My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 344: Wanqiu Xia's Boyfriend

Chapter 344: Wanqiu Xia's Boyfriend

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Second day, Qingfeng Li woke up really early. He looked at the living room and didn’t see Xue Lin. She was too tired from yesterday and was still sleeping.

Since Xue Lin didn’t wake up, the task of cooking naturally became Qingfeng Li’s task.

For the past few days it was Xue Lin cooking, now it was time for him to cook for her.

Qingfeng Li came into the kitchen, took out six eggs, cracked them into a bowl, seasoned it, and started steaming the eggs.

Steamed eggs was an amazing dish, full of nutrition with soft texture, super fitting as breakfast.

Just when Qingfeng Li finished steaming the eggs, Xue Lin woke up. Seeing how Qingfeng Li was cooking breakfast for her, her face reddened up.

"Sorry honey, I was too tired yesterday and woke up late." Xue Lin apologized.

Because there wasn’t much time until the marriage, Xue Lin was extremely busy for the past few days. She wanted to finish taking care of everything for the company so she could prepare her marriage wholeheartedly. Yesterday night she even fell asleep early because of the fatigue.

"Honey don’t get too tired. You’ve been cooking for me for the past few days. It is natural for me to cook for you today." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Their relationship was extremely close, even thinking about each other’s breakfast.

Qingfeng Li’s steamed eggs were super tasty, Xue Lin finished quickly.

After finishing breakfast, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin drove to work.

When Qingfeng Li arrived at the sales department, everyone was greeting him. He never received any similar treatment before, but now it was different, everyone was trying to please him.

Every sales was looking at client information and trying to please the clients, but Qingfeng Li didn’t have to. This was because he just signed a huge client yesterday, Yanzhi Pei, Hujiang Province’s richest lady.

The contract between Qingfeng Li and Yanzhi Pei worth around 200 million. It brought a large amount of revenue for the company, so all employees of the company were extremely respectful towards him.

Wanqiu Xia didn’t work today?

Qingfeng Li didn’t see Wanqiu Xia in the department, he was confused. Wanqiu Xia was a extremely dedicated employee, but didn’t come to work today.

Qingfeng Li asked the person beside him, he didn’t know where Wanqiu Xia was either. He only knew he asked for a leave.

Qingfeng Li went back to his desk, extremely bored. He took out his phone and started playing Candy Crush.

Before when he was playing Candy Crush, he worried about getting caught by others. But now, he didn’t need to worry anymore because he was the most contributed employee of the sales department. Even if he were to play games, no one would say a word.

The whole day passed and Qingfeng Li was only playing games.

When work ended, RINGGG...

Qingfeng Li’s phone rang. He took out the phone and saw it was Wanqiu Xia who called.

"Sister Xia, how come you are calling me?" Qingfeng Li answered with a smile.

Knowing her, she didn’t contact him for a long time. How come she was calling him today.

"Qingfeng Li, do me a favor please." Wanqiu Xia asked on the other side of the phone.

"What favor, tell me." Qingfeng Li smiled.

He knew that Wanqiu Xia doesn’t ask him for help normally. Since she called, something must have happened.

"I am in front of Zhang Hotel, come over." Wanqiu Xia said.

"Ok, I will be right there." Qingfeng Li smiled, walked out of the company, and headed towards Zhang Hotel.

In a bit, he arrived at Zhang Hotel. Zhang Hotel is one of the top four families of Eastern Sea City. It was a five-star hotel, extremely luxurious and high class.

Just when Qingfeng Li arrived, he saw Wanqiu Xia.

Wanqiu Xia’s tender face, perky nose, white skin, with her white dress, she was like a goddess with perfect body.

"Sister Xia, what do you need from me today?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Be my boyfriend for today." Wanqiu Xia smirked and said.

What, act as your boyfriend?

Qingfeng Li was confused, what was happening. What happened with Wanqiu Xia’s brain; wanting him to act as her boyfriend.

"Do me a favor, my parents are trying to set me up with a guy today. Act as my boyfriend so I can piss off the guy." Wanqiu Xia said.

"Alright." Qingfeng Li nodded and decided he would act as her boyfriend.

After all, Wanqiu Xia had helped him a lot. Him getting into Ice Snow Corporation was because of her as well. Now that she wanted him to act as her boyfriend, of course he could agree.

In Ice Snow Corporation, apart from his wife Xue Lin, the two women that helped him the most was Wanqiu Xia, and the other was Xiaoyue Zhang.

Hearing that Qingfeng Li accepted the task, Wanqiu Xia became extremely happy. Today her family set her up for a blind date, she didn’t want to go, but she couldn't reject either. Now that Qingfeng Li agreed to help, she was glad.

"Come on." Wanqiu Xia smiled and walked inside with Qingfeng Li.

Right now there were already three people inside the number 1 VIP room. There were two middle-aged and one youth.

One of the two men was around 40, dark brows and skinny face. The women beside him was around 40 as well, with a delicate face. The woman was a bit like Wanqiu Xia, she must be her mother.

The pair was Wanqiu Xia’s parents.

The youth beside them, wearing designer suit and an Omega watch. From one look people will know that he was wealthy.

His name was Hua Ma, manager of Zhang Hotel and a graduate from Beijin University. He was one of the top students in his major, Hotel Management.

"Wanqiu, you are late." Seeing Wanqiu came, Hua Ma stood up, with heat in his eyes.

Regarding Wanqiu Xia, he liked her a lot. He specifically asked Wanqiu Xia’s parents about her, and it lead to this blind date.

"Wanqiu, this gentleman is?" Hua Ma’s brows tensed up and asked.

Seeing how this man came in with Wanqiu Xia together, he wasn’t happy. Today was a blind date between him and Wanqiu Xia, he didn’t get why she would bring another man.

"Hua Ma, he is my boyfriend." Wanqiu Xia pointed Qingfeng Li and said with a laughter.

What, boyfriend?

Hua Ma shook his head with disbelief and said, "Wanqiu I knew you were always single, when did you get a boyfriend. I won’t believe it."

Hua Ma specifically asked about Wanqiu Xia’s situation for this blind date. Only after he was sure that Wanqiu Xia wasn’t in a relationship, he came to chase after her. How come a boyfriend came out of no where.

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