My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 340: Eat the Insect

Chapter 340: Eat the Insect

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"You said you found a bug in the food just now?" Qingfeng Li pointed to the bug and asked the thug.

"Big brother, I was wrong, I put this bug inside on purpose so I could dine and dash." The tall thug immediately confessed to what he did, he didn’t dare to lie in front of Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and said, "very well, since you put the bug inside your food, then now you have to eat it."

What, eat the bug?

The tall thug’s face changed, a sense of unnaturalness flashed across his eyes, this bug was furry and it was too disgusting, he could not eat it.

"You want to die?" Qingfeng Li crossed his hands behind him and said coldly.

"Okay big brother, I will eat it, I will eat it." The tall thug’s face was white and picked up the bug shakily, put it in his mouth and swallowed it with one gulp.

He didn’t want to be strangled to death by Qingfeng Li so he had to eat this bug, his face turned very white.

Everyone around them looked at this tall thug sympathetically, this guy was just going to beat Xiaojie Zhang up and now he was begging like a dog, Qingfeng Li told him to eat the bug and he ate it.

"Brother, can we go now?" the tall thug asked with a pale face, the other thugs behind him all looked at Qingfeng Li with fear in their eyes.

"Go, did I say you guys can go?"

"Brother, then tell us, how will you let us go?"

"Very easy, kneel to the manager and apologize, if he forgives you guys then you guys can go, if he doesn’t, then you guys will continue to apologize until you all die." Qingfeng Li smiled and said coldly.

ping ping ping ping ping...

After hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, all the thugs kneeled in front of Xiaojie Zhang and apologized non-stop, their foreheads hit the ground heavily again and again, drawing blood.

"Boss, we were wrong, please forgive us." These thugs apologized while bumping their head on the ground.

Seeing that the thugs were apologizing, Xiaojie Zhang’s slim face was filled with shock. These goo-for-nothings were so aggressive just now, not only did they want to dine and dash but they also wanted to beat him up. But now ever since Qingfeng Li came over, they’ve been kneeling on the ground and bowing down non-stop.

Xiaojie Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li thankfully and said, "thank you."

"You’re welcome, you are Xiaoyue’s father, it is my duty to help you." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said with a smile.

Xiaoyue Zhang was his best friend in the sales department, she was like his sister, naturally he had to help Xiaoyue Zhang.

"Okay look, what should we do with these thugs?" Xiaojie Zhang asked Qingfeng Li.

"I just said, make them beg you for forgiveness and you can decide from there." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

This group of thugs were about to beat Xiaojie Zhang up and now they are bowing down and apologizing to him, naturally they had to listen to him.

Watching these thugs apologize, it made him very happy. He was being bullied by this group of people, but now they were like dogs, the feeling was amazing.

Xiaojie Zhang didn’t talk, naturally he wasn’t going to forgive them, the thugs behind the tall one all had blood on their foreheads but they didn’t stop. Because compared to Xiaojie Zhang, they were afraid of Qingfeng Li.



The shortest thug fainted from an extreme loss of blood because he did it too much.

What, fainted?

Watching that the short thug had fainted, Xiaojie Zhang’s face changed, he recently opened this shop, if these people die here that would be very unlucky for his future business.

"You guys don’t need to do this anymore, you could all get the fk out." Xiaojie Zhang said to the tall thug."

If it wasn’t for that short guy that fainted, Xiaojie Zhang would let this group of thugs continue to beg for forgiveness, but now that someone had already fainted, and they were all bleeding in the head, he naturally should let them leave.

"Thank you boss, we will never dine and dash here anymore." The tall thug stood up with a gracious look, he picked up the short guy that fainted, and rapidly left the restaurant.

Before the group of good-for-nothinngs left, they all looked at Qingfeng Li with fear, they swore that they never want to meet this young man ever again.


As the group of thugs left, the restaurant restored peace, everyone looked at Qingfeng Li in shock because this young man made the group of thugs beg for forgiveness without lifting a finger, it was very impressive.

"Big brother Li, thank you today." Xiaoyue Zhang walked in front of Qingfeng Li and said thankfully.

She was very thankful for brother Li, if it wasn’t for him, her father would’ve gotten beaten up today for sure, and she would’ve been bullied by them too.

Xiaoyue Zhang felt like she owed too much to big brother Li, big brother Li was always helping her but she had never really helped him.

Sometimes, Xiaoyue Zhang would think that if big brother Li was willing, she could give him her body, and let him do as he wished.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, we are friends, no need to be so polite with me." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Just friends?

After hearing this name, Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t know why but she was kind of disappointed, if big brother Li could say that she was his girlfriend then that would be so much better.

Xiaoyue Zhang gathered her thoughts again and said: "Big brother Li, you should sit, I will get my father to make us spicy stew."

Xiaoyue Zhang told her father to make two big bowls of spicy stew, and he put a lot of spices in each of them. Chilli peppers were appetizing, they were good for the body.

Qingfeng Li took a bite and felt like Xiaojie Zhang’s spicy stew tasted pretty good, it was clear that he had opened one of these before.

Qingfeng Li and Xiaoyue Zhang sat at a table inside and chatted while they ate.

After a while, Qingfeng Li had finished the bowl of spicy stew, Xiaojie Zhang saw that he liked it so he made Qingfeng Li another bowl, and he finished that too.

"Uncle Zhang, this spicy stew tastes pretty good." Qingfeng Li patted his full stomach and said with a smile.

"This is all thanks to you, if you didn’t cure my sickness and give Xiaoyue money, there was no way I would’ve been able to open this shop." Xiaojie Zhang said with thanks.

He was really thankful for the young man in front of him, if it wasn’t for him, then he wouldn’t be where he is now.

"Uncle Zhang, if you encounter more thugs in the future, then just mention my name and they wouldn’t dare to do anything to you." Qingfeng Li smiled and said to Xiaojie Zhang.

He knew that whoever opens a restaurant like this around here there would always be thugs looking to stir things up, if they say his name then the thugs would be scared off and wouldn’t come back.

Grand Daddy Li?

Confusion flashed across Xiaojie Zhang’s eyes, he didn’t know who Grand Daddy Li was nor did he know how it would scare the thugs away.

But his sixth sense told him that it wasn’t wrong to listen to Qingfeng Li, Grand Daddy Li was like his guardian angel.

After Qingfeng Li ate the spicy stew, he said goodbye to Xiaoyue Zhang, grabbed a taxi and drove towards his house.

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