My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 332: Showing Yanzhi Pei Around

Chapter 332: Showing Yanzhi Pei Around

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30 minutes later, Yanzhi Pei had finished touring the Ice Snow Corporation.

Yanzhi Pei had high praises for Ice Snow Corporation. She thought that it was a company filled with potential. The CEO, Xue Lin, was beautiful and capable. She could develop a company that was almost bankrupt into a multimillion Yuan company. It was truly remarkable.

Yanzhi Pei could see remnants of herself from Xue Lin. Even though Phoenix corporation was a company worth billions, it largely depended on her family. Of course, it was also partly the result of her efforts.

She knew that if she placed herself in Xue Lin’s position, at best, she would be only be able to develop her company to the same magnitude of Ice Snow Corporation. Xue Lin had developed the company without any connections or help.

"President Xue Lin, I have finished touring the company. I am very happy with your company but I would like to tour Eastern Sea City for a day. Could you let Qingfeng show me around Eastern S eaCity?" Yanzhi Pei asked Xue Lin with a smile.

"Of course, Qingfeng, you can show CEO Yanzhi Pei around Eastern Sea City today," Xue Lin said with a smile.

Yanzhi Pei was a big customer of Ice Snow Corporation. Xue Lin naturally agreed to her request for Qingfeng to show her around.

Xue Lin only thought of Yanzhi Pei as a business partner. She did not think much of it. She did not realize that Yanzhi Pei was also here to see Qingfeng.

"Sister Xiaoyue, remember to treat me to food," Qingfeng said to Xiaoyue Zhang before he left.

Xiaoyue Zhang’s face became red when she heard Qingfeng’s words. She did not expect Brother Li to be acquainted with Yanzhi Pei or for Yanzhi Pei to seek a partnership with Qingfeng.

Xiaoyue Zhang nodded and could only agree to Qingfeng’s request since she lost the bet.

Qingfeng slightly smiled and left the company with Yanzhi Pei. His main mission today was to welcome Yanzhi Pei warmly so that she would form a partnership with Ice Snow Corporation.

The two walked outside and Yanzhi Pei smiled charmingly to her secretary. She said, "Jing Tang, you can wait for us in the company. I will tour around Eastern Sea City with Qingfeng."

Jing Tang could only walk reluctantly into the Ice Snow Corporation. She wanted to follow Yanzhi Pei but could only obey Yanzhi Pei’s orders.

"Qingfeng, what are the point of attractions in Eastern Sea City?" Yanzhi Pei asked with a smile.

She was a citizen of Western Sea City so she did not know the tourist spots in Eastern Sea City.

"Let’s go to Green Peak mountain. The scenery there is great," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Yanzhi Pei was not familiar so she naturally agreed to Qingfeng’s idea.

Qingfeng was more familiar with Eastern Sea City so he took the driver’s seat and drove them towards Green Peak Mountain.

30 minutes later, the two arrived at Green Peak Mountain. Greek Peak Mountain was located in a rural area of Eastern Sea City and was a top tier tourist spot with great scenery.

Green Peak Mountain was a thousand meters tall. It was tall with numerous trees and lush greenery. There were many tourists here as the weather was nice.

There were two ways to get to the mountain peak. The first was to hike from the bottom of the mountain. The second way was to take the cable car.

The cable car was a machine that used stationary ropes for transport while a moving rope provided propulsion to move the people to the top of the mountain.

Yanzhi Pei did not want to hike so they took a cable car.

It was a blue cable car. The cable was not big but it looked nice. There was a glass window which enabled the person to view the scenery of the mountain from inside the cable.

The fee for the cable was 50 Yuan. Qingfeng and Yanzhi Pei spent 100 Yuan in total. Of course, Qingfeng paid for the fee since he was showing Yanzhi Pei around.

Four people could be in a cable at a time. Qingfeng and Yanzhi Pei were only two people. After a while, two thugs who wore flashy clothing walked into the cable.

What a beautiful woman! The eyes of the two thugs lit up when they saw Yanzhi Pei. She was too beautiful. She had a charming face, snow-white skin and a seductive body. She was like ripe peach which attracted one’s gaze.

The two thugs exchanged heated looks.

One of the thugs was taller while the other was shorter. The two were thugs loitered close to the tourist area, and they often pick-pocketed and flirted with beauties.

They two had stolen many things from the tourists in the area.

They were prepared to take the cable car when they saw a beauty which dazzled them. Naturally, they wanted to flirt with her.

It could not be helped. A beautiful woman attracted one’s glance wherever she went. It would be alright if it was ordinary men looking, but there was trouble when the man was a thug.

A thug loved to flirt with beauties and bully the weak.

The tall thug chuckled and said, "Beauty, you are taking the cable too?"

Yanzhi Pei frowned when she heard the tall thug’s words. She looked away and did not respond to the bully.

This beauty has quite the personality! The eyes of the tall thug became more heated. He loved woman with strong personalities. They provoked his desire to conquer them.

The tall thug suddenly discovered that there was a handsome fellow next to the beauty. He rolled his eyes and thought of a good idea – he should kick out the fellow and so that he could be alone with the beauty.

"Friend, please go out for a moment," The tall thug said to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng frowned and said coldly, "Firstly, I am not your friend. Secondly, I came to the cable car first. Why should I leave?"

"Fellow, what’s wrong with your attitude. I asked you to leave politely out of respect. Don't make me use my fists," The tall thug said threateningly as he waved his fist.

He wanted to show the beauty how strong he was so Qingfeng was his target to bully.

"Beat me up? Who are you? I’ll give you one second to leave," Qingfeng said coldly with his hands behind his back.

He voice was filled with arrogance and pride. He thought nothing of the tall thug.

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