sales Department was only responsible for the sales of the company.

He has already helped the company obtain several large partnerships. He was the number one sales of the company.

Qingfeng pondered and suddenly realized that he knew nothing about the three founding members. He could spend some time collecting their information.

Qingfeng asked his colleagues at the Sales Department. He did not know much about the three founding members. They were all higher-ups of the company. Even though his colleagues knew their names, they did not know much else about them.

"Oh yeah, let me find Sister Xia, she should know since she is a higherup as well," Qingfeng said to himself as he walked to Wanqiu Xia’s office.

5 minutes later, he arrived at Wanqiu Xia’s office. He said with a smile, "Sister Xia, are you busy?"

Wanqiu Xia was organizing the sales report of the Sales Department. She placed down the papers in her hand when she saw Qingfeng. She said, "Qingfeng, what’s the matter?"

"Sister Xia, I want to know some information about the three founding members. Do you know much about them?" Qingfeng said with a smile.

Wanqiu Xia thought for a moment and said, "I know a bit about them. They are Tianxiang Huang, Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou. They established the company with Xue Lin’s grandfather."

"Sister Xia, do you know where they live?"

"I don't know where Tianxiang Huang lives but I know that Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou both live in Happy Community.

"Thank you, Sister Xia," Qingfeng said before leaving.

Wanqiu Xia furrowed her brows as she looked at Qingfeng’s departing figure. She did not understand why Qingfeng asked about the address of the founding members. Also, why did he leave immediately after asking?

Qingfeng did not tell Wanqiu Xia that he asked for the address of the three founding members so that he could investigate them. It was not a glorious deed and it was better that less people know about his actions.

Qingfeng returned to the Sales Department and asked for a day off before leaving the office.

He did not plan to return to work in the afternoon. He planned to investigate the founding members.

Of course, Qingfeng did not now Tianyang Huang’s address so he decided to investigate Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou first.

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