My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 466: The Gu Insect is Acting Up Again

Chapter 466: The Gu Insect is Acting Up Again

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"Come out, Ya Wang, Qingfeng and Wanqiu Xia have left," Bin Ye said to the hidden room behind the door.

Ya Wang took seductive steps forward and kissed him with her red lips. She said with a smile, "You’re awesome. This kiss is a reward for you."

Bin Ye’s face reddened in excitement. He did not expect Ya Wang to kiss him.

"Ya Wang, what should our next step be?" Bin Ye asked.

To be honest, Bin Ye was also furious against Qingfeng Li. Qingfeng had beat him up previously. This time, he even beat up the security guards of the company. Clearly, Qingfeng did not respect him.

As the young master of Ye Corporation, Bin Ye could not accept his actions. He wanted to seek revenge against Qingfeng.

Ya Wang smiled seductively and said, "You spoke really well just now. Tomorrow they come and get the nutrition supplements. When Qingfeng comes, you can directly him a set of nutrition supplements that we poisoned."

"Good. Ya Wang, your idea is so good. I will leave this to you," Bin Ye said to Ya Wang.

Even though he wanted to teach Qingfeng a lesson, but he was not skilled in poisoning others. Thus, he left it to Ya Wang.

Ya Wang smiled coldly. A flash of viciousness appeared in her eyes, "Be rest assured, I will poison the nutrition supplements and give Qingfeng a big present."


At the moment, Qingfeng and Wanqiu Xia left Ye Corporation. He did not know that a conspiracy against him has begun.

"Qingfeng, thank you. If it was not for you, I would not be able to enter Ye Corporation or get back the compensation for breach of contract," Wanqiu Xia said with gratitude.

Qingfeng waved her hand and said, "Sister Xia, we are friends. It is my duty to help you."

Wanqiu Xia’s expression reddened at the words. She was extremely shy. She thought back to two weeks ago when she requested Qingfeng to be her boyfriend. Qingfeng had kissed her then.

Qingfeng was focused on walking and did not notice Wanqiu Xia’s flushed face. This caused Wanqiu Xia a bit of disappointment.

After resolving the issue about the penalty, the two drove towards Ice Snow Corporation.

Soon, the two arrived at Ice Snow Corporation.

"Big brother Li, where did you go?" xyz stopped Qingfeng just as he walked into the Sales Department.

"I went with Sister Xia to collect the penalty of the company."

"The penalty for breach of contract? Big Brother Li, are you talking about the 5 million dollars penalty that the Ye Corporation owes us? Sister Xia has went multiple times but they refuse to pay up."

"Who am I? When I went, Bin Ye immediately agreed to pay up. He asked me to collect 5 million dollars worth of nutrition supplements tomorrow as a repayment.

"Big brother Li, you are awesome!" Xiaoyue Zhang said with stars in her eyes.

She knew that Ye Corporation was a big company in ES City. It was extremely difficult to collect the money but Qingfeng was able to collect the money after he visited Ye Corporation.

It was noon and time for lunch.

The employees of Ice Snow Corporation had a 90 minute lunch break from 12 -1:30pm.

The employees could choose to nap or play during their break. This would allow them to relieve their fatigue and allow them to work more efficiently in the afternoon.

During lunch, Qingfeng did not head to the food court. Instead, he went to the CEO office.

When he arrived at the CEO office, Xue Lin was still busy working. A focused woman was the most beautiful.

Xue Lin was charming. Since she was looking down and working, Qingfeng could easily she her breasts from on top.

Not only that, Xue Lin wore a black bra today. Qingfeng looked at her with a heated glance. He almost had a nosebleed.

Xue Lin was busy working when she felt the gaze of a hungry wolf on her. The aggressive gaze made her uncomfortable.

Xue Lin looked up and instantly saw Qingfeng. But Qingfeng was looked quite strange. His eyes were bloody red like a wolf. There was a tint of green within his bloody red eyes. His eyes looked quite scary.

"Hubby, why are your eyes so red with a tint of green?" Xue Lin blinked her eyes in confusion.

"Oh no, my body is acting up again," Qingfeng felt that his brain was fuzzy and he could not control himself. He wanted to have * with Xue Lin.

No, no..I can’t do such thing. This is her office. I promised to only have sex with her after the wedding.

Qingfeng bit heavily on this lower lip. Blood began seeping out of his lip but it was not enough. His eyes were still red and green. He felt that he could not control his actions. There seemed to be something crawling inside his body.

Water, water, water…

Qingfeng suddenly thought of ryl’s words. She told him that he could splash water on his face when he could not control himself.

At that thought, Qingfeng picked up the water cup on Xue Lin’s desk with difficulty and splashed it onto his face.


Qingfeng poured all the water inside the cup onto his face. His face, hair, eyes and nose were all wet. He was completely drenched. His mind instantly cleared up and the fire within him dissipated.

"Why did you pour water on yourself?" Xue Lin asked with puzzlement as she furrowed her brows.

She did not understand Qingfeng’s actions. Qingfeng’s gaze and actions were so strange. For a moment, Xue Lin questioned whether the man in front of her was Qingfeng.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "It’s okay. I feel kinda hot so I drank some water to quench my thirst."

Qingfeng did not want Xue Lin to worry about him so he did not tell her the problem with his body.

Furthermore, even if he spoke the truth, Qingfeng did not know what was happening with his body. It seems like he had to make a trip to Wudang Mountain and see Monk’s teacher. The monk might know something.

What? Drank some water to quench your thirst?

Xue Lin rolled her eyes. Why would you pour water on your face? How would you drink water if you splash it on your face?

Even though Qingfeng’s actions were strange, Xue Lin could not interrogate him if he did not want to speak. Afterall, it was not a glorious action to splash water on one’s face.

"Xue Lin, it’s noon. Let’s go and eat," Qingfeng said with a smile after his mind cleared up.

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