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Chapter 324: Ba Wang, Toad?

Chapter 324: Ba Wang, Toad?

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" Let me repeat myself. Let go of Jiaojiao Liu, apologize and get on your knees or don’t blame me for my actions," Qingfeng said coldly.

In his eyes, a Level A fighter was nothing.

The surrounding people were stunned when they heard Qingfeng’s threats. Qingfeng was talking to the arrogant Ba Wang!

The underground prince of Western Sea City was called Aotian Wang – he looked over the entire Western Sea City. When he united the underground forces of Western Sea City, Ba Wang was his striker. Ba Wang broke his opponents’ legs, arms, and even their necks.

Ba Wang had received orders from Aotian Wang to inspect and investigate Eastern Sea City to see if they could expand their powers to Eastern Sea City.

"Fellow, you are quite arrogant. Do you not know how strong I am?" Ba Wang said with a cold smile.

One must know that in Western Sea City, he was only under the rule of the Underground prince. Everyone else had to please him.

Even when he arrived in Eastern Sea City, many people tried to please him. He was here today because someone invited him.

The two were about to fight when they heard a laugh.

"Brother Ba, it’s been a while," A handsome young man said.

His name was Jun Li and he was the young master of the Li Family. He had just arrived when he heard the commotion. He did not expect to see Ba Wang here.

He naturally recognized Ba Wang who was a skilled fighter and subordinate of the Western Sea City Underground prince. He was not about to anger Ba Wang.

"Oh, it is young master Li. I have my eyes on this girl but someone doesn’t agree," Ba Wang said lightly as he pointed at Jiaojiao Liu. He naturally recognized Jun Li too.

Jun Li glanced at Jiaojiao Liu and thought in his heart, "What a seductive girl. It is no wonder Ba Wang has his eyes on her."

"Since Brother Ba likes her, you can take her with you." Jun Li knew how to please Ba Wang. He directly asked Ba Wang to bring take Jiaojiao Liu away with him.

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes when he heard Jun LI’s words. He said coldly, "Who do you think you are, to be able to take Jiaojiao Liu away like that."

Jun Li’s expression changed. He did not expect anyone to insult him in his family’s business.

He turned around and his expression changed when he saw Qingfeng. He recognized Qingfeng. He had insulted him during the Charity Banquet.

"Qingfeng, this is the Li Family business. Who are you to stop me from letting Ba Wang take this girl away?" Jun Li said coldly with disdain.

If they were somewhere else, Jun LI could be afraid of Qingfeng. But it was his own territory and he had his friend, Ba Wang, with him. He was not afraid of Qingfeng.

For Jun Li, Ba Wang was his friend and Qingfeng was his enemy.

"Big brother, this girl is called Jiaojiao Liu. He is my classmate. You can’t let Ba Wang take her," Ming Li said loudly as he approached Jun LI.

He was pursuing Jiaojiao Liu. How could he let a man take her away?


Jun Li slapped Ming Li across the face and yelled, "Bastard, didn’t you see Brother Ba wants to take this girl away? So what if she is your classmate? She is lucky Brother Ba has her eyes on her."

Ming Li’s face became pale after he was slapped. He was always afraid of his big brother. Furthermore, his brother was the true inheritor of the Li Family. He wanted to save Jiaojiao Liu but he was no match for Ba Wang and he dared not disobey his brother’s orders. At this moment, he felt extremely oppressed.

When he saw Ming Li trying to save Jiaojiao Liu and was slapped by his brother, Qingfeng thought in his heart that Ming Li still had some conscience."

"Jun Li, you are an embarrassment to the Li Family. How could you be scared of Ba Wang?" Qingfeng said with disdain.

The Li Family in Eastern Sea City was a branch of the Li Family in the Jing Capital city. 50 years ago, a member of the Li Family from the capital arrived at Eastern Sea City and formed the family. He was still a member of the Li Family through the bloodline.

"Who are you to say anything?" Jun Li said to Qingfeng.

He felt that he had Ba Wang’s support so he did not need to put Qingfeng in his eyes.


Qingfeng walked before Jun Li and slapped him across the face as Jun Li looked at him with disbelief. Jun Li’s face became swollen like a bun.

"This slap is for the Li Family. Even though you are only a branch member, you are a huge embarrassment to the family," Qingfeng said coldly.

"You mother*cker. How dare you hit me?" Jun LI yelled as he held onto his face.

He was the young master of the Li Family but now, he was slapped across the face on his family’s property. It was too embarrassing.

The surrounding people were stunned. Jun LI was the young master of the Li Family. How could this fellow slap him across the face?

Pa pa pa pa pa…

Qingfeng raised his palm and slapped consecutively when he heard Jun LI’s insults. He slapped Jun Li across the face for a dozen times until his face was red and swollen. Even a few of his teeth had fallen out. Jun Li looked dazed as he fell onto the ground.

"Trash like you are an embarrassment to the Li Family," Qingfeng did not take another look at Jun LI, instead, he walked towards Ba Wang.

"Ba Wang, I think you are more like a toad (TL: Ba Wang has the same pronunciation as toad in Chinese). You have angered me," Qingfeng said coldly to Ba Wang.

"Fellow, how dare you call me a toad. Do you want to die?" Ba Wang said angrily.

He was a force to be reckoned with in Western Sea City. It was a huge insult to him for someone to call him a toad. In Western Sea City, the leader of another gang had called him a toad as well. But that man has been killed by him.

Ba Wang decided that he was going to squeeze the young man’s throat and send him to hell. How dare he call him a toad, he must die.

Ba Wang swung his right fist towards Qingfeng. There was a sharp piercing sound as he waved his fist towards Qingfeng’s head.

The fist contained enormous power. If an ordinary person was hit, they would suffer serious injuries or even die. The speed of the fist was very fast and in an instant, Ba Wang’s fist was before Qingfeng’s eyes.


Qingfeng calmly caught Ba Wang’s fist with his hand.

What? He actually caught my fist?

Ba Wang was completely shocked as if he had seen a ghost.

There was enormous power in his fist that could even shatter a wooden plank. But the young man before him was able to stop his fist.

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