My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 46: Rival in Love

Chapter 46: Rival in Love

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"Good wine. It really is '92 French Lafite red wine." Qingfeng Li gently took a sip and praised.

"How did you know this is '92 Lafite wine?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. The surprise written on her face became even deeper.

The man in front of her was really impressive, identifying the year and origin of the wine in one sip.

After all, an average person wouldn’t be able to identify specific bottles of wine from only a sip. Only wine masters could reach such a level.

"'92 Lafite wine is one of the best wines up to date. It has a mellow and thick taste with a hint of sweetness..."

Qingfeng Li smiled gently and began describing the unique taste of the wine.

"Hehe. I think you aren’t a salesman at all, but a millionaire?"

"Miss Liu, why do you think so? "

"Very simple. A salesman can’t afford 92’ Lafite, so you are not a salesman."

"Oh, Miss Liu guessed it wrong. I really am a salesman. Guaranteed authenticity." Qingfeng Li took another sip gently, his face full of enjoyment.

'92 was the year with the most comfortable climate in France. Grapes from that year were exceptionally fragrant and sweet, and the wine made that year was the best wine with a unique taste.

92’ Lafite wine was known as the Queen of the wine and enjoyed a good reputation around the world.

But this kind of wine is extremely rare. Only a handful of people could afford this kind, and every one of them had a strong background and was a capable person. "You’re not lying to me. You really are a salesman?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Her beautiful face still showed a bit of doubt.

"I never lie to beautiful women." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, and said sincerely.

He really didn’t lie to Ruyan Liu. He was now the salesman of the Ice Snow Corporation.

As for drinking the 92’ wine, it was because he was the Wolf King of his continent and had saved Bernard, the owner of the largest wine estate in France.

To express his gratitude to the Wolf King, Bernard gave him a diamond gold card that allowed him to permanently enjoy free wine from the manor. He had drunk more 92’ wine than the president there.

Of course, his identity as the Wolf King could not be communicated to Ruyan Liu.

"Is this guy really a salesman?"

Looking at Qingfeng Li’s sincere eyes, Ruyan Liu was a bit suspicious.

After all, the 92’ French Lafite was extremely rare, and many of the ones on the market were fake. To taste the real Lafite, one had to depend on connections and special channels.

Even with a strong background like Ruyan Liu, she had to spend a lot of relations to get a bit of 92’ Lafite. If the guy in front of her really was a salesman, how did he get to drink it?

"Miss Liu, I’ve finished. May I have another bottle?"

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and asked with unsatisfied pleasure.

Tasting wine, and appreciating beauty was really a wonderful experience.

"I only had one bottle left. But you’ve drunk it all."

Seeing this guy drinking wine as fast as drinking water, Ruyan Liu had a gloomy expression on her face.

This was the 92’ Lafite, the Queen of Red Wine. The best wine. You drank it like water. If I knew it earlier I wouldn’t have taken it out.

"Beautiful, it’s just a bottle of wine. Don’t be so distressed."

"This is not ordinary wine. It’s 92’ Lafite! Understand?"

"I certainly understand, this is the Queen of Red Wine. Be assured. I’ll give you 10 bottles if I have the chance."

Qingfeng Li felt a bit funny seeing Ruyan Liu’s sad look.

"You can keep dreaming."

Ruyan Liu’s pretty face was full of disbelief, thinking Qingfeng Li was just saying nonsense.

"Beauty, thank you for the hospitality. I’m going to bed. Goodbye."

Qingfeng Li waved and left the 14th Villa.

"What an interesting man."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, and with her graceful figure, she walked towards her bedroom.

Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu were neighbours. He got home pretty soon.

After he got home, he found that Xue Lin had fallen asleep, but left him a glass of milk on the table. Of course, and milk was the gold-medal Deluxe Milk.

"This wife is becoming more and more concerned about me."

Qingfeng Li smiled and drank the milk Xue Lin had left. He took a shower and went to sleep in the bedroom.

Handling the assassinations these days, he was exhausted. Now he could get a good night’s sleep.

His sleep was so sound that he didn't wake up until 9 AM.

"F*ck. I’m late for work."

Looking at the high hanging sun outside, Qingfeng Li was sad. Unexpectedly, he slept in.

He hurried up, washed his face and brushed his teeth, and found a loaf of bread and a cup of soy milk on the table that apparently Xue Lin left him.

"It's so nice to have a wife."

Qingfeng Li exclaimed. Though Xue Lin wasn’t in the same room with him, at least she cared about him, leaving him milk at night and bread and soy milk in the mornings.

He quickly finished the bread and soy milk, stopped a taxi and headed towards Ice Snow Corporation.

When Qingfeng Li came to Ice Snow Corporation, he found there were roses arranged outside the building. The 999 roses were gorgeous and fascinating.

"Woah, Young Master Chen is very romantic. He put so many roses at the door to chase CEO Xue Lin."

"If I were Xue Lin, I’d marry Young Master Chen."

"I also want to marry him. He is not only handsome, but also a rich second generation."

The crowd around were abuzz and praising a certain Young Master Chen.


How dare you court my wife?

Qingfeng Li’s face dramatically changed, rage rushing to his head. "This is just slapping my the face."

Absolutely intolerable.

"Brother Feng, you’ve come to work?"

Suddenly a voice came when Qingfeng Li was about to get mad.

He turned around and found it was fatty Hao Luo.

"Fatty, tell me. What’s going on with the roses?"

Qingfeng Li was gloomy and asked in an unfriendly way.

"Brother Feng, this is from Young Master Chen. He wants to pursue CEO Xue Lin."

"Fatty, let me ask you. who’s Young Master Chen?"

"Brother Feng, Master Chen is named Haiyang Chen, the young master of the Chen Family."

Hao Luo glanced at Qingfeng Li, not understanding why Brother Li would be angry.

"Fatty, do you dare to join me in destroying these roses?"

Qingfeng Li glanced at Hao Luo and said faintly.

"Brother Feng, you can't. Haiyang Chen is one of the four young masters of Eastern Sea City. He has very strong influence."

Hao Luo’s look changed and stopped him right away.

The Four Young Masters of Eastern Sea City - each one of them had a strong background, and were extremely powerful big names. The whole city would tremble if they stomped on the ground.

It was said that whoever went against Young Master Chen would get their legs broken and be thrown to feed the fish in the river. He didn’t want his brother to risk it.

"Fatty, are you scared?"

Qinfeng slightly knitted his eyebrows. Clearly, he saw that Hao Luo was very afraid of Young Master Chen.

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