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Chapter 336: Who the Hell Are you

Chapter 336: Who the Hell Are you

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"Qingfeng Li, it’s time for you to die now." Shuang Wang sneered and walked towards Qingfeng Li with his enormous body.

Shuang Wang didn’t dare to be such furious if he was by himself. He was at the same level with Ba Wang after all. However, things were different when he had the support from the skinny old man.

Above all, the skinny old man was the founding member of Proud Heaven League, an AA level master.

Moreover, Shuang Wang still held the view that the reason his brother lost to Qingfeng Li was either being too careless or being sneak attacked by Qingfeng Li.

Ba Wang was over one meter and eighty centimeters high, and the muscles over his body were all plumped up, showing off his unbeatable power. His momentum got tougher with every step he made, and it hit the top as he walked up to Qingfeng Li.


As soon as Shuang Wang stepped on the ground with his right leg, the hard rock got cracked, which showed how powerful he was.

Shuang Wang threw Qingfeng Li a kick with his right leg. As the kick was coming, a strong gale was brought up.

Qingfeng Li didn’t get panic when the kick came at a speed of light. Instead, he remained still and calm until the opponent’s leg was about to touch him, then he started a right kick all of a sudden.

He had to use leg to defend, since Shuang Wang started attacking with his leg.

With the unbelievably faster speed, Qingfeng Li’s kick was thrown at Shuang Wang first, even though Shuang Wang made his move earlier.

At the moment when the two legs touched, the look on Shuang Wang’s face changed. The only thing he could feel was an unbearable pain, as if his kick dropped on a piece of hard steel plate, from which a wave of strong energy was passing through.


Shuang Wang’s leg was broken directly from the kick. He screamed miserably and his face turned dreadfully pale.

Shuang Wang’s eyes were full of fear. He was shocked by the incredible power Qingfeng Li had, he had never seen anyone as strong as him before.

Shuang Wang’s face downcast as his leg was broken. He wanted to retreat, however, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t give him the chance.


Qingfeng Li reached his right hand out, grabbed Shuang Wang’s throat right away and lift him up.

Disbelief filled up Shuang Wang’s wide-open eyes. He weighed over two hundred pounds, this young man was even able to lift him up with one hand. It went beyond Shuang Wang’s imagination of how strong Qingfeng Li was.

At this moment, Shuang Wang got terrified. He thought Qingfeng Li sneak attacked his brother, however, it seemed he was wrong. It was quite sure that his young man was capable to beat his brother easily with one hand.

This was a tough man, who was way more powerful than Shuang Wang himself. A touch of fear appeared on his face, the only thing he could do now was to ask the skinny old man for help.

"Young man, let him go." said the skinny old man as his face downcast.

He was planning to let Shuang Wang test Qingfeng Lou’s capability. He didn’t expect that Shuang Wang would lose the fight only after one strike and got grabbed by neck, which really drove him mad.

He knew that Shuang Wang was one of Aotian Wang’s favorite subordinates, who was doted on by Aotian Wang. If Shuang Wang got killed today, Aotian Wang would blame that on him.

"Who the hell are you? I’m going to kill him with no doubt." said Qingfeng Li ragingly, after took a look at the skinny old man.

Qingfeng Li would never show any mercy to his enemy. He would end Shuang Wang’s life, since Shuang Wang was thinking of killing him.

"Let me tell you young man, the guy in your hand was Shuang Wang, the subordinate of the Underground Prince of Western Sea City. If you dare to touch him, then the prince will kill you for sure." said the skinny old man, whose face was cloudy. He was trying to threaten Qingfeng Li with Aotian Wang.


To respond the threat from the skinny old man, Qingfeng Li put more strength on his hand and then crushed Shuang Wang’s throat after a quick crack sound.

Shuang Wang took a terrified look at Qingfeng Li, laid his head aside and stopped breathing.

Shuang Wang, the dominator who ran over Western Sea City, dead.

There were deep regrets in Shuang Wang’s eyes before he died. He wouldn’t have ever avenged if he would ever know how fierce Qingfeng Li was. Even he would have to, he would let the skinny old man take it.

There was no such thing as regret it later. Shuang Wang paid with his life.

"Young man, you killed him, then I have to kill you." the skinny old man sneered, a chilling light came out of his eyes.

Shuang Wang was dead, he had to kill Qingfeng Li to answer to Aotian Wang for loss.

Bang bang bang bang…...

The skinny old man started walking towards Qingfeng Li. Every step he made left a crack on the ground. This was an AA level master, power came out every part of his body when he was mad.

"Well, interesting, an AA level master?" Qingfeng Li made his comment on the skinny old man in a careless voice.

He didn’t expect that Aotian Wang in Western Sea City had such broad influence. There were not merely A level masters working for him, but also AA level masters. No wonder he was able to unify all the underground forces in Western Sea City.

It was honest to say that Shuang Wang had really bad luck, he could have survived if he met anyone else. However, it was no one else but Qingfeng Li, so he had to die with regrets.

What, he could tell that I was an AA level master?

The look on the skinny old man changed, surprised flashed through his eyes. He even had more interest in this young man in front, since it was incredible that Qingfeng Li could tell his capability.

He decided to use his unique skill, "Eagle Hook Claws" to end Qingfeng Li’s life.

It was known to be an impressive skill. When he first started practice, he used to scratch tree trunks until the bark was torn apart, sometime even left a hole in the tree.

"Young man, it has been years since I used Eagle Hook Claws. Today I’m gonna show you how powerful it is." the skinny old man gave a chilling smile showing his fingers.

The old man’s fingers were all dried-up and the thick skin was covered with callus. His fingernails were as long as that of an eagle.


The skinny old man started scratching forward abruptly, as if it could tear the air apart. With a strong airflow, he was aiming at Qingfeng Lou’s chest.

The skinny old man was indeed malevolence, as he was trying to rip Qingfeng Li’s heart out of his chest. Obviously, he had done that to someone else already.

Seeing the terrifying claws coming, Qingfeng Li remained still, calm as if nothing was happening.

"Qingfeng Li, find somewhere to hide." screamed Yanzhi Pei.

Although she was a woman who knew nothing about fighting, she could still tell how fierce the eagle hooked claws was, as there was a huge airflow around them. However, why didn’t Qingfeng Li make his move?

To responded Yanzhi Pei’s concern, Qingfeng Li just simply waved his hand, said in a careless tone, "hmm, nothing to worry about some tiny mole crickets and ants."

What, mole crickets and ants?

The skinny old man got mad, this young man dared to call him crickets and ants? He was no one else but an AA level master.

The skinny old man started to converge all the strength towards his claws. He had to prove his power by ripping Qingfeng Li’s heart out.


The skinny old man grabbed hard on Qingfeng Li’s chest, however, it felt like he had grabbed a piece of steel plate. His fingernails were all broken off, and some unbearable pain started on his claws.

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