My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 323: The Arrogant Ba Wang

Chapter 323: The Arrogant Ba Wang

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"Beauty, what’s your name?" The drunk man asked heatedly with a smile.

"Hmph, why should I tell you. Let go of me or you will be screwed when my Brother Li gets here," Jiaojiao Liu said as she furrowed her brows. Her seductive eyes were filled with threat.

Others might now know how strong her brother-in-law was but she was well aware of his strength. He could single-handedly defeat a crowd of people. He could definitely pummel this guy to the floor when he gets here.

"Yes, I must ask brother-in-law to pummel this fellow to the floor," Jiaojiao Liu thought menacingly in her mind.

"Haha, you are the first person who dares to threaten me. I will break your big brother Li’s legs when he gets here to show him how strong I am."

Qingqing Tang ran towards "Singing King room" and pushed open the door. Her charming face was filled with anxiety.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows when he saw Qingqing Tang run into the room. He asked, "QIngqing, what happened. Why are you running?"

"Big brother Li, something bad happened. Jiaojiao was caught by someone," Qingqing Tang said anxiously.

"What? Jiaojiao was grabbed? Who grabbed her?"

"She was grabbed by a drunk man."

"Bring me to her quickly," Qingfeng said as he stood up.

Qingfeng followed Qingqing Tang out of the booth. Ming Li, Jiang Zhang and the other girls also left the booth quickly.

The group quickly arrived at the scene with Qingqing Tang’s lead.

Ming Li cared deeply about Jiaojiao Liu since he was currently pursuing her. He was also very familiar with the surroundings so he was at the front of the group.

When he saw that Jiaojiao Liu was grabbed by a drunk man, he said furiously, "Bastard, let go of Jiaojiao."

The drunk man chuckled and said, "Oh, so the beauty’s name is Jiaojiao. What a good name. I like it."

"Bastard, did you not hear my words? Let go of Jiaojiao Liu quickly," Ming Li yelled while rushing to the drunk man’s side.

"Who are you? I have my eyes on this beauty. She is going to drink with me tonight," The drunk man said arrogantly as he looked at Ming Li with disdain.

"Bastard, let me tell you. I am the second young master of the Li Family. The Li family is one of the four big families in Eastern Sea City. You better let Jiaojiao go or you will suffer the consequences," Ming Li said. He hoped that his identity would be enough to scare off the drunk man.

But the drunk man only laughed arrogantly at Ming Li’s words. He said arrogantly, "You are nothing in my eyes. Go away."

What? How dare this man insult the second young master of Li Family? How arrogant. The surrounding people were stunned.

They knew that the KTV was a business of the Li Family. Ming Li would not let this go easily.

As expected Ming Li became livid when he heard the drunk man’s words. He said furiously, "You dare to insult me? You are looking for your death."


Ming Li waved his fist towards the drunk man. He thought that the drunk man was too drunk to respond and that he would be able to defeat him with a single fist.

But Ming Li was stunned in the next moment. The drunk man grabbed onto his fist. Ming Li was unable to withdraw his fist no matter how hard he tried.


The drunk man kicked Ming Li in the stomach heavily and sent him flying. Ming Li crashed heavily into the wall and fell to the ground with a moan.

He felt that his bones were broken. His entire body hurts.

At this moment, a group of security guards arrived at the scene.

A flash of delight appeared in Ming Li’s face when he saw the security guards. He said loudly, "This fellow is causing trouble here. Beat him up."

The group of security guards rushed towards the drunk man when they heard Ming Li’s words.

Pang pang pang pang...

The drunk man was too strong. He grabbed onto Jiaojiao Liu with a single hand and waved his other hand continuously. In a moment, the dozen security guards were sent flying to the floor.

This was a highly skilled man.

At this moment, Ming Li and the surrounding security guards realized that the drunk man was a master in combat. When Qingfeng arrived at the scene, a flash of surprise appeared in his eyes when he saw the drunk man beating up the security guards.

He did not expect to see a level A fighter here.

In the dark world, a fighter’s ability was ranked from ordinary to elite, master, level A, level AA, level AAA, level S, level SS and level SSS.

He had never seen a level A fighter ever since he arrived in ES City. Even Hu Wang of the Ferocious Tiger Gang was only a elite. This drunk man was the first Level A fighter he has met.

Qingfeng carefully observed the drunk man and realized that he did not know him. He probably does not belong to the underground ES City forces or the Qingfeng League.

"Let go of Jiaojiao Liu. Apologize and get on your knees," Qingfeng said to the drunk man with his hands behind his back.

Even though the drunk man was a level A fighter, but he could not be compared to Qingfeng who was a King.

A King was a level SSS fighter.

" I don't think you are qualified to ask me to apologize and kowtow on my knees," The drunk man said arrogantly.

"You are a Level A fighter, so you must have some background. Tell me your name."

"Good, you can see my capabilities. Let me tell you, my name is Ba Wang, people call me Brother Ba."

"Ba Wang, I have never heard this name," Qingfeng said as he shook his head.


Ba Wang became furious. Everyone knew his name in Eastern Sea City and even Western Sea City.

Qingfeng had never heard of Ba Wang but the surrounding people had heard of his name.

"Ba Wang, he is a subordinate of the Western Sea City underground Prince. His name is Ba Wang, everyone calls him arrogant like no other."

"No wonder he is so arrogant. He is Ba Wang."

"Isn’t Ba Wang a citizen of Western Sea City? Why is he in Eastern Sea City?"

"I heard that the Western Sea City underground prince wants to expand his territory towards Eastern Sea City. Ba Wang must be here to start his plans."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly and looked at Ba Wang fearfully.

The underground prince of Western Sea City was the most powerful ruler in Western Sea City. He has ruled the entire underground force of Western Sea City for many years. He had two skilled fighters under him, and Ba Wang was one of them.

Qingfeng frowned. From the discussions of the surrounding people, he finally knew that the man before him was a lackey of the WS City underground Prince.

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