My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 338: Dinner Treated by Xiaoyue

Chapter 338: Dinner Treated by Xiaoyue

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"Xiaoyue, remember to treat me to dinner after work," Qingfeng smiled and said while touching Xiaoyue’s hand.

Her hands were quite soft and smooth, which made it felt more comfortable.

"Alright, the dinner is on me after I finish work," Xiaoyue said shyly while blushing.

She made a bet with Qingfeng that she would buy him a dinner if Yanzhi Pei showed up for Qingfeng. Now, since she lost the bet, she would have to keep her word.

It was four in the afternoon and it still had two hours before leaving the office.

After Qingfeng went back to his seat in the office, he was called by Xue Lin to go to the head office.

It wasn’t his first time going to Xue Lin’s office, yet he was always excited every time since he could tease her.

While Xue Lin was checking the files in the office, Qingfeng directly walked in and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Don’t stress out too much," He smiled and said.

"I know, but our wedding is coming. I have to try to finish the most important projects during these days. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have time for them once its the wedding in a few days," Xue Lin explained while smiling.

"Let me massage you then," Qingfeng smiled while staring at Xue Lin like a pervert.

He put his hand on Xue Lin’s shoulder and started to massage her. Xue Lin had really smooth and clear skin, which made it feel quite comfortable.

Qingfeng could easily see Xue Lin’s cleavage since he was standing and Xue Lin was sitting.

Xue Lin closed her eyes with ease while enjoying Qingfeng’s massage. She felt like her fatigue and exhaustion was alleviated a lot.

Qingfeng’s excitement raised when he saw Xue Lin closed her eyes.

Qingfeng still tried to hold himself back and purely massage her shoulders in the beginning, but soon, he started to be naughty and reached his hands to Xue Lin’s chest since she was closing her eyes and wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.

His hands completely pressed on Xue Lin’s chest.

Xue Lin suddenly opened her eyes with embarrassment. She tried to push away Qingfeng but she realized her body had lost most of the sensation. She couldn’t do anything but let Qingfeng massage her chest.

Poor Xue Lin was now being taken advantage by Qingfeng merely because she dropped down her awareness by closing her eyes.

Not until it was time that everyone started to leave the office, Qingfeng finally walked out of Xue Lin’s office reluctantly. At the moment, Xue Lin was almost paralyzed on the chair, her face turned blushingly red and she kept breathing hard and fast.

Qingfeng left Xue Lin’s office satisfyingly since he had touched all around Xue Lin’s body.

Now, since it’s time-off at the office, Qingfeng would have to leave in case he got caught. Even though Xue Lin’s was his wife, it’s not a good reputation to get caught behaving like that in the office.

"Xiaoyue, we finished work now. Buy me a meal," Qingfeng smiled and said while walking to the Sales Department.

"Let’s go, Brother Li, I’ll take you to a trendy spicy hotpot restaurant for spicy hotpot," Xiaoyue smiled with her innocent face and said.

What? Spicy hotpot?

Qingfeng didn’t know what to say since he thought Xiaoyue was a bit stingy to treat him spicy hotpot for dinner nowadays.

Nope, Xiaoyue was not a petty person like this, so she must have a reason for treating me spicy hotpot. Let me think.

Right! Wasn’t there an internet story about a guy nicknamed "spicy hotpot 7 times dude"? It talked about a girl went on a blind date with a guy she knew online, the guy brought her to a 7 Yuan all-you-can-eat spicy hotpot for dinner and after, he had sex with her seven times in one night, which almost killed the girl.

Since then, the 7 Yuan Spicy Hot Pot story started to go viral online.

Is Xiaoyue trying to imply she wants to have sex with me? Qingfeng thought filthily.

To be frank, Xiaoyue had beautiful, innocent face and big eyes. Her skin looked so soft without any wrinkles, plus the breast she owned, spending a night with her must be full of joys.

Am I going to sleep with her? Or not? Qingfeng was stuck in his own confusion.

"Xiaoyue, is the reason why you asked me out for spicy hotpot that you are indicating me sleep with you?" Qingfeng asked Xiaoyue while looking at her obscenely.

What?! Sleep with you?

Xiaoyue froze for a second and felt so confused.

Oh my freaking god, Xiaoyue was so mad now that she wouldn’t even hesitate to pour boiling water onto Qingfeng if he wasn’t a close brother to her.

"Brother Li, you are such an ass! I was just treating you to spicy hotpot, why do you think I was implying that?" Xiaoyue looked quite cute with her puffy face even if she was mad.

Brother Li was such a jerk, how could he have that mindset. But honestly, should I say yes or no if he wants that? Xiaoyue was having an inner debate in her mind.

A voice in her mind came across, "Xiaoyue Zhang, just admit it and say yes, you want him, don’t you?"

At the mean time, another inner voice came across, "Xiaoyue, you are a good girl with discipline. How could you be so easy like that?"

She started to have headache as more she went into this, she eventually stopped thinking.

"Brother Li, let me explain. Remember you gave me 1 million Yuan after you healed my father last time? I gave the money to him and he opened a spicy hotpot diner. That’s why I’m asking you to check out there," Xiaoyue said.

Qingfeng felt so embarrassed and frustrated after listening to Xiaoyue. Xiaoyue didn’t try to sleep with him but letting him check out the diner his father opened after he recovered.

Qingfeng certainly knew Xiaoyue’s father. That old man has always been encountering with gambles and has owned a huge debt. He was beaten till his spine was broken by the gangsters and had been paralyzed for a while before Qingfeng healed him back. Now, seeing such a person finally did something meaningful, Qingfeng felt happy for him.

"Xiaoyue, your dad knows how to make spicy hotpot?" Qingfeng asked.

He couldn’t believe Xiaoyue’s father could actually cook, since he didn’t look like chef material at all.

"Big brother Li, my father used to be a spicy hotpot cook, though he was addicted to gambling later on and stopped working."

Xiaoyue was really grateful for Big brother Li when she thought about his father. Her father wouldn’t be able to stand and live like this again without his help.

Soon, Qingfeng arrived at the diner "Trendy Spicy Hotpot" with Xiaoyue. It was a small diner that had around thirty squares, the decoration, though, was decent enough to make the diner look cleaner and more organized.

However, a group of people was gathering and fighting in front of the hotpot store.

Trouble again?

Qingfeng and Xiaoyue looked at each other as they knew there are some troubles going on at the Spicy Hotpot diner, they both sped up their pace and walked towards the crowd.

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