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Chapter 343: Ruyan Liu's About to Leave

Chapter 343: Ruyan Liu's About to Leave

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"Sister, didn’t you tell me you are going to scold him, why did you end up kissing him." Jiaojiao Liu said depressingly.

She originally thought her sister was going to scold Qingfeng Li after leaving the bathroom. But she didn’t imagine to see the two kissing after coming out. It upset her badly.

"Jiaojiao, your brother-in-law is too bad." Ruyan Liu’s face redden up, with a hint of awkwardness across her eyes. All she could say was that Qingfeng Li is too bad.

But honestly, it is Qingfeng Li’s fault for being bad; bullying her even in front of Jiaojiao. If Jiaojiao wasn’t here, she wouldn’t be able to run away from him.

"Sister, do you really love brother-in-law?" Jiaojiao Liu suddenly asked.

Ruyan Liu was dumbfounded; she didn’t know why Jiaojiao asked the question. But she still answered: yes, of course I love your brother-in-law. I only loved one person in my whole life, and that is Qingfeng Li.

Ruyan Liu said expressionlessly, but her tone was firm. She truly loves Qingfeng Li; in her heart, no man can replace him.

Seeing her sister’s expression, Jiaojiao Liu knew that she really did love Qingfeng Li. Jiaojiao Liu sighed because she knew her sister was going to leave Eastern Sea City soon.

Jiaojiao Liu knew, once her sister left Eastern Sea City, she cannot come back anymore. This was because she had to go to Beijing and marry with Wang Family’s young master Shaoyang Wang.

Jiaojiao Liu never saw Shaoyang Wang before, but she heard about his names. He was the young master of Beijing’s Wang Family, someone extremely powerful.

"Sister, did you think about what will happen once you leave Eastern Sea City and brother-in-law couldn’t find you?" Jiaojiao Liu asked.

She could see that brother-in-law loved her sister as well. If he were to know that sister left Eastern Sea City to marry Shaoyang Wang, what would he do.

Jiaojiao Liu knew her brother-in-law’s personality; he was someone brave enough to do what he wanted. If he knew his woman was going to marry some other man, he for sure wouldn’t agree. It was even possible that he is going to take her back.

The only worry was that her brother-in-law going to ruin the marriage. Because she knew, once her brother-in-law went to Beijing, he will be killed by Shaoyang Wang. Everyone was scared of this family.

Ruyan Liu forced a smile. She understood what Jiaojiao meant, but she doesn’t want to think about it.

She knew that the date of her leaving was getting closer. It might be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow; whatever happened it will not be longer than a week.

Which meant, her time being with Qingfeng Li, at the most, was only a week, might not even be a week.

"Jiaojiao, don’t tell Qingfeng Li that I am going to Beijing to marry Shaoyang Wang. I am scared that he will be impulsive." Ruyan Liu said bitterly.

Love is like a river, on the left was light, on the right was darkness. Because of love she wouldn’t want to bring Qingfeng Li the darkness.

Ruyan Liu felt, since she loved Qingfeng Li, she cannot tell him the news of her marrying Shaoyang Wang. If Qingfeng Li was to go to Beijing, it would be bad.


At the moment, Ruyan Liu’s phone rang. She took out her phone and her face changed immediately: it was from her mother.

Her mother calling now; she could guess what she is calling about.

"Mother, what’s wrong?" Ruyang Liu answered.

A voice of a lady sounded from the other side of the phone, "Ruyan, when are you going to come back to Beijing?"

"Mother please, give me a bit more time."

"No, I am already discussing the date of marriage with the Wang Family, you have to come back ASAP."

"My body isn’t feeling well this past few days, give me a bit more time." Ruyan Liu rejected her mother’s will.

She knew what her mother wants: she wanted her to head back to Beijing soon and to marry Shaoyang Wang. But she didn’t want to go back because the moment she went back to Beijing, she wouldn’t be able to leave anymore. That meant no more Eastern Sea City.

The man Ruyan Liu loved is here, she didn’t want to leave. Even one more day with him would make her happy.

Hearing Ruyan Liu didn’t want to go back, the lady was obviously discontented, even her breath became anxious.

"Ruyan, I will head to Eastern Sea City tomorrow and help you pack up." The lady said overbearingly, not leaving any room for arguments.

"Mother you don’t have to, I will be heading back in a few days."

"Few days, one, or two?"

"Mother, give me another week."

"No, I already ordered tomorrow morning’s ticket. When I arrive, you are coming back to Beijing with me." The lady didn’t allow Ruyan Liu’s wish.

The lady hung up after she said what she wanted to say: pack up and bring back Ruyan Liu to Beijing tomorrow.


Ruyan Liu’s face paled up and her eyes were filled with bitterness. Her mother was coming tomorrow, does it really mean she had to go back to Beijing tomorrow?

"Sister, are you really planning to go back to Beijing tomorrow?" Jiaojiao Liu didn’t want her sister to leave.

Naturally she heard what they were talking about. To say the truth, she didn’t want Ruyan Liu to leave as well; they developed a close relationship after being together for so long.

If sister were to leave, Eastern Sea City would only have her, and she would feel lonely.

"Jiaojiao, it’s going to arrive sooner or later." Ruyan Liu smiled, but the sadness in her eyes cannot conceal her true emotions.

She didn’t want to leave Eastern Sea City, even more so going back to Beijing. But can she really, obviously no, because she was the daughter of Beijing’s Liu Family. She had to think about her family’s benefits.

Ruyan Liu knew her mother, someone extremely forceful, her decisions were extremely hard to change. If she said she was going to come tomorrow, for sure she will.


Qingfeng Li left Ruyan Liu’s house and arrived at the 13 villa.

The living room was still lit up, obviously Xue Lin was waiting for him. Xue Lin once said she would wait in the living room and not sleep until Qingfeng Li comes back.

Qingfeng Li took out his keys and opened the door. He saw Xue Lin sitting on the sofa, but she was asleep because of fatigue.

Even though Xue Lin was asleep, she was still extremely gorgeous: sculpted face, white skin, and long eyelashes, she was like a princess.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes was filled with care. He quietly carried her to the second floor’s bedroom.

Xue Lin was probably too tired; she didn’t wake up from Qingfeng Li carrying her.

Qingfeng Li dropped Xue Lin onto the bed and covered her with sheets. He then left the bedroom and went back to his own room to sleep.

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