My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 334: The Awkward Yanzhi Pei

Chapter 334: The Awkward Yanzhi Pei

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In the cable car.

Yanzhi Pei was laying in Qingfeng Li’s arms, her adorable face was blushed as if she had drank some red wine.

"Come get me up," said Yanzhi Pei awkwardly, with her cheeks all pink.

Qingfeng Li nodded, pushed her up from his body. Although it felt comfortable when she was in his arms, it wasn’t proper as she was a woman.

Yanzhi Pei still looked quite awkward after she got up. They both remained silent for a while.

Bang! Bang!

As soon as Qingfeng Li helped Yanzhi Pei get up, the cable car made two huge banging noise, waggled heavily then slanted to one side after a one hundred eighty degree turn.

The cable car turned a hundred eighty degrees, and was flipped.

Yanzhi Pei’s body turned with the cable car, and fell right on Qingfeng Li. They were covered by each other.

It wouldn’t be a problem if she just covered him with her body, but as she fell on him, her lips were fell right on his lips. As a consequence, they were literally kissing each other. Because of the ongoing flip of the cable car, they couldn’t move their bodies. Moreover, their lips were stuck too.

It smells so lovely and tastes so sweet. That’s what first came across Qingfeng Li’s mind.

The richest woman’s lips were so sweet, sweeter than any other woman’s lips, just like honeydew.

If Qingfeng Li had to mark Yanzhi Pei’s lips, then he would give a hundred percent, definitely full marks. Yanzhi Pei’s lovely lips had such a sweet scent. Even Ruyan Liu’s lips might not be better than them.

Yanzhi Pei’s face blushed, her long eyelashes were fluttering slightly, and her heart was racing as if there was a baby deer inside. It was simply too deep for tears for Yanzhi Pei. She was just planning for a trip with Qingfeng Li, she never expected that they would end up kissing each other. She felt desperate all of a sudden.

To be honest, although Yanzhi Pei had a good feeling for Qingfeng Li, that was just a woman’s pure admiration for a man, which was far away from the desire to kiss him.

And now, Yanzhi Pei had been in Qingfeng Li’s arms as well as kissed him, she felt way too overwhelmed.

She kissed Qingfeng Li, she kissed him. Yanzhi Pei was totally overwhelmed now.

She really wished what happened was just a dream. However, the aggressive masculine scent from his body kept reminding her that everything was real.

They were attached to each other because the cable car flipped over. Their lips were also together. It was impossible for them to make a move. Poor rich woman, such a beauty was taken advantage of by Qingfeng Li in a cable car.

It was said that Yanzhi Pei had countless admirers in Hujiang Province. None of them could be underestimated as they were all from rich families and owned considerable wealth.

It was Qingfeng Li’s luck that nobody witnessed what just happened. Otherwise, all the admirers of Yanzhi Pei would rip him apart, as she was their goddess who could never be tarnished.

"Get up Qingfeng Li." It took Yanzhi Pei lots energy to open her lips and whisper to him, but the whisper was still too quiet.

"President Pei, I wish I could get up, but the cable car was turned over, I am not able to move." Qingfeng Li frowned and said in a helpless tone.

He was under Yanzhi Pei, which left him no space to get up. He felt gloomy but had no choice.

Qingfeng Li looked down and was shocked to see the fair skin and leakage there. Yanzhi Pei’s huge breasts were exposed to him totally.

He had to admit that Yanzhi Pei was very gorgeous. Her adorable face gave out an incredible glow, her enormous breasts made her more attractive. He could feel the special feminine scent coming out of her.

A fire was fuming up in Qingfeng Li’s eyes, his breath was also getting heavier. A sharp light started coming out of his eyes.

"Don’t look." Yanzhi Pei’s face turned blushed. She definitely felt Qingfeng Li’s look, which was so parched that made her body heat up.

Qingfeng Li was embarrassed, as he didn’t mean to look at her, however, she was so close to him that he had nowhere else to look at.

As soon as the staff at the scenery site saw the cable car flip over, they called for a maintenance worker to deal with the situation. Fortunately, it didn’t take them too long to land the cable car safely.

The staff opened the door and soon pulled out Qingfeng Li and Yanzhi Pei.

However, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes on the staff, for the reason that they disturbed his great time with Yanzhi Pei. He was taking his time enjoying kissing her, but the staff came which totally ruined the moment.

Although Qingfeng Li was annoyed, he didn’t complain as he understood that they were just trying to save their lives.

The staff scratched his head and had no clue why Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes on him after he save them. What the staff didn’t know about was that he ruined Qingfeng Li’s sweet mood with Yanzhi Pei.

Yanzhi Pei walked out of the cable car, then fixed her messy clothes. Her adorable face was still quite blushed.

"President Pei, the cable car is too dangerous, let’s take a walk instead," said Qingfeng Li with a smile on his face.

Yanzhi Pei nodded, she didn’t want to take the cable car either. After the dangerous experience she just had, she felt that it was safer to just walk.

Qingfeng Li and Yanzhi Pei then started walking along the path to the top of the hill. The narrow path was covered with many rock bits, which made it bumpy to walk on.

Yanzhi Pei was used to staying in the office all day long, so she rarely had the chance to climb hills or walk on narrow paths like this. What made it worse was that she was wearing high heels today.

Nothing was wrong with high heels if she only had to walk a bit, but definitely not for climbing.

Not after a few hundred meters walk, Yanzhi Pei’s high heels were tripped by a rock turned up on the road. She suddenly lost her balance and fell to the ground with no surprise.

Seeing Yanzhi Pei fell, Qingfeng Li rushed to her, asked with concern, "What happened? Are you alright?"

"I think I might’ve twisted my ankle." Yanzhi Pei frowned. With the rough pain in her ankle, she became worried.

Qingfeng Li took a look at her ankle and noticed a bruise there. It was obvious that she twisted it.

"Let me rub it for you." Qingfeng Li gave her a smile and started to take her high heels off.

Yanzhi Pei refused at first, she felt embarrassed to let a man take off shoes for her and see her foot.

However, the pain in her ankle was so rough that she had to let him do that to relieve the pain.

Fire lit up in Qingfeng Li’s eyes as he took off her heels. He was impressed with her beautiful foot, which was so smooth and fair, as if it was a piece of premium jade without any flaws.

Qingfeng Li could swear that this foot was the most beautiful foot that he had ever seen, and it had such a comfortable touch as well.

"You idiot, massage it for me now," said Yanzhi Pei, and gave Qingfeng Li a shy look.

It made Yanzhi Pei feel so shy and awkward when she saw Qingfeng Li stared at her foot and got in a daze.

She was wondering if it was this man in front brought her so much bad luck, as so many accidents happened today, it was either their cable car got flipped over or she twisted her ankle.

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