My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 43: I'm that Awesome

Chapter 43: I'm that Awesome

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"Big Brother Li, you sing so well! Sing again!"

Under the strong request of Xiaoyue Zhang, Qingfeng sang a dozen times. Xiaoyue Zhang was intoxicated by his voice but Qingfeng ‘s throat was dry.

"No more, I’m going to rest. Fatty, come and sing."

Qingfeng passed the microphone to Hao Luo and sat down.

After singing for so long, his throat was dry and scratchy.

"Ok, I’ll let you guys hear my voice."

Hao Luo took over the microphone and started singing.

But he only sang a sentence before he was stopped by Xiaoyue Zhang. Fatty’s voice was too horrible; it was harsher than the sound of dying pigs.

"Fatty, stop singing. I’m afraid of getting nightmares at night."

Xiaoyue Zhang rolled her eyes and delivered a ruthless blow to Fatty.

The other two princesses covered their mouths and secretly laughed. They’ve worked at the KTV for so many years but it was the first time they’ve heard such bad singing. It sounded like the howling of ghosts and wolves.

"Brother Feng, is my singing really that horrible?" Hao Luo asked dejectedly.

"Yes. Please don’t sing anymore." Qingfeng nodded in sympathy. Fatty’s voice was so lethal; he could not tolerate it any longer.

Hao Luo could only dejectedly put the microphone down to avoid the outrage of the others.

"Handsome, let’s relax after singing. Let’s roll the die. Whoever loses has to drink." The long-haired host, Little Mei, took out a small bowl and a die. She sat next to Qingfeng and seductively said.

The job of the princess was to sing with the customers and entertain them. They could allow the customers to take some small advantages of them. But their primary goal was to make the customer spend more and buy more liquor at the KTV. If the customer paid enough, he could bring the princess to a hotel.

Of course, the women available for sleeping with were more open. If they went to a hotel with a customer, they would have to utilize protection and buy condoms to prevent diseases.

"Tell me, how do we play?"

Qingfeng asked interestedly with a smile when he saw the seductive appearance of Little Mei. "We will guess big or small of the die. One, three or five would be small. Two, four or six would be big. Whoever loses has to drink a bottle of beer."

Little Mei cheerfully said with her flushed pretty face.

"Okay, I’ll play with you for a bit. But my nickname is Seven Times One Night. I’ve never lost."Qingfeng smiled confidently with pride.

"Seven Times One Night? Why don’t you say Thirteen Times One Night?"

The two princesses, Little Mei and Little Wan, both rolled their eyes.

Pa Pa Pa…

Little Mei placed the die into the bowl, shook it for a few times and asked, "Big or small?"


Qingfeng’s ear moved slightly and he paid attention to the die in the bowl.

Little Mei’s eyelashes fluttered. She opened the lid and, sure enough, it was small. A flash of surprise crossed her eyes.

This handsome man was too lucky. He guessed correctly on his first try. Little Mei muttered in her heart.

The loser must be willing to admit defeat. She grabbed a bottle of beer and quickly finished the bottle. All the hosts at the KTV could drink a lot.

She placed the die in the bowl and started to shake it again.

"Handsome, big or small?"

"Still small."

"You’re right again. I’ll drink."

"Handsome man, big or small?"

"Big this time."

"F*ck, you’re a gambling god. You are right every time." Little Mei swore in shock.

Qingfeng had already guessed right a few times in a row. She had already drunk many bottles of beer and was not feeling well.

"Sister Little Mei, let me do it."

Little Wan said after seeing that Little Mei had drunk a lot. She took the die and started to play with Qingfeng.

After ten minutes…

Little Wan was also stunned. Qingfeng could always correctly guess the die. He did not make a single mistake. Little Wan had also drank a large amount of beer like Little Mei and was feeling drunk.

"Handsome man, you’re so good. How can we continue playing?"

Little Mei and Little Wan both looked at Qingfeng resentfully. They originally planned to get Qingfeng drunk but they were the ones who ended up drunk. How embarrassing.

When she saw that both hosts had lost, Xiaoyue Zhang also became interested and started to play with Qingfeng.

Without a doubt, she also suffered a crushing defeat. After drinking a few bottles of beer, she refused to play with Qingfeng too.

"Brother Feng, I also want to play the die with you."

Fatty did not believe it and wanted to play the die with Qingfeng but he also lost horribly.

Qingfeng was like the reincarnation of the gambling god and had defeated everyone in the room.

I am that awesome.

How lonely is it to be invincible. He let out a long sigh which made the others even more depressed.

An hour later.

After singing, Qingfeng, Hao Luo and Xiaoyue Zhang left Silver Diamond KTV together.

"Thank you. Today was the happiest day of my life."

Xiaoyue Zhang looked at Qingfeng with blurry hazy eyes. A peculiar gaze flashed across her eyes.

"As long as you’re happy."

Qingfeng held onto Xiaoyue Zhang and smiled slightly. He could tell that Xiaoyue Zhang had something on her heart and wanted to vent today.

Hao Luo turned his head sadly to the side when he saw the intimate actions of the two.

For someone who was single, it felt terrible to be loved by no one.

"Fellow, stop right there."

Qingfeng and Xiaoyue Zhang had only walked 50 meters before they were stopped by a bunch of thugs.

The thugs had colorful dyed hair and had clubs in their hands. They looked like a menacing bunch.

The leader was a middle-aged man who was tall and built. He was at least 1.9m tall and was muscular and filled with strength.

His name was King Kong, the leader of a gang.

"Why are you guys here?"

When she saw the thugs, Xiaoyue Zhang also became sober. Her pure and innocent face was filled with fear.

She knew that these thugs were bad and often did bad things.

"Beauty, its none of your business. Stand aside. Someone paid us to break Qingfeng Li’s leg."

King Kong waved his hand and gestured Xiaoyue Zhang to leave. They were here to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

"Did Bo Wang ask you guys to come?"

Xiaoyue Zhang was very smart. She immediately thought of Bo Wang. After all, Bo Wang was fired from the Ice Snow Corporation because of Qingfeng. Bo Wang was a vile person and would seek revenge for sure.

"Exactly. Those who dared to anger Bo Wang need to suffer the consequences."

King Kong smiled coldly and admitted that they were called by Bo Wang.

"Big Brother Li, I’m sorry. I’ve brought you into trouble. Run quickly!"

Xiaoyue Zhang’s lashes fluttered. Her innocent face was filled with apology.

She knew that the reason Bo Wang tried to find trouble with Qingfeng was because of her. She pushed Qingfeng and wanted him to escape but he would not budge.

"Don’t worry Sister Xiao Yue. These are a bunch of weaklings; they are no match for me."

Qingfeng patted Xiaoyue Zhang on the shoulder and gave her a comforting glance.

"Fellow, you’re so arrogant. I’m going to teach you a lesson."

When he heard Qingfeng calling them weaklings, King Kong’s expression darkened and he angrily walked towards Qingfeng.

"HOLY F*CK, it’s you?"

King Kong exclaimed with horror.

Since it was late at night, the light was dim. He was far away and could not see the appearance of Qingfeng.

Now that he was closer, King Kong could finally see the face of Qingfeng. His face instantly became pale and he exclaimed.

The young man in front of him was the same fellow who broke his arm at Lone Hill.

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