My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 342: Ruyan Liu Was A Little Mad

Chapter 342: Ruyan Liu Was A Little Mad

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Ruyan reached out her hand and suddenly opened the bathroom door. As she guessed, she found Qingfeng standing outside.

He was staring intently at the bathroom and hot flames were glowing in his eyes.

"What are you looking at, bastard?""Ruyan’s face changed colors, and she said angrily.

She did not expect her guess to turn out to be true. This hateful guy was really peeping outside, her and Jiaojiao's bodies were all exposed in front of him.

"Brother-in-law, you are so bad. How can you peep on us in the bath?" Jiaojiao said shyly while her hands were covering her breasts.

Qingfeng was dumbfounded. He never thought Ruyan would suddenly open the bathroom door and catch him. What made it even worse were the words from Jiaojiao, she shoved him into the pit of hell.

There was a saying that the sister-in-law was the brother-in-law’s half wife. But his sister-in-law Jiaojiao almost took out half his life.

Ruyan’s eyes almost caught on fire when she heard "Brother-in-law, you are so bad." She looked like she would kill him 100 times.

"Ruyan, I didn't mean to. I thought you were the only one in the bath." Qingfeng was very embarrassed and explained right away.

At this moment, he had to clarify right away. Otherwise Ruyan would think he was a pervert. In fact, he was not, he was a virtuous person.

"You are still looking, turn around." Ruyan gave him an angry stare. Although she was angry, she was still glamorous, very attractive and charming.

"I'll wait for you in the living room." Forcing a smile, Qingfeng quickly turned and walked toward the living room.

He came to the living room, pouring himself a glass of water. He felt a little thirsty. But looking at the water, he felt he couldn’t swallow.

How could he have this kind of feeling? Because he was too scared. Ruyan must be very angry about him peeking at two women’s naked bodies.

But to tell the truth, the two sisters had really good figures. Both were absolutely stunning girls. One was mature and dominating older sister, the other one was unripe and a puckery Loli. In short, both were very beautiful.


When Qingfeng was getting more nervous, Ruyan walked in. She was already dressed in white pajamas, but with high heels.

"Tell me, did you see Jiaojiao’s body just now?" Ruyan sat in front of Qingfeng, and looked at him with a trace of anger in her eyes.

If this man in front of her really saw Liu Jiaojiao’s body, she would give him a good lesson for sure. How could she let this guy see her sister’s body?

"No, Ruyan. I didn’t see anything just now." Feeling the anger from Ruyan, Qingfeng quickly denied it.

He couldn’t admit even if he saw it, Qingfeng knew clearly what he should say.

"Are you sure you really didn’t see Jiaojiao’s body?""

"Yes. I swear I didn’t see anything."

"Oh well. Whose breasts are bigger, mine or hers?"

"Of course it’s you. Jiaojiao’s are too small.""

"Bastard, you did see her body. Otherwise how could you know hers are smaller?" Ruyan said angrily.

She just used a little trick and got his answer right away. This bastard, he did see Jiaojiao’s body just now, otherwise how could he know her breasts are smaller?

Thinking of Qingfeng setting his eyes on Jiaojiao’s body, Ruyan couldn’t help but feel a burst of fury, a frantic rage in her heart. She had read a book before. In the book, it said all men were bad and they would target even their wive’s sister’s flower. What the book said was true, Qingfeng really liked her sister’s flower.

‘Crap!’ a slip of the tongue. Qingfeng felt speechless and embarrassed. He just talked without thinking, but did not expect the words to escape his lips. He felt so depressed inside.

He knew that Ruyan loved her sister very much. Now he saw her body, Ruyan certainly wouldn't let him go away easily.

"Badass, I'll pinch you to death." Ruyan got her small pink hand out and pinched Qingfeng on the arm as hard as possible.

"Ouch, the pain is killing me." Qingfeng grimaced with pain. He felt like his arm has been screwed into his back. Ruyan pinched so hard, showing that she was really angry.

"Ruyan, I didn't mean to do that. Don’t be angry." Qingfeng said to Ruyan.

Ruyan was not moved; she continued to twist his arm.

"Ruyan, you are so beautiful. Please forgive me." Qingfeng apologized, trying out the gimmick to coax woman, which was flattery.

But Ruyan’s face was still full of anger, continuing to pinch Qingfeng.

My God, apologizing was useless, coaxing was also useless. Qingfeng was totally dumbfounded, he had no idea what to do.

Suddenly, a flash of inspiration came to his head. One great man once said, "When a woman got angry, there was only one way to make her happy. That was kissing and making love."

Qingfeng’s right hand stretched out and grabbed Ruyan into his arms. He kissed her on her lips through her exclamation and then started a French kiss.

Woo, woo, Ruyan whined to complain for being bullied, but Qingfeng hugged her tightly. She slowly got lost in the kiss.

Ruyan was so sweet, Qingfeng kissed and enjoyed the whole process. Soon she felt her whole body was powerless and fell on the couch.

Ruyan was planning to give Qingfeng a good lesson by pinching him. But after Qingfeng’s unexpected kiss, she was totally lost and forgot about it.

"Ah, what's up? Kissing?" Jiaojiao walked out of the bathroom and was stunned.

Her sister had just told her she would teach him a lesson, and now they were kissing each other. "Can you please don’t be so overboard? I am still standing here."

Jiaojiao looked at them without any words, and felt completely helpless. Ruyan heard the noise and opened her eyes. She quickly pushed Qingfeng away and stood up when she saw Jiaojiao.

At this moment Ruyan’s face was bright red like red roses, delicate and charming. Her whole body exuded a scent of lure and temptation.

Seeing Ruyan’s charming appearance, Qingfeng’s eyes darkened, sending out a green glow like a wolf's eyes.

His eyes were so hot, seeming like he was ready for more action.

"Qingfeng, Jiaojiao is still here. You ‘d better go home now and come again tomorrow." Ruyan said to him shyly.

Just now she also had her passion aroused. If there was no Jiaojiao around, she would make love with Qingfeng for sure. But Jiaojiao was beside her and she couldn’t do that.

"Sister-in-law is really annoying." Qingfeng glanced at Jiaojiao and felt very disappointed.

If there was no Jiaojiao, Qingfeng would be happy to death again tonight. Now he knew he was hopeless. He felt depressed, said bye and then left the villa.

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