My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 333: The Cable Car In Trouble

Chapter 333: The Cable Car In Trouble

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"Fellow, you are so arrogant. Let me teach you a lesson," The tall thug smiled coldly as he walked towards Qingfeng.

The tall thug’s eyes flashed coldly. He decided to beat up this fellow to teach him the consequences of angering himself.

In the past, the tall thug not only stole the tourists’s wallets, he also frequently beat up the tourist. He was a big bully who did all kinds of bad deeds because of his connections.

Yanzhi’s frowned when she saw the tall thug walking towards Qingfeng. A flash of worry appeared in her eyes.

"Qingfeng, why don't we call the police," Yanzhi got out her phone from her bag and was prepared to call the police.

She felt that the thugs were not easy to deal with and was afraid that Qingfeng would be bullied.

After all, she had suggested that their activities for today. If anything happened to Qingfeng Li, she would feel very guilty.

Yanzhi had a good impression of this handsome young man who had saved her life.

"Don’t call the police. It’s going to be okay," Qingfeng said as he waved his hand.

He knew that Yanzhi was worried about him as she did not know about his combat worries. These two thugs were nothing in his eyes. He could send them flying with a single kick.

"Oh, so your name is Qingfeng Li. What a good name. But you angered me, so you’re done."

The tall thug smiled coldly. He had gathered that the young man’s name was "Qingfeng Li" from Yanzhi’s words.


The tall thug shouted and waved his right fist towards Qingfeng’s head.

The fist was filled with power and seemed like it would break Qingfeng’s bones.

Qingfeng took a step and grabbed the tall thug’s fist with a single hand. No matter how hard the tall thug tried to remove his fist, he did not budge a single inch.

The tall thug became livid. He originally wanted to teach Qingfeng a lesson and impress the beauty. He did not expect his fist to be caught by Qingfeng.

"Let go of my hand," The tall thug said angrily.


Qingfeng clenched on the thug’s fist and instantly crushed his fist. The thug emitted a painful scream.

"Skinny, what are you waiting for, fight him," The tall thug said to the short thug.

The short thug let out a shout, grabbed a dagger from his chest and rushed towards Qingfeng.

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes when he saw the dagger in the short thug’s hand. When the short thug close to him, he lifted his left leg and kicked towards the thug’s stomach.

The short thug was kicked into the air with a single kick. He flew 4-5 meters before landing onto the ground with a thud. He was dazed and there were stars before his eyes.

"Go away," Qingfeng said as he pushed away the tall thug. The tall thug was pushed out of the cable and fell onto the ground. He let out another painful moan when his injured hand impacted on the ground.

The two thugs looked at Qingfeng in fear and ran away. This young man was too scary. They were no match for him.

A flicker of surprise appeared in Yanzhi’s eyes when she saw Qingfeng had defeated the thugs. She did not expect Qingfeng to be so powerful.

She was ready to call the police; she did not expect Qingfeng to beat them up and send them running.

"You are so strong," Yanzhi praised with a charming smile.

"Yes, I think so too. HAHA I’m invincible," Qingfeng laughed narcissistically.

Yanzhi was speechless and rolled her eyes. She had never met such a narcissistic person. I praised you but you already let it get into your head.

Yanzhi did not know that Qingfeng was already being humble. Yanzhi would probably be stunned if he said that he was the strongest man in the Dark world.

After the two thugs were scared away, there was only Yanzhi and Qingfeng in the cable. Qingfeng spent another 200 Yuan to book the entire cable so that they would not be interrupted.

The cable was not very spacious, it was only 4-5 square meters in size. It was a small cable but it fit 2 people without a problem.

Qingfeng and Yanzhi stood next to the glass panel of the cable and looked down. They could see the rocks, the river stream and the tall trees.

Perhaps the cable had not been maintained for a long time, when they were half way there, they started to hear cracking sounds. It was as if the cable was about to fall down.

crick crick crick..

The sounds got louder. It was as if the cable would plummet to the ground any second.

Yanzhi had taken a cable before but had never encountered a situation like this. Her face was ghastly pale and her body started to tremble.

The cable was a few hundred meters from the ground. If it fell to the ground, they would become smashed into pieces.


The cable suddenly slanted and Yanzhi fell into Qingfeng’s arms.

Yanzhi fell into Qingfeng’s arms. She could smell his manly scent and her face became flustered like a ripe grape.

Qingfeng was dazed when he caught Yanzhi. He had the beauty in his arms!

The two both felt awkward and at that moment, neither spoke a word.

At this moment, at the foot of the mountain.

The tall and short thug said, Tthat Qingfeng fellow was so strong."

They had learned from the beauty the name of the young man.

"Should we find someone to teach this fellow a lesson?" The short thug asked.

The tall thug said coldly, "I’ve never suffered such an embarrassment. Of course we need to teach him a lesson."

The two thugs walked out and prepared to find a person to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

At this moment, two men in black stopped them. One was a strong muscular man while the other was a thin elder.

The two people were none other than Shuang Wang and Ying Wang. From their investigations, they knew that Qingfeng was at the Green Peak Mountain today. They were here to kill him.

"You said that Qingfeng had beaten you up. Let me ask you. Where is he?" The muscular man asked the tall thug.

The tall thug did not want to reply but became fearful when he saw the killer intent that the muscular guy emitted. He quickly said, "Qingfeng Li is in the cable car at the tourist area up front."

"Senior Wang, Qingfeng is in the cable in the tourist area. Let’s go," Shuang Wang said respectfully to the thin elder.

"Let’s go and kill Qingfeng Li," The thin elder said with a light smile.

He was a level AA fighter, it was extremely easy for him to kill Qingfeng.

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