My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 44: Big Brother, It was a Mistake!

Chapter 44: Big Brother, It was a Mistake!

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This was a demon.

King Kong’s face became pale and he started to tremble when he thought of the horrible memories he had of Qingfeng.

He deeply feared this invincible man who could defeat dozens of men of his gang in a minute.

"Big..Big brother. I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you." King Kong’s face was ghastly and his tall body trembled.

"King Kong, it’s you again. Do you want to die?"

Qingfeng coldly said with his hands behind his back.

"Big brother, I made a mistake. Please let me go."

King Kong pleaded and lowered his head.

"Where is Bo Wang?"

Qingfeng frowned and asked.

"Big Brother, he is in the car at the back. I’ll go get him now."

In order to make Qingfeng forgive him, King Kong volunteered to catch Bo Wang.

At the moment, fifty meters away, Bo Wang was sitting excitedly in his car.

He had just given King Kong 10 thousand Yuan and instructed him to break Qingfeng’s legs. He should have completed his mission by now. The thought of Qingfeng Li begging at his feet after having his legs broken made him very happy.

Once Qingfeng Li became disabled, Xiaoyue Zhang would leave him for sure. Then, Xiaoyue Zhang would belong to him. Bo Wang grinned widely at the thought.

"Get the f*ck out."

Bo Wang was still excited when he heard a sudden shout.

He looked up and saw that it was King Kong. He excitedly asked,

"Brother King Kong, you already broke Qingfeng Li’s legs?"

"I’m going to break your mother. Open the door and get the f*ck out." King Kong yelled with a dark face.

"King Kong brother, what do you mean?" Bo Wang sensed that something was wrong and a hint of confusion flickered across his face.

"I told you to get off the car. Did you hear me?"

"Big brother King Kong. If you don’t tell me the reason, I’m not opening the door."

"F*ck. If you don’t open the door, I’ll smash the window." King Kong smiled coldly and suddenly swung his right fist towards the left car window.


A loud bang was heard and the hard window glass was smashed with a single fist from King

Kong. He grabbed inside the car with his fist and pulled Bo Wang out of the car.

"What do you want?" Bo Wang’s face turned ghastly pale when he saw the vicious appearance of King Kong.

"What do I want? You’ll find out soon." King Kong coldly smiled and carried Bo Wang’s body to the front of Qingfeng.


When he was in front of Qingfeng, King Kong let go of his left hand and threw Bo Wang’s body onto the ground.

"It’s you?" Bo Wang looked up and was startled to find that Qingfeng was standing in front of him.

"I hear that you want to break my legs. Is that true?" Qingfeng coldly smiled and said.

"Qingfeng Li, I’m not sure what you mean?" Bo Wang rolled his eyes and looked as if he was trying to conceal something.

"You don’t admit it? King Kong why don’t you speak." Qingfeng frowned and said to King Kong.

"Bo Wang gave me 10 thousand Yuan and asked me to break your legs." King Kong stood on the side and respectfully said.

"Bo Wang, did you hear it clearly?"

"Qingfeng Li, yes I want to break your leg. You stole Xiaoyue Zhang from me and kicked me out of the Ice Snow Corporation."

"Bo Wang, have you heard of the phrase ‘those who commit many sins will die’." Qingfeng lightly asked with his hands behind his back.

"Big Brother King Kong, I already gave you 10 thousand Yuan. Why haven’t you broken Qingfeng Li’s legs?" Bo Wang suddenly turned towards King Kong and loudly questioned.


King Kong slapped Bo Wang across the face and angrily yelled,

"Qingfeng Li is my big brother. How dare you ask me to beat up my big brother. You want to die?"

In order to make Qingfeng forgive him, King Kong started to call him Big brother and positioned himself as his subordinate.

"What? Qingfeng Li is your Big brother?" Bo Wang covered his face in shock.

He knew that King Kong was very strong. He was the leader of the Flying Car Gang and had dozens of thugs under him. How did he become Qingfeng Li’s subordinate?

"Big Brother, what should we do with this bastard?" King Kong ran to Qingfeng’s side and asked respectfully. His respectful manner was like just a subordinate. When he saw the respectful manner of King Kong, Bo Wang shuddered and his expression changed. He realized that he had provoked a strong character.

"King Kong, break his legs." Qingfeng waved his hand and lightly said.

I will not act against those who do not attack me. But I will certainly retaliate against those who attack me. This was the life code of Qingfeng.

Bo Wang wanted to break his legs. Naturally, he deserved to have his legs broken.



King Kong rushed to Bo Wang’s side. Bo Wang watched with fear in his eyes as King Kong broke his legs.

"Ahh, my legs."

Bo Wang let out a scream. He tilted his head and passed out.

"Big Brother, this is my name card. Today’s events were all my fault. I would like to treat you to a meal as an apology. Is that okay?"

King Kong handed his name card towards Qingfeng and asked nervously.

He deeply feared the young man in front of him. He knew that if the other does not accept his name card, he would be finished.

Qingfeng almost laughed when he saw the nervous state of King Kong. Was he so terrifying?

"Okay. Call you tomorrow night." Qingfeng took King Kong’s name card and lightly said.

"Thank you, Big Brother." King Kong wiped off a cold sweat on his forehead and thanked him gratefully.

He knew that the events had passed today.

"Sister Xiaoyue, Fatty, let’s go." Qingfeng smiled lightly and pulled the sluggish Xiaoyue Zhang and Hao Luo away from the entrance of the KTV.

"Farewell Big Brother!" King Kong suddenly bowed and shouted.

"Farewell Big Brother!"

The dozens of thugs at the back also bowed and shouted.

The voice of dozens of men was very loud. The sound was deafening and the surrounding passersby all moved away in fear.

What the f*ck… There’s no need to be so formal okay? Qingfeng staggered and almost fell. The shout from King Kong and his subordinates made him seem like the Big brother of a gang. It was tarnishing his bright and just image.

Xiaoyue Zhang and Hao Luo were stunned when they saw the big group of people calling Qingfeng ‘Big Brother’. Both worshipped Qingfeng with stars in their eyes.

"Big Brother Li, I didn’t expect you to be so strong. Even King Kong called you Big Brother." Xiaoyue Zhang looked at Qingfeng with admiration. Her beautiful eyes were bright with stars.

She was close to saying, "I love you."

Beauties loved heroes. She had grown to like Big Brother Li more and more.

"Brother Feng, you’re awesome! You are my idol." Hao Luo looked at Qingfeng admiration and stars in his eye.

He knew that King Kong was the leader of the famous gang in the area and is extremely strong. But now, King Kong called Qingfeng Big Brother. What did this mean? It meant that Qingfeng was stronger and even more powerful than King Kong.

His future would be bright if he followed such a Big Brother.

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