My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 322: Jiaojiao Liu Was Grabbed

Chapter 322: Jiaojiao Liu Was Grabbed

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There were many booths in the Emperor KTV at different price points. The most expensive was the Singing King Room followed by the Singing Queen booth, Singing King VIP booths and ordinary booths.

The KTV was a business owned by the Li Family and Ming Li was the second young master of the Li Family. Thus, it was very easy for him to obtain the Singing King room.

The Singing King Room was luxuriously decorated and one hundred square meters in size. There were more than 10,000 songs in the song system and the TV screen was huge.

"Jiaojiao, today is your birthday. Let me sing you a song," Ming Li said with a smile as he picked up the microphone.

"You smile sweetly, like a flower that blooms in the spring breeze, like a flower that blooms in the spring breeze. Where have I seen you before? You look so familiar. I cannot recall. Oh, it’s in a dream. I’ve seen you in a dream…"

Ming Li’s voice was quite good. He sang Lijun Deng’s very well.

"Brother Ming, you sing so well, "Jiang Zhang said excitedly as he applauded.

He was Ming Li’s lackey and a lot of his family business was involved with the Li Family so he naturally tried to praise Ming Li.

Even though Qingqing Tang and the other girls did not like Ming Li, but after all they were classmates and he sang pretty well. Thus, they also applauded.

The only two who did not applaud was Jiaojiao Liu and Qingfeng.

Jiaojiao Liu did not applaud because she did not like Ming Li.

Qingfeng did not applaud because he did not like Ming Li and also that he thought he sounded pretty bad. In the eyes of ordinary people, Ming Li sounded good but in Qingfeng’s eyes, he sounded really bad.

"Big brother Li, why are you not clapping?" Qingqing Tang asked. She was very grateful that Qingfeng had accepted his uncle’s apology, so she called him big brother Li.

"He sounds pretty bad. He does not deserve applause," Qingfeng said with a smile as he twitched his lips.

Ming Li was displeased when he heard Qingfeng’s words. What do you mean? How could you say I sound bad? I sound great when I sing.

"Qingfeng Li, you said that I sound bad. Well, why don’t you sing? Everyone knows how to boast," Ming Li said coldly.

He often sang here. Even though his singing skills could not be compared to professional singers, his skills were still great compared to ordinary people.

"Since you want to listen, I will sing a song. Jiaojiao, today is your birthday, I will gift this to you. Happy birthday," Qingfeng said as he stood up and picked up the microphone.

"Gently, I am going to leave you. Please wipe away the tears from the corners of your eyes. In the long nights and days to come, my dear, please don’t cry for me. Though the way ahead is too dreary, please bless me with a smile. Though heading against the wind with rain, I will be missing you…"

Qingfeng sang beautifully. A man had left his beloved woman but he still thought about her in his heart.

It sounded so good. The surrounding girls were all stunned. They could almost see the man leaving the woman. The scene was heartbreaking.

clap clap clap

Jiaojiao Liu clapped her hands together and applauded continuously. Qingqing Tang and the other girls also applauded excitedly.

Ming Li’s expression was livid. He liked to sing so he could naturally tell that Qingfeng was very skilled in singing. His skills were much better than his own.

Ming LI had to admit that his song did not sound as good at Qingfeng’s song. He felt that it was a mistake to come to the KTV today. He wanted to show off his singing skills but he was beaten by Qingfeng. After Qingfeng finished singing, Qingqing Tang and the other girls also sang a girl respectively to wish Jiaojiao Liu a happy birthday.

"You guys can sing first. I am going to the washroom," Jiaojiao Liu said to the people in the room.

She had drunk too much water and needed to go to the washroom urgently.

"Jiaojiao, wait for me. I will go with you," Qingqing Tang said. She also needed to go to the washroom.

The two girls walked towards the washroom together.

"Jiaojiao, do you know if Qingfeng has a girlfriend?" Qingqing Tang said shyly.

"Why are you asking? Do you want to pursue him?" Jiaojiao Liu asked with a frown.

She knew that her brother-in-law was very charming and many girls liked him. Even her sister, Ruyan Liu, was conquered by Qingfeng. It was not surprising that Qingqing Tang would fall for him. Even she herself liked him a little in her heart.

Qingqing Tang’s face blushed. She said shyly, "Jiaojiao, don’t spout nonsense. I only think Qingfeng is very charming. How can I like him?"

The two girls chatted and they soon arrived at the washroom.

After a while, they were ready to leave the washroom.

But Jiaojiao Liu and Qingqing Tang had only walked a short distance before they were stopped by a tall man.

The man was very tall. He looked to be 1.8m and he had tattoos on his body. He seemed drunk and smelt heavily of alcohol.

The drunk man had drunk too much and had headed out to go for a walk. He did not expect to see a beauty. The beauty was so pretty. She had a charming face a small pointed nose and snow-white skin.

"Beauty, you are so beautiful. I am attracted to you. Have a drink with me," The drunk man said heatedly as he stopped Jiaojiao Liu.

"I am sorry. I don't know you. Please go away," Jiaojiao Liu said unhappily with a frown.

She did not like anyone who was drunk. Especially strangers. Those who tried to flirt with her when they were drunk were always up to no good.

"Hmph, you don't know what’s good for you. I will get any woman that I have my eyes on," The drunk man said arrogantly.

Jiaojiao Liu looked at the drunk man with detest and walked away with Qingqing Tang. But the drunk man grabbed Jiaojiao Liu by her arm and would not let her go. Jiaojiao Liu was only a weak girl so she could not get away from the man.

"Qingqing Tang, go and get Qingfeng quickly," Jiaojiao Liu said to Qingqing Tang.

She knew that the drunk man had a strong grip. Neither Qingqing Tang nor she was a match for him. They could only get Qingfeng.

"Jiaojiao, I will go right away," Qingqing Tang said as she rushed towards "Singing God booth".

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