My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 41: Yours is a Knock-Off

Chapter 41: Yours is a Knock-Off

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"What makes you think you have the position to tell us to leave?" Lily asked discontentedly.

"This is a four-star restaurant, only rich people like us are welcomed. What position do poor people like you have to tell me to leave?"

"I’m treating this fat dude dinner, not you. Don’t bother us."

Qingfeng frowned his brows in annoyance.

Materialistic women were the type of people he hated the most. They sold their body for goods and money and tended to be the mistress in an affair.

"Huh, the fat dude is a poor guy. You probably are one as well since you’re his friend." Lily looked at him with disdain.

Although she was impressed by this guy for his looks, she still assumed he was poor for the military camouflage outfit he was wearing.

What can looks do, you can basically do nothing without money.

"Lily Wang, you can humiliate me but not my friend!" Hao Luo yelled at her loudly while getting mad.

Lily and he used to be classmates in high school and they had been dating for a while. They were in a really good relationship since Lily was still pure and innocent back then.

However, she started to change after working. She always complained that the fat guy was poor and was such a loser and broke up with him eventually.

"Well, look at you and your friend. Let me tell you, my boyfriend bought me this 100,000 yuan wristlet, can you even afford that?"

Lily showed up her jade wristlet on her right hand and said with contempt.

This jade wristlet was high-end jewelry that was bought by the bald old man, which is why she agreed to be his girlfriend.

Hao Luo’s face flashed in red after hearing what Lily said. He was holding his fist so tight with nails going into his skin and he couldn’t even feel the pain from his bleeding palm at the moment.

What complete humiliation.


Yes, Hao Luo might not be as rich and might not be able to afford the expensive jade wristlet, but he was really loyal to Lily and tried to treat her the best. If he had one bread, he would even save it for Lily in the past, yet what he received in exchange was her betrayal.

"Brother, I’m so sorry for this disappointing meal." Hao Luo turned his back and started to apologize to Qingfeng.

It was supposed to be a happy dinner with Qingfeng, but now it was all ruined by his ex-girlfriend. The fat guy felt so guilty for him.

"Fatty, I’m taking charge of this just for the "brother" that you just called me." Qingfeng said lightly while patting Hao’s shoulder

He has good feelings towards this guy. Therefore, he would definitely help him out of this humiliation.

"This fat dude knows nothing besides eating, aren’t you ashamed of being his friend?"

Lily frowned her brows and said with disdain. "Ashamed? I think I’ll be more ashamed of you wearing a knock-off wristlet and still going around showing off."

"What do you mean?!"

"I meant, your jade wristlet is a knock-off, understand?" Qingfeng stared at her with a mocking expression.

What he said greatly surprised everyone in the scene, especially for Lily. She looked extremely shock.

"You said this is a knock-off?"

Lily looked at him suspiciously.

"Yeah, your jade wristlet is a complete knock-off. It’s worth ten bucks at most." Qingfeng replied coldly.

"Ten bucks? Are you kidding me? My boyfriend said it’s worth a hundred thousand Yuan!"

"Huh, I told you it’s worth only ten bucks. You can ask him if you don’t trust me."

"Qiang, tell me how much is this jade wristlet?"

Lily asked the bald man while taking off the wristlet. "Lily, of course, it’s worth a hundred million Yuan! See, I got the certificate with me."

The bald man took out the wristlet certificate while shivering.

Although he said the wristlet was authentic, he has been caught by the nervousness on his face. Unfortunately, this stupid girl was scammed by this middle-aged bald man.

"Did you hear it? Brother Qiang said it was original, we have the certificate."

Lily was holding the certificate and said arrogantly.

"Well, you can get that for one yuan from any advertisement company. So it would be eleven in total."

Qingfeng shook his head while looking at her like an idiot.

The bald man was quite shocked and had changed his face after hearing what Qingfeng said. Where the heck did this guy come from and how did he know all of his tricks?

"Brother Qiang, tell me whether this certificate is fake, too." Lily asked skeptically after seeing the bald man getting nervous.

She already believed what Qingfeng said the moment Qiang started getting worried.

The reason why Lily became Qiang’s girlfriend was because he bought her the fancy jade wristlet that was supposedly valued at 100,000 yuan. Wasn’t she scammed if this was a fake one?

"Lily, I’m your boyfriend. How could trust an outsider but not me?" The bald man started to find excuses while changing his face.

"Dude, I’m not just going to stand here if you dare to say this is a knock-off once again?" The bald man stared at Qingfeng aggressively.

"Well, it’s easy to tell whether this wristlet is authentic or not. If it turns black once getting burnt by the lighter, it is a fake one.

Qingfeng said arrogantly with his hands folded behind.

He was the honorary president of the world’s largest antique auction organization. He could easily discerned whether antiques, jades, diamonds and porcelain artifacts were real or fake.

Lily opened her eyes wide after hearing what Qingfeng said. She took out a lighter from her purse and torched the jade wristlet.

The jade wristlet turned black in a few seconds.

"It turned black, it’s fake!" Lily looked at the burnt jade wristlet with fury and anger.

She was scammed by an old man.

An authentic jade wristlet wouldn’t turn dark even if it was burnt. Only those knock-offs made of glass and carbon will change color from getting burnt.

Therefore, this jade wristlet was undoubtedly a knock-off.

"Asshole, you tricked me to become your girlfriend with a piece of fake jade. I’m going kill you." Lily was yelling out loud while hitting the bald man’s head with the fake jade wristlet.

"Ouch, it hurts!" The bald man was screaming while holding his head. His face was left with a burn mark from the wristlet.

Qingfeng started to laugh while watching Lily and the bald man fighting each other.

This is exactly what he wanted -- getting the enemies to fight against each other instead of beating them himself.

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