My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 339: Someone Wants to Dine and Dash

Chapter 339: Someone Wants to Dine and Dash

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At this time, at the Trendy Spicy Hot Pot.

Xiaojie Zhang, the manager was surrounded by a group of thugs, there were 7 or 8 of them, all dressed very oddly. They were wearing colorful shirts in odd shapes, some of them had blonde hair, red hair, green hair, their arms were covered in tattoos. Upon first glance, you could tell that they were thugs.

The favorite thing to do for these thugs was to find trouble and bully others.

The leader of the group was tall, he said to Xiaojie Zhang, "Oh manager, there was a bug in your food, what do you think we should do?"

While the tall guy was talking, he pulled out a long insect from the bowl. The insect was around 3cm in length and was covered in fur and looked extremely disgusting. Furthermore, it was still alive, it kept on moving.

Xiaojie Zhang’s face paled, he knew that when he was making the food there was no bug in it. This bug was definitely put in by this tall thug.

"We have no insects in our food, you are wrongfully accusing me." Xiaojie Zhang’s face changed and said loudly.

He looked around him, hoping that the people surrounding him could stand up to help him, but the crowd were all just normal civilians. They’ve seen how evil and terrible these thugs are, they didn’t dare to stand up for him.

In society today, nobody was willing to be the first person to stand up, furthermore, it was obvious that these thugs were not good people. Whoever stands up would definitely get violently beaten, these people were not dumb, they just wanted to watch what was going on, so nnaturally they wouldn’t help Xiaojie Zhang.

There was a phenomenon in Huaxia that wherever there is a fight or something is going on, people would automatically surround the area, it was a habit of all the citizens here.

Seeing that everyone around him were all here to watch and nobody was standing up to help, Xiaojie Zhang’s face paled further.

Dine and dash, he knew that this group of people were here to dine and dash.

Xiaojie Zhang knew that if he continued to insist that there was no insect in the food, these people would beat him up. To get beat up over a meal was not worth it.

When someone is under a roof, they have to bow down and avoid the ceiling. Xiaojie Zhang decided that he was gonna take the loss and let these thugs dine and dash. The total cost for the food of these eight thugs was only around 50 Yuan anyway.

Losing 50 yuan for safety was acceptable in his opinion.

"You guys can go, I don’t want the payment for the food anymore."Xiaojie Zhang’s face paled and said to the group of thugs.

However, after the tall guy heard what Xiaojie Zhang had said, he didn’t leave.

"Boss, your food had bugs in it, it is gonna be detrimental to our stomach, you can’t just let us leave, you have to compensate us." The tall thug frowned and said to Xiaojie Zhang.

Would he let Xiaojie Zhang this easily, of course not, not only will he dine and dash today, he will also get money from this manager.

Yeah, compensate us, manager you have to pay us. The other thugs said loudly in the back, trying to get Xiaojie Zhang to pay them.

These thugs didn’t have real jobs, they made money based on stealing, taking, bullying and lying.

A**holes, they are such a**holes, he had already lost 50+ Yuan but these thugs still won’t let him go.

He was very mad, very angry, but unfortunately if he fought them he would never win. If it was possible, he would definitely teach these people a lesson.

"I already said I didn’t want you guys to pay me anymore, why do I still have to pay you guys, I won’t do it." Xiaojie Zhang tried to argue loudly.

"Hehe, if you aren’t not going to pay us I will teach you how to be a proper person." The tall thug laughed evilly, a cold look flashed across his eyes and took huge strides forward, ready to teach him a lesson.

The people surrounding him all sighed and looked at Xiaojie Zhang sympathetically because they all knew he was about to get beat up. However, these people were afraid of thugs, naturally they wouldn’t help.

Xiaojie Zhang’s face turned white, a sense of fear flashed across his eyes, his whole body was shaking. His sickness just got cured by Qingfeng Li, he didn’t have a lot of strength and was not a fair opponent to this tall thug.

"Stop, you are not allowed to hit my father." Suddenly, Xiaoyue Zhang rushed in from the outside and yelled loudly.

What a beautiful girl, seeing the innocent face of Xiaoyue Zhang, her snow-white skin, and her beautiful body, the tall thug’s eyes lit up.


"Babe, you are saying this manager is your father?" The tall thug smiled slightly and asked.

"Yes, you a**hole, you want to dine and dash and also take money from my father." A flash of anger ran across Xiaoyue Zhang’s innocent face, she said angrily.

These people were so great, it was fine for them to eat here and not pay even though the insect was definitely placed there by the tall guy. To make matters worse, they now want to take money from her father, Xiaoyue Zhang was so angry that she wanted to kick this guy.

"Okay pretty girl, it is okay if you want me to let your father go, but you have to drink with me." The tall guy laughed evilly.

"I don’t drink."Xiaoyue Zhang shook her head, she pouted and rejected this tall thug.

The tall thug’s face changed, in a cold voice he said: "Pretty girl, if you don’t drink, then I would have to beat your father up."

"If you dare to hit her father, I will strangle you to death." Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind him, the voice carried a sense of craziness and control.

What, strangle me to death?

A look of anger appeared in his eyes, who the f*ck was this, how could he dare to strangle him to death, he was clearly looking to get beat up.

The tall thug turned around and was ready to teach this guy who said they were gonna strangle him to death a lesson. But after he saw the face of the person behind him, his face immediately paled and he started to shiver, and finally he fell to his knees.

The person who wanted to strangle him to death was not anybody else but Qingfeng Li.

"Brother, let me go, I didn’t know it was you." The tall thug kneeled on the ground and said with looks of fear.

Ba ba ba ba…

The couple of the thugs all kneeled on the ground and bumped their heads on the ground.

Qingfeng Li looked at the tall thug and cold glares flashed across his eyes, this was not anyone else but the guy that he shooed away from the tourist attraction where he was harassing Yanzhi Fei.

After that, the tall thug grabbed a bunch of people trying to teach him a lesson, but after seeing that Qingfeng Li had killed Shuang Wang and the Slim Elder, he begged for his life and turned around and escaped.

Speaking of which, it was very unfortunately for this tall thug. He was scared off by Qingfeng Li at the tourist attraction and that was why he came to ES city with the rest of his crew to make a living. Because he got triggered, he wanted to bully Xiaojie Zhang to let out his anger, but he didn’t think that he was going to meet Qingfeng Li the kill god again.

Xiaoyue Zhang and the people surrounding them were all shocked, because these thugs were so aggressive just now and wanted to beat Xiaojie Zhang up. But now in the blink of an eye, they were kneeling on the ground like dogs and won’t stop begging for forgiveness. This was such a drastic change.

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