My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 335: Yanzhi Pei Has Fallen

Chapter 335: Yanzhi Pei Has Fallen

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"Fine, I’ll start massaging now." Qingfeng Li smiled highly and got started.

While Yanzhi Pei was calling Qingfeng Li an idiot, he was distracted by her adorable face, which was as beautiful as a rose blossom.

Qingfeng Li felt his heart was racing a bit. The woman in front was an extremely accomplished woman, yet her foot was being grabbed by his hand right now.

Qingfeng Li got excited thinking of her foot that was in his hands and that he was going to give her a massage. This woman was the richest woman in Hujiang Province, who was the dream wife of many men.

In Hujiang Province, there were countless billionaires or young masters hoping they could conquer Yanzhi Pei. It was beyond everyone’s imagination that this woman was in front of Qingfeng Li. She didn’t only get kissed by him, but her foot was also in his hands now.

Qingfeng Li utilized the traditional Chinese massage method, massaging on Yanzhi Pei’s pressure points in order to dredge the channels and smoothen the blood flow.

Yanzhi Pei felt a warm flow passing through her foot, it was so tender and comfortable as if a feather was sweeping her skin. Also, the pain in her ankle was going down.

Yanzhi Pei felt the pain go away. However, what made her embarrassed was that Qingfeng Li was still grabbing her foot.

This guy, trying to take advantage of me! Yanzhi Pei started getting angry but was still shy.

Her ankle was fine without any pain now, but why was he still grabbing her foot. Wasn’t that considered taking advantage of her?

"My foot isn’t painful anymore, put it down," said Yanzhi Pei slightly, while giving Qingfeng Li a shy look.

Qingfeng Li responded with an awkward smile and let her foot go. However, his eyes revealed his unwillingness to let it go.

To be honest, Qingfeng Li didn’t want to let her foot go, as it was incredibly beautiful and attractive. It was as clear and smooth as a piece of flawless jade, like a gift from God.

Qingfeng Li put the high heel for Yanzhi Pei, then helped her to get up.

They kept walking forward after taking a short break.

There was nothing except for rocks, bushes and trees along the path they walked on.

Tsss Tsss …...

Although the steps behind were really weak, Qingfeng Li was still able to hear it.

His hearing was extremely sharp, he could distinguish even the slightest steps.

Did someone follow them from behind?

Qingfeng Li frowned, a chilling light came out of his eyes.

"Why did you stop walking?" asked Yanzhi Pei with concern seeing him suddenly stop.

Yanzhi Pei was confused seeing Qingfeng Li stop all of a sudden, his ears even perking up.

"Someone is following us," said Qingfeng Li.

What, they were followed?

Yanzhi Pei’s face turned down, shock flashing by her beautiful eyes. She was wondering if anyone found out she was rich and was planning to kidnap her. She looked around but didn’t notice anything at all.

"I don’t see anybody around, Qingfeng," said Yanzhi Pei while shaking her head.

She did take a look around, however, all she saw was the narrow path covered heavily by trees and bushes. There was nobody following them.

Qingfeng Li replied with a slight smile. He didn’t respond, instead, he was trying to figure out where the noise came from.

After a short time, a chilling smile raised on his face, because he found out where that follower was.

"Ten meters behind, whoever is standing behind the second tree on the left please come out." said Qingfeng Li with great confidence while keeping his hands behind.

Meanwhile, behind the tree stood Shuang Wang and a skinny old man. Both of them were shocked at what Qingfeng Li said.

They came from the foot of the hill, and got caught by Qingfeng Li soon as they started.

"Old Wang, did we get spotted? What should we do?" asked Shuang Wang, as his eyebrows twisted.

"Let’s walk out since we were spotted. We are here to kill Qingfeng Li anyway. If we couldn’t kill him secretly, then we need to face him and kill him." The skinny old man smiled and walked out first. Shuang Wang then followed him.

There were people following them.

Yanzhi Pei suddenly covered her mouth with her delicate hands, astonishment showed up on her face.

She had doubts when Qingfeng Li first said that they were followed, she didn’t believe him at all since she took a look and found nobody around.

She thought he was just messing with her and never expected that someone would be following them. Yanzhi Pei could tell from the momentum of both of them that they weren’t some random people, which got her more concerned.

However, the anxiety in her heart disappeared after she saw the calm look on Qingfeng Li’s face. She couldn’t see any fear on him, his face was just as calm as still water, which brought her hope.

"Who are you guys, and why are you following us?" asked Qingfeng Li with his eyebrows twisted.

He was quite sure that he had never seen them before, so he had to ask who they were. He would be able to tell if they were after him or Yanzhi Pei only after figuring out their identity.

Everything would be easily solved once the enemy was identified.

"Qingfeng Li, I’m looking for you. I have to kill you since you badly hurt my brother Ba Wang." said Shuang Wang ragingly with his face downcast.

Ba Wang?

Qingfeng Li frowned and realized all of a sudden that, Ba Wang grabbed Jiaojiao Liu last night at Emperor KTV asking her to have some drinks with him. Qingfeng Li then beat Ba Wang seriously. Obviously, these two people were here for revenge.

"Reckless dumbass. It was my fault to give Ba Wang a chance to leave, I should have killed him. Now you say you are going to kill me, are you capable of that?" Qingfeng Li threw a disdainful look at Shuang Wang, his eyes were full of despise.

He could tell apparently that Shuang Wang was an A-level master like Ba Wang, who was considered powerful among ordinary people. However, in the eyes of Qingfeng Li, Shuang Wang was just another guy that he could beat up with ease.

Unlike Shuang Wang, the skinny old man might be a worthy opponent, who seemed like an AA level master. There was no one like him in the entire Eastern Sea City, however, he still couldn't pose any threat to Qingfeng Li.

Nevertheless, Qingfeng Li was a bit confused. AA level masters couldn’t harm him, but they were definitely threats to ordinary people, who could defeat a couple of people with no doubt.

He could remember vaguely that Ba Wang said he worked for the Underground Prince of Western Sea City as Qingfeng Li was beating him. Therefore, the two people who were standing here looking for revenge probably worked for the Prince of Western Sea City as well.

Qingfeng Li’s interest in the Prince of Western Sea City was suddenly arisen, as anyone who was able to hire AA level masters must possess some incredible resources and background.

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