My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 468: The Two Perverted Old Man

Chapter 468: The Two Perverted Old Man

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Happy Community was a higher-end community of Eastern Sea City. However, most of the people who lived here were elderly. Thus, environment of the community was peaceful and quiet. It was a suitable place for the retired elderly.

Qingfeng was stunned when he arrived at Happy Community. The community was located right in front of the artificial lake of Eastern Sea City. There were countless of tall tress within the community. The community was extremely clean and spotless.

Just as he was about to enter the community, the doorkeeper stopped him. He said that it was a rule of the community that strangers were prohibited from entering.

Swoowh swoowh!

Qingfeng took out 2000 Yuan and passed it over to the doorkeeper. The doorkeeper’s eyes lit up. The money was almost half of his monthly salary. How could he not be tempted?

"Can I enter now?" Qingfeng said with a smile.

"Of course, of course."

"Oh yeah, do you know where Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou live?"

"They live in Block A Building number 2. One lives on the ninth floor. The other lives on the tenth floor. They are neighbors," The doorkeeper said with a smile as he held onto the 200 dollars.

Qingfeng disregarded the doorkeeper and walked towards the community.

He arrived at the ninth floor where Dequan Yue lived. He listened carefully and discovered that there were no sounds inside the apartment. There was no one at home.

Qingfeng then arrived at Zongjie Zhou’s home. There were sounds coming from the apartment. There must be somewhere at home.

But there was a security door on the tenth floor. He couldn’t break in directly. Of course, the security door was nothing for Qingfeng. He could break in anytime. But he would alert the people inside the house if he was to do so.

Qingfeng pondered for a moment and thought of an idea. He could get in from the balcony.

Qingfeng was extremely efficient. He went to the back of the community and climbed up the building using the water pipe, balcony rails and security nets.


He was like spider man. His limbs seemed like they were magnetic and glued to the wall. He climbed quickly up the building wall.

If someone was looking down from below, they would be stunned by the sight. Qingfeng climbed up the bulding wall like spiderman. Soon, he arrived at the balcony of the tenth floor.

The window to the balcony of the tenth floor was open. Clearly, no one expected someone to climb ten floors. Thus, they opened the window to ventilate the air.

Qingfeng climbed over the balcony and window. He carefully stepped into the apartment. Just as he entered the apartment, he heard a strange noise.

yamate~ (TL: most frequently said phrase of Japanese porn stars)

Qingfeng’s lips twitched. The sound would be familiar to anyone who have watched jap porn.

Qingfeng carefully moved the curtain of the living room and looked inside the living room. As he expected, he found two old men masturbating on the sofa.

WTF? Old men were so open nowadays. Qingfeng was speechless and felt that he was falling behind times.

Qingfeng quickly took out his phone and took a picture of the perverted old men. He then saved the photos to his phone.

The bald old man on the right said, "Zongjie Zhou, this film is good eh?"

Zongjie Zhou who wore glasses said, "Dequan Yu, you perverted old man. You are so old but you are still watching these films."

"Zongjie Zhou, stop pretending. You watched the film too. I hear that you have a mistress?"

"Dequan Yu, I thought you were a good man but you have an illegitimate son too."

"Whatever, neither of us are good men. We are in no position to criticize each other," The two old men insulted each other and revealed each other’s dirty laundry.

Of course, both of these men were not good men. Thus, they both had weaknesses in the other’s hands.

Dequan Yu furrowed his brows and said, "Zongjie Zhou, what do you think about Tianyang Huang’s suggestion to increase our stocks inside the company."

Zongjie Zhou chuckled and said, "I think that his idea is great. We only have 20% each in the company. It is too little. Xue Lin alone has 40% of the company’s stocks. I think that the company’s shares should be equally split among the four of us. Each of us should have 25%."

"Yes, I also think that our stocks should be increased. I still have to feed my bastard son."

"Yeah, my mistress needs money too."

"Let’s do what Tianyang Huang suggested then. We can all find trouble if Xue Lin. If she refuses to increase our stocks, we will unite and deal with her."

The two old men chuckled like two perverts.

Qingfeng stood behind the curtain and recorded their conversation. His heart was raging with anger.

Xue Lin worked so hard every day and gave 60% of the profit to you guys but these three old men were not satisfied with their stocks and wanted more.

"Hehe~ You guys are so old but still have the energy to watch porn," Qingfeng said as he suddenly walked out from behind the curtain. His eyes were icily cold.

The two old men turned ghastly pale when they saw Qingfeng. They thought, "What was going on? How could there be someone else in the apartment?"

Zongjie Zhou was the owner of the apartment. He asked, "Fellow, who are you? How did you enter my apartment?

"Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Qingfeng Li, I am a salesman of Ice Snow Corporation," Qingfeng introduced himself.

Salesman of Ice Snow Corporation?

The two old men exchanged looks of relief. They initially thought it was someone important but it turned out it was just a salesman.

The two old men were founding members of the Director Board but they only collected the profit of the company and have never went to the company. Thus, they have never met Qingfeng., Qingfeng’s name sounded familiar but they could not recall where they have heard of the name.

Suddenly, Dequan Yu’s expression changed. He said in a low voice, "Zongjie Zhou, I have a distant relative who works in the company. I recall him saying that the husband of the CEO was called Qingfeng Li?"

Zongjie Zhou was stunned. He said, "The husband of CEO Lin Xue?"

"Congratulations! You guys got it! I am Xue Lin’s husband. Are you guys happy to see me?" Qingfeng said with a smile.

Happy? How could they be happy? The two of them were watching porn and discussing how they should conspire against Xue Lin. Qingfeng must have heard everything they said. How could they be happy?


Zongjie Zhou reacted quickly. He grabbed the TV controller and turned off the TV. He said in an icy voice, "Qingfeng Li, I don't care who you are. This is my home. Please leave right now or I will call the police."

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