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Chapter 325: Stomping Ba Wang

Chapter 325: Stomping Ba Wang

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The muscles in Ba Wang’s entire body popped up. He used his entire might but he was still unable to remove his fist from Qingfeng’s grasp.

"How strong." A flash of astonishment appeared in Ba Wang’s eyes.

He was a very strong Level a fighter who could defeat a dozen man single-handedly. But his fist did not cause Qingfeng any damage. Qingfeng could even stop his fist.

This was a really skilled fighter who was even stronger than Level A. Ba Wang was appalled.

The reason he came to ES City was to determine how many strong fighters there were in ES City to prepare for Underground Prince’s entrance into ES City. He did not expect to meet a strong fighter just as he got here.


Qingfeng clenched his hand and instantly broke the bones in Ba Wang’s fist. His white skeleton was revealed. painful! Ba Wang yelled painfully as his bones were broken.

The surrounding people were all stunned. Their mouths were wide agape. In the flash of an eye, the arrogant Ba Wang was beaten up by Qingfeng.

If they had not seen Ba Wang single-handedly defeat a dozen security guards, they would have thought the two were acting. The strong Ba Wang was like a small chick that Qingfeng was playing with.

"Fellow, let me go. I am a subordinate of the WS City Underground Prince, Tianao Wang," Ba Wang threatened.

He knew that he had met a strong fighter. He was no match for the young man so he could only use the Underground Prince’s name to get out of the situation.

Aotian Wang was an invincible force in both WS City and ES City. Everyone knew of his name and would show some respect when they hear his name.

Katcha Katcha!

Qingfeng did not react to Ba Wang’s threats, he lifted his right leg and kicked mercilessly towards Ba Wang’s legs. Ba Wang’s knees were broken and he fell to the ground.

Ba Wang groaned painfully as his knees were broken. His face was pale and filled with fear.

He never expected that the young man would dare to break his legs after he brought out Aotian Wang’s name.

"Ba Wang is kneeling on the ground. He is a Level A fighter!"

"A Level A fighter is nothing, he was still beat up by Qingfeng."

"Qingfeng Li is too strong. But he has angered Aotian Wang, he will probably be in trouble in the future."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They were all stunned by Qingfeng’s strength. Some were afraid that people from WS City would come to seek revenge.

These people were all citizens of ES City so they naturally sided with citizens of their city. Furthermore, Ba Wang acted extremely arrogantly just now so everyone was secretly happy to see him pummeled to the ground.

"Jiaojiao, let’s go," Qingfeng said with a light smile as he pulled Jiaojiao Liu away.

Qingqing Tang, Yan Zhang, and Lu Li followed closely behind them. They did not want to stay here any longer as there was a strong stench of blood here.

As for Ba Wang, he had already passed out from the pain.

Ba Wang had come arrogantly to ES City but was stomped on by Qingfeng. Even if Ba Wang did not die from this encounter, it would still be impossible for him to fully recover. He could only spend his remaining life in a wheelchair.

"Young master, Ba Wang is a strong fighter who works for the WS City Underground Prince. I am afraid that Aotian Wang would hold us seek trouble with us for the happenings," A man in black said to Jun Li.

The KTV was a property of the LI Family. Ba Wang had passed out after being beaten up. If Aotian Wang blamed the happenings on the Li Family, they would be in a lot of trouble.

The Li Family in the ES City was only a branch of the Li Family in the capital city. Even if they were in trouble, the Li Family in the Capital might not intervene. The main problem was that Aotian Wang had an extremely strong background. They were supported by the Wang Family in the capital city.

"Hmph, Wang Ba was beaten up by Qingfeng. We didn't do anything," Jun LI said darkly.

He was slapped a dozen times by Qingfeng just now so he was extremely furious. But he knew that he was unable to defeat Qingfeng so he could only be angry in his heart.

"Young master, I have a wonderful idea. We can push the blame onto Qingfeng and find someone to teach him a lesson too."

"What’s your idea?"

"Young master, we can send Ba Wang back to WS City and tell Aotian Wang that he was beaten up by Qingfeng Li. With Aotian Wang’s temper, he would definitely find someone to teach Qingfeng a lesson," The man in black said in a low voice.

No sh*t! Everyone can think of that idea! If he sent Ba Wang back to WS City, he would obtain Aotian Wang’s affections. Aotian Wang would also seek revenge for Ba Wang and teach Qingfeng a lesson.

Aotian Wang was the leader of the underground forces of WS City. He was said to be a very strong fighter. If he personally taught Qingfeng a lesson, he would definitely beat Qingfeng up.

Truthfully, Jun Li had already thought of this idea just now. But he was too angry just now so he did not speak about it.

"Hehe, Qingfeng Li, since you dared to slap me across the face, I will let Aotian Wang teach you a lesson. Wait for your death," thought Jun LI menacingly. His eyes flashed coldly with killer intent.

"Go and find a car and send Ba Wang back to Aotian Wang. Tell him the happenings and remember to give him a copy of Qingfeng Li’s information," Jun LI said with a cold smile.

He wanted to give Qingfeng’s information to Aotian Wang so that Aotian Wang would be able to deal with him easily.

Jun Li dared not seek revenge from Qingfeng by himself. He wanted to use Aotian Wang’s hand to defeat Qingfeng. He was going to stand by and profit from their fights.

"Young master, I will leave immediately," The man in black said with a nod. He then asked someone to grab Ba Wang from the ground and headed towards WS City.

Outside of Emperor KTV.

Jiaojiao Liu, and the other girls all looked admiringly at Qingfeng.

Women naturally tend to admire heroes. Qingfeng had just defeated Ba Wang and sent him to his knees. In the eyes of the girls, he was a huge hero.


Jiaojiao Liu suddenly kissed Qingfeng on the cheek and said admiringly, "Hero, this is your reward."

"No, we also want to kiss the hero," Qingqing Tang and the other girls also hugged Qingfeng excitedly and kissed him on the cheek.

Muah muah muah muah…

Soon, Qingfeng’s cheek was covered with lip prints.

Qingfeng felt a warm sensation on his cheek and thought narcissistically, "I am so charming and popular."

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