My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 45: This woman is so beautiful

Chapter 45: This woman is so beautiful

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"Well, it’s been an exhausting day. Let’s head home and rest. We still have work tomorrow."

Qingfeng was slightly speechless when he saw the looks of admiration in Xiaoyue Zhang and Hao Luo’s eyes.

He stopped a taxi and sent Xiaoyue Zhang and Hao Luo home. Then, he called a taxi for himself and headed towards Noble Palace.

A luxurious room in Hot Spring Villa.

Two men sat across from one another. One was strongly built and had a high nose bridge. He had blonde curly hair that slightly curled upwards. He was the King of the Tiger Continent – the Tiger King.

The man on the left was not as heavily built as Tiger King. He was average sized and pale. His eyes were bright and he wore a leopard skin. His entire body was muscular, toned and filled with explosive energy.

He was the Panther King, the King of the Panther Continent.

"Panther King, is it safe here?"

Tiger King frowned and asked.

"Absolutely. At least it’s safer than the basement of your Sunshine estate."

Panther King caressed the leopard skin on his body and lightly said. He was wearing the genuine leather of a leopard which he killed with a single punch.

"Panther King, this Hot Spring villa is the territory of the Chen Family. Chen is a citizen of the Huaxia country and should not be trusted."

Tiger King said while toying with the iron ball in his hand.

He was the Tiger King of his continent and was a carrier of a royal bloodline. His ancestor was a general who had innate hostility towards Huaxia.

"Tiger King, you can rest assured. The company of the Chen family is controlled by us. The true owner of Hot Spring villa is me."

Panther King lightly smiled with pride.

The Panther King came from a large Caucasian family which had invested a lot in Huaxia. The Chen Family was one of the companies that they had invested in.

"You people are cunning."

Tiger King smoked a cigar and lightly said.

He was smoking a Cuban Cigar, which was the best in the world. Each cigar costs a few hundreds of dollars.

"No, we are not as cunning as the Rat King. That fellow had hidden himself once he arrived in Huaxia. Not even I know where he is hiding."

Panther King’s face was filled with anger when he spoke of the Rat King. The Rat King was a cunning and wicked fellow who he detested.

"Panther King, let’s not care about the coward. Have you decided how we should deal with Wolf King?"

"I would like the Chen Family to deal with him first."

"Panther King, even though the Chen Family is strong, they may not be an opponent of the Wolf King."

"My dear Tiger King, I don’t plan on making the Chen Family deal with Wolf King, but rather, his wife Xue Lin."

Panther King lightly smiled with confidence.

"Okay. But I need to remind you, Poisonous spider wanted to assassinate Xue Lin but was killed by the Wolf King."

Tiger King frowned and was not optimistic about Panther King’s strategy.

"Tiger King, I forgot to tell you. I’m not referring to using force. I know that the Wolf King is the strongest man on Earth. I would like the Chen Family company to form a partnership with the Ice Snow Corporation…then destroy them."

Panther King smiled darkly. His eyes flashed with coldness.

Qingfeng, who was in the taxi, did not know that the Panther King had set his eyes on Xue Lin’s Ice Snow Corporation.

But, even if he knew, he would not be afraid.

The word "fear" did not exist in the Wolf King’s dictionary.

Noble Palace.

Qingfeng got off the taxi and walked towards the entrance of Noble Palace. The two security guards glanced at him with disdain in their eyes.

This fellow wore a camouflage uniform and was obviously poor. I wonder who his sugar mummy is? The two security guards secretly guessed in their hearts.

To be frank, security guards were the gatekeepers of rich people. Most of them judged people by their appearances and were snobbish.

"Oh, it’s you."

Suddenly a surprised voice sounded from the back.

Qingfeng looked around and saw a seductive woman sitting inside a white Maserati. She wore a red dress and sat in the driver’s seat.

The seductive woman was none other than Ruyan Liu, the woman whom he borrowed the Royal Black Chicken from.

"Beauty, what a coincidence. We meet again."

Qingfeng smiled and revealed a gentleman-like smile.

"Yes, what a coincidence. Would you like a to come to my home for a drink?"

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and invited him.

"Of course, I should accept the invitation of the beauty."

Qingfeng smiled lightly and stepped into the car.


The Maserati uttered a roar and accelerated into the neighborhood.

"Brother, what did I see? That broke guy wearing a camouflage outfit got into the car of beauty Ruyan Liu."

"So his sugar mummy is Ruyan Liu. It’s no wonder he can enter this high-end neighborhood."

"Shut up. Don’t you want to live? Ruyan Liu is not someone you can gossip about. Remember the last security guard who flirted with Ruyan Liu and became a corpse the next day?"

The left security guard asked the right security guard to shut up and hit him on the head.

The two men looked around in fear that someone had heard their words. They would be done if anyone did.

Villa number 14.

Inside the living room, Qingfeng sat on the leather sofa and Ruyan Liu sat across from him.

Ruyan Liu was gorgeous. Her lips were bright red and her eyes were like pools of water. Her skin was smooth and her body was graceful. Her eyes flickered enchantedly.

She wore a long spaghetti dress which made her graceful body seemed more graceful. Her pale white legs peeked from under her dress. She wore a pair of red heels on her feet. She was seductive and charming.

"What would you like to drink? Pop, coffee or red wine?"

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and stretched, revealing her graceful curves.

The curves of her body were extremely eye-catching and a single glance at it caused one’s heart to accelerate. An ordinary man would be drooling. Thankfully, Qingfeng was the Wolf King and could retain his calmness.

"Two glasses of French red wine please."

Qingfeng tapped his finger and lightly said.

"Okay, I need to grab the wine from the cellar. You can look around the living room."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and walked gracefully towards the basement.

She had a wine cellar in her basement which contained a large collection of precious wines. Each bottle was worth a fortune.

Qingfeng stood up and began to walk around the living room.

The living room was luxurious with all European-style Paris design. It looked exotic.

After a while, Ruyan Liu returned with a bottle of red wine. She smiled and said, "How’s the living room?"

"It’s great. The design is great. Is it designed by the Parisian designer Andrea?" Qingfeng looked and said.

"You’re very smart, how did you know it was designed by Andrea?"

A hint of surprise appeared in Ruyan Liu’s eyes.

Andrea was the most well-known interior designer in Paris. She had used her connections and spent a fortune to invite her to design the house. How did the man in front of her know the famous designer?

"I made a guess."

Qingfeng smiled mysteriously.

He was not about to reveal to the woman in front of him that Andrea was his friend.

"You’re sharp. Here, I’ll reward you a glass of red wine."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and handed a glass of red wine to Qingfeng.

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