My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 42: Karaoke with the Beauty

Chapter 42: Karaoke with the Beauty

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"Bitch, you dare to hit me?"

The bald man's face suddenly changed and he stared at Lily with anger.

This crazy woman actually dared to hit him?! His own wife had never even hit him.

"Liar! You are such a liar!"

"You are materialistic as hell. Blame it on yourself!"

"You lied to me, do you think I’ll forgive you?" Lily rushed up to the bald man like an insane woman and started to scratch at his face.

The bald man didn’t expect this kind of behavior. His face was left with two scratches and started to bleed.

"You scratched me?! F*ck off." The bald man slapped Lily's face aggressively, making it swell up.

"You slapped me?! I’m going to kill you." Lily then started to run up to the bald man’s face like a hungry lioness and began to fight even more crazily.

The bald man didn’t have much energy left, even if he was a guy. The two of them were fighting harshly and fell down onto the floor.

Qingfeng turned two affectionate people that were lovey-dovey to complete enemies within a few seconds. Casting a bone between two dogs was what Qingfeng was the best at.

"Let’s go, fatty. Leave them alone."

Qingfeng smiled and left the room while holding both Hao Luo’s and Xiaoyue’s hands.

The fighting sounds could still be heard for a while after they left.

"Thank you so much, Brother."

Hao Luo bowed to Qingfeng and said with gratitude once they were outside of the hotel.

He knew that he would have been treated badly by Lily if he didn’t receive Qingfeng’s help.

This guy not only released his anger but even made Lily and the bald man fight against each other. He had done so much for him.

"Fatty, she doesn’t deserve you. You will definitely meet the right person in the future, good luck!"

Qingfeng comforted the fat guy while he patted his shoulder.

"Thank you, Brother. From now on, you are my brother. Let me know if you have anything you need help with, I’ll try my best to make it up for you."

Hao Luo said with determination.

Hao Luo had decided to treat Qingfeng as his good brother and would be willing to do anything for him when he reached out to him.

"Alright, stop grossing me out, you two grown men. Let’s go to karaoke."

Xiaoyue interfered after she heard the cheesy words from the fat guy.

"Haha, sorry, we completely forgot this." Hoa Luo also smiled while touching his head.

Xiaoyue then rolled her eyes and said, "Alright, Let’s go singing!"

They caught a taxi and were leaving towards the Silver Diamond.

The Silver Diamond was a large recreational center in Eastern Sea City. It was five-stories high and was more than 1000 square meters in size. It was decorated with luxurious golden wallpapers, crystal floors, and giant chandeliers.

The front desk manager was a long-haired beauty with a delicate face and tall figure dressed in professional black attire.

The beautiful manager started to show contempt once she saw Qingfeng’s messy look in his military outfit.

People said one’s taste could be differentiated based on what they wore. Working in customer service, one thing you needed to have was a sharp insight on people’s taste. You had to tell whether one was rich or not by merely taking a glance at what the brand and price was for what they were wearing.

Apparently, Qingfeng was a poor man in her eyes.

And obviously, poor people are what she looked down on the most.

"The service fee is high here, even the smallest room costs 300 RMB per hour. Can you afford that?" The manager beauty sneered with disdain.

What the heck?!

Why are the materialistic chicks everywhere?

Qingfeng rolled his eyes and went silent. Do I look like a poor guy?

In case you are wondering, although it was all under the name of the Wolf Fang Clan, I have a ten-digit income in my bank account in Switzerland. I can book a hundred rooms without saying a word.

Everyone described Huaxia's people as materialistic and judgmental and he finally knew why.


Qingfeng smashed 2000 Yuan on the front desk and said, "300 Yuan for the room. The rest of it for two beautiful girls, fruits and twenty beers."

The manager beauty suddenly showed happiness in her eyes after seeing the stack of cash.

"This is your room number, 29."

The manage beauty changed her moody face into a smiley one. All of her disdain just now had disappeared.

Money was the first thing to her, everything else was secondary.

"Let’s go." Qingfeng took the key and walked to room 29.

They reached the room in three minutes. Later on, two beautiful girls also came in.

Both of these beautiful girls were called princesses and had delicate faces. They were both tall and skinny with red lips and red nail polish, which made them look quite tempting.

Princesses were a special existence for singing, drinking and playing drinking games with customers. If you were willing to pay more, you could even sleep with them.

The two princesses started to introduce themselves. The one with long hair was Little Mei and the one with the short hair was Little Wan. Afterwards, they began pouring drinks for Qingfeng and Hao Luo.

As for Xiaoyue, she was completely ignored by them since she was a girl too.

"Big brother Li, I will sing first."

Xiaoyue smiled and started to sing with her microphone after ordering a song called "Courage".

"I finally made this decision, I don’t care what others say as long as you’re with me. I would like to follow you everywhere. I know this is not easy and my hearts try to convince myself, but what I’m afraid the most is that you are suddenly giving up on me..."

The song was sung beautifully under Xiaoyue brilliant voice.

Xiaoyue singing skill was only seen as ordinary in Qingfeng’s eyes though. He could definitely sing ten times better than her if it was his turn.

"Big Brother Li, come and sing a song."

Xiaoyue smiled while passing the microphone to Qingfeng and asked him to sing.

"Alright, I go for the "Love the Mountains but Love Beauty More." (TL: Mountains, in this case, refers to territories that a king conquers)

After he cleared up his voice and got ready, he started to sing into the microphone.

"The road is endless and we are walking along with gratitude and grudges. We have fate and destiny in every generation. We share the same blood, drink the same water, this endless journey..."

"I love the mountain but I fell for the beauty more. Which hero would rather be lonely? A good man with all the courage and ambition would be famous miles away."

Qingfeng sang the song stunningly. It was a song about a king that gave up the whole world he conquered for a beauty.

It was amazing!

It was such a brilliant voice.

Xiaoyue was shocked, opening her mouth wide.

Even Hao Luo and the two beautiful girls went speechless.

This voice could be even compared with the Four Kings in the music world.

"Big Brother Li, you sing so well!"

Xiaoyue gave Qingfeng a big thumb up while blushing in her face.

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